These are the 30 proposals in the final

Rathenow.The Rathenow citizen budget is entering the crucial phase. Since Tuesday morning, residents over the age of 14 have been able to vote on what proposals for improving life in the town of Rathenow and its five districts are to be supported with money from the participant budget.

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A total of 75,000 euros is available from the city budget, which is then distributed to the proposals that receive the most votes in the voting phase. You can vote until June 10.

According to Rathenow’s city spokeswoman Anne Kießling, 69 proposals were submitted and discussed in the first phase of the public participation process from February 8 to March 8. There were 56 proposals for the city budget, of which 20 are now to be voted on. “There were not enough support votes for 23 ideas and unfortunately 13 proposals had to be rejected because they did not comply with the rules of the citizens’ budget,” says Kießling.

A number of proposals were also submitted to the districts. In Steckelsdorf and Böhne, three proposals were each put to the vote. For Semlin, two proposals can be voted on. One proposal each entered the voting phase for Göttlin and Grütz.

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You can vote on the city administration’s online platform Persons without the technical ability to use the participation platform and young people aged 14 and 15 can cast their vote in writing in the city administration.

These are the suggestions:

Terrace coverage in front of the small shop in Semlin:A canopy on the terrace in front of the small shop is desired to provide a place for all generations to gather in the summer, regardless of the weather. Price estimate: 15,000 euros

Beach for Steckelsdorf: The bathing beach at Steckelsdorfer See must be revived. A redesign in connection with – hopefully – a small “leisure park” would be a wonderful enrichment for Steckelsdorf’s people and their guests. 4000 euros

Competition case Youth Fire Brigade Rathenow:The youth fire department Rathenow is missing a competition case. The purpose is to promote participation in various competitions in addition to optimal training on duty and during exercises Estimates of costs: 2000 Euro

Benches in Grütz:Grütz has for years been a tourist attraction for many visitors from near and far. Cyclists, holidaymakers or weekend guests like to explore the place. However, benches are missing on many attractive points. Cost estimate: 2000 Euro

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Basketball court in Böhne:In Böhne, the local advisory committee has drawn up a concept for the design of the village, sports and playground. A basketball court is also planned here. This requires a basketball hoop and a paved court. Estimates: 7000 euros

Disc golf course at Wolzensee:A disc golf course at Wolzensee is desired. As in classic golf, only much more relaxed, a course must be mastered with frisbee discs. 5000 euros

Public table tennis tables in Rathenow: Public table tennis tables are required in the Rathenow urban area. 3600 euros

Festival tents for Steckelsdorf: We want to purchase one or more rainproof tents for Steckelsdorf as well as purchase storage and transport boxes. 4000 euros

Benches by the old harbor:Installation of six to eight benches at the old port of Rathenow is desired to allow locals and visitors the opportunity to rest. 15,000 euros

Upgrading the Wolzensee recreation area:It is proposed that benches be set up along the path on the shores of Lake Wolzensee. These must be quite robust so that they cannot be easily damaged. Price estimate: 15,000 euros

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Common oven for Steckelsdorf: The residents of Steckelsdorf want a wood-burning stove at the town hall. Cause: Oven festivals could take place or cakes, bread or pizzas could be baked. Estimated costs: 15,000 euros

Fitness trails in Steckelsdorf:A fitness trail / outdoor sports station with a natural Kneipp barefoot trail at the public playground in Steckelsdorf is required. Cost estimate: 4000 euros

Brandenburg Reading Summer Support for Rathenow City Library’s Friends:For the past two years, the City Library’s support association for children and young people has arranged a large closing event for the reading summer at Schleusenplatz. Estimated costs: 2000 Euro

Public playground in Semlin:Semlinerne wants a public playground and meeting place for parents and children in the center of the village. Estimated costs: 15,000 euros

Rathenower Optis Support: The Shawm Orchestra “Rathenower Optis” needs financial support for uniforms and instruments. 6000 euros

Plants for Semlin:Planting of the two large village squares in Semlin with flowers, perennials and shrubs is required Assessment: 3500 euros

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Speed ​​display boards in Semlin:In Semlin, three speed signs must be erected to encourage road users to reduce their speed. 3500 euros

Lighting for Rathenower Rideplatz:There is currently no lighting for the driving area. But to be able to use the outdoor fitness equipment and other areas in the evening, lighting is necessary. Estimated costs: 5000 euros

Renovation of the Wolzensee circuit:The circular route around Wolzensee is very dilapidated. Many parts of the trail are difficult to pass by bike. Therefore, the circular route should be upgraded. Estimated costs: 15,000 euros

Covered seating on the Böhne playground:A covered seat is required on the playground in Böhne, which above all protects against the wind. It should be designed in the same way as the Göttliner bivouac site. Assessment: 1000 Euro

Better signage of the tourist information:Better signage for the tourist information on Kirchberg is desired. Signs should be erected at the Märkischer Platz train station. Price estimate: 3000 euros

Rathenow Playground Improvement:We want a preparation and modernization of the playgrounds as well as ongoing maintenance and cleaning of the same. 15,000 euros

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Support for the Alliance for Families:Support is required for the various alliance projects – family festival, beaver lodge festival, etc. Cost estimates: 2500 euros

Pacemakers for the Rathenow Sports Halls: It is desired – for all athletes and in the name of the coronary sports group Rathenow’s – to equip Rathenow City’s sports halls with defibrillators. 4500 euros

Benches and trash cans for goddess:Heimatverein Göttlin wants to install more rubbish bins and needs benches with backrests (beer tent sets) for the various events. 3000 euros

Playground extension Götlin:To create a place for the youngest Göttlin (children up to 6 years) to frolic, play and have fun together, the playground in Göttlin needs age-appropriate play equipment. 15,000 euros

Rathenow Forest Christmas Support:Funds must be made available to attract artists to design Rathenower Waldweihnacht. Cost estimate: 5000 euros

Oasis of well-being in the city center:As, according to the applicant, there is a lack of beautiful and protected seating in the city center, it was proposed to create a wellness oasis with benches, awnings and windbreaks. 15,000 euros

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Cartilage sideboard at Böhner Havelufer:The desire is to establish one or two cartilage taverns on the banks of the Havel in Böhne: as a resting place for villagers and users of the Havel cycle path. Estimated costs: 2500 euros

Shelter for village festival equipment in Böhne:The association and the fire brigade in Böhne would like shelter / storage space for various things. Estimated costs: 2500 euros

By Markus Kniebeler

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