“Will quickly join the active squad”

Munich – Marcel Dabo, a Reutlingen native and former cornerback for the Stuttgart Surge, made the leap into the NFL via the International Pathway Program. The 22-year-old is now under contract with the Indianapolis Colts. In a media round, Dabo provided a first glimpse into his life as an NFL player. race has collected the best statements.

Marcel Dabo about …

… his experiences on Pro Day:

I was not very excited, I was just not sure if I could call on my performance.

… his visit to the Indianapolis Colts before the draft:

It was a wonderful day. I had the chance to meet the coaches and see ties with them and think about how I would fit in defensively.

… 2022 NFL Draft:

I was not expecting anything big. My goal was just to get into the NFL. One cannot expect to be drafted as a German player, so I was just hoping that I would somehow get into the NFL.

… contact other players from IPP:

Of course, one is always in touch with the predecessors (e.g. Jakob Johnson or David Bada) in IPP. We Germans always stick together very well and have a good community.

… Jonathan Shaw, head of the Colts scout:

I had a good relationship with him, he noticed me. Because of him, I also had the opportunity to visit the Colts before the draft.

… contact with Björn Werner, who also played for the Colts and could give him some tips:

I’m in regular contact with Björn, I actually have that with all the Germans in the NFL. But of course I have to figure out for myself how things work with the Colts.

… Colts plans with him:

I talked a lot with Gus Bradley and the defensive back coaches. I played a lot of cornerbacks in Germany and I will probably be used more as a safety or nickel cornerback for the Colts.

… the defense of the Colts:

When I look at the Colts’ defensive backs, it’s just insane. I want to absorb everything like a sponge and can learn a lot.

… his interest in the NFL:

I’ve been following the NFL for a while, but have not committed to one team. But then I got games from Kenny Moore, for example [Cornerback bei den Colts, Anm. d. Redaktion] looked at to learn from him.

… the upcoming Rookie Minicamp:

I’m really excited. We need to see that we learn the game book and internalize the order and the movements. But this is of course also new area for me.

… the move from Germany to Indianapolis:

The most important thing is that you show professionalism. In Germany we trained only three times, now we go to work almost every day. I think analyzing games can be the biggest obstacle for me. It’s quite complicated, and the NFL is obviously a lot more complex than that.

… his goal with the Colts:

I want to play right away and I trust myself to do so. Especially in the special team I can help in the beginning. I want to make the team as fast as possible without having to rely on IPP.

… his chances of playing time with the Colts:

Of course, it’s hard for me to assess my chances, I have not even put my feet on the club’s terms. I will give everything in the rookie camp and I will give everything in the training camp. Step by step. And then I want to prove myself in the way that the coaches think, “He can help us on Sunday.”

… the future of international players in the NFL:

The ELF is a great way to take the plunge into the NFL. That was where I had the opportunity to play against former NFL players and Division I college players. This helps. Of course, everything has to get a little more professional in Europe. But overall, it’s nice that the NFL is getting more international because there are good talents all over the world.

… his playing style:

I’m pretty athletic and I think the Colts have the coaches to put me in the best possible position.

… contact to teammates:

I have not yet had contact with other players. I wrote Bernhard Raimann on Instagram, but I will get to know the rest of the team over the next few days.

… Bernhard Raimann (Austria, drafted in third round of 2022 NFL Draft by the Colts selected became):

Of course, we can help each other find a connection. But in general, all coaches are interested in us quickly acclimatizing.

… a possible plan B:

I studied English and sports in Stuttgart and now I want to concentrate fully on my football career. Investigations are now pending so far.

… themselves as human beings:

I will always train, train, train. But of course you have to be able to turn it off from time to time. I’m still trying to find the middle ground.

… his leisure activities:

I like to go out and eat, preferably Swabian. I’ve also seen that there’s a German restaurant here in Indianapolis, so of course I have to judge it.

… training for the NFL:

At the end of January, we trained in Arizona for ten weeks. We had a lot of athletic training and trained in the individual position groups. We trained Monday to Friday, morning to evening. I really enjoyed that. The position training in particular helped me a lot because the coaches brought a lot of expertise with them.

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