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Ludwigsburg ended the main round in easyCredit with a 98:83 victory against promoted Heidelberg and as number four in the table secured a home advantage in the playoffs. In the quarter finals on Saturday, there is an explosive derby against Ulm – from 20.15 live on MagentaSport. “It’s going to be a very hot series,” promises giant coach John Patrick, who has already set the route: “If we play against Ulm, the defense comes first. But if we find our rhythm, then we can score 100 points.” At Heidelberg, coach Branislav Ignjatovic finally says goodbye after 8 years in fourteenth place in the table: “It’s a sensation. In the end, it’s a dream.” Ignjatovic wants to decide over the next 2 days how he will fare: “After a few talks with interested clubs, I’m sure I can continue to do my job. One is an ambitious Pro A- team and a BBL team. ” The playoffs start already on Friday: with the matches ALBA Berlin against Brose Bamberg and Telekom Baskets Bonn against Hamburg Towers. Both live on MagentaSport from 18.45. FC Bayern have a particularly difficult nut to crack: They have already suffered 3 defeats against Chemnitz (Friday, live from 20.15).

Below are the main voices from the game Ludwigsburg vs. Heidelberg – if they are used, please name the source MagentaSport. With this final decision, the playoff pairings, which start on Friday 13 May, with 3 matches in the best of 5-mode, are now in place. MagentaSport shows all games and decisions in easyCredit BBL live.

MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg – Academics Heidelberg 98:83

Finishing in the main round. Ludwigsburg coach John Patrick and his conclusion about the game: “Heidelberg had nothing to lose and were very relaxed. We were more serious in the second quarter and played very solidly in the second half.”

About the playoff duel against Ulm: “When we play against Ulm, the defense comes first. But if we find our rhythm, then we can score 100 points.”

About the big ambitions in the derby: “This is a new season. It will be a very hot series.”

Jonah Radebaugh excelled with a personal best of 30 points: “We wanted to approach the match as if the playoffs started today. We went out there to win … We bottomed out at the right time, especially in defense. We’re ready.”

Ignjatovic: “A dream that continues, unfortunately no longer for me in Heidelberg!” But maybe further in BBL

Heidelberg’s well-deserved but outgoing coach Branislav “Frenki” Ignjatovic after 8 years, who in the new season will be replaced by Joonas Iisalo: “Unfortunately we were not at the same level in the second half. We could have saved ourselves one or two technical errors. I do not want to judge the referees right after the match. A team with Ludwigsburg’s quality does” I do not need help. In one situation or another, I did not think it was okay. “

Ignjatovic’s season finale: “For a climber in this situation like Heidelberg, to play again in the BBL after so many years and then win every 3rd match practically, it’s a sensation. Ultimately a dream. A dream that continues, unfortunately no longer for “me in Heidelberg, let’s hope somewhere else. I can only wish Heidelberg the best and hope the club will march towards the playoffs next season.”

What’s next for him: “I’ve been a coach in Germany for 25 years. I do not think many of my colleagues work 25 years without a break. After a few conversations with interested clubs, I’m sure I can continue to do my job. is an ambitious Pro A team and a BBL team that will be decided within the next 2 days. My family council will make a decision with me. “

Expert teams will be expanded to include Doreth and Wucherer in the playoffs

Two more experts joined the top team Pascal Roller and Alex Vogel during the playoffs at MagentaSport: Basti Doreth, national player and active for Bayreuth, and Denis Wucherer, second in Europe. The expert quartet predicts: “These finals will be difficult for the favorites Berlin and Munich! Other teams like Bonn and Chemnitz have developed well.”

Basketball LIVE at MagentaSport

Friday, May 13, 2022 – start of the playoffs – quarter final round 1

From 18.45: ALBA Berlin – Brose Bamberg, Telekom Baskets Bonn – Hamburg Towers

From 20.15: FC Bayern Munich – NINERS Chemnitz

Saturday, May 14, 2022 – Quarterfinal Round 1

From 20.15: MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg – ratiopharm Ulm

Sunday, May 15, 2022 – Quarterfinals 2nd round

From 14.45: Telekom Baskets Bonn – Hamburg Towers

From 17.45: ALBA Berlin – Brose Bamberg

From 20.15: FC Bayern Munich – NINERS Chemnitz

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