The Marktoberdorf fire department is dependent on young people. Two new honorary presidents and a new honorary member

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Of: Michael Durr


Honorary and honorary recipients at the Marktoberdorf Fire Brigade: Willi Willer (front row, with brown vest) was honored for his 60 years of loyalty to the association, to the right Robert Eggensberger (honorary chairman), honorary member Peter Osterried and honorary chairman Wolfgang Schmid. Left-wing board member Johannes Schmid with his deputy Siegfried Reichart, right-wing district fire inspector Florian Brell. To the left of Brell is Mayor Dr. Wolfgang Hell and Commander Michael Strauss and his deputy Markus Jüngling. © Durr

Marktoberdorf – The Marktoberdorf Fire Brigade has had two new honorary chairmen: Wolfgang Schmid and Robert Eggensberger were appointed at the fire brigade’s general meeting, and the board also made Peter Osterried an honorary member.

While Wolfgang Schmid sat on the board for twelve years (from 1992 to 2004), his successor Robert Eggensberger held this position from 2004 to 2017, ie a total of 13 years. The new honorary member Peter Osterried worked for 21 years as deputy commander, nine years as group leader and three years as secretary. For several years and to this day, Osterried has also looked after the passive members and is last but not least responsible for the good atmosphere at the Marktoberdorf fire brigade.

As chairman Johannes Schmid emphasized to the almost 100 participants in Modeon’s foyer, the fire brigade sees itself in an excellent position with its 119 active members. With an amendment to the articles of association, the association also made it clear that in the future it wants to put more focus on the young people: The registration age was unanimously lowered from 14 to 12 years. Schmid: “Young people are our future.”

Mayor Dr. Wolfgang Hell, who gave “a big compliment” to both the young athletes and youth leader Kim Schulze. Schulze exemplifies what community means, and it is also “amazing when people take responsibility at a young age.” One thing is for sure: “Anyone who can be used in the fire department can be used anywhere.” According to figures from Commander Michael Strauss, there are currently seven candidates and 15 young people among the 119 active firefighters.

Wolfgang Hell and Johannes Schmid agreed that the plans for rebuilding and expanding the fire station were “in full swing and on the right track” (Schmid). According to Hell, the framework conditions are currently being examined, after which the proposals will be sent for consultation to the city council.

Speaking of the city council: The head of the town hall conveyed the committee’s express thanks and “respect for your achievements for the common good”. Hell: “When the fire department was needed, they were there.” At the beginning of the corona pandemic, the men were still “moving out with self-sewn fabric masks”, but it “worked too”.

The City Council is aware of the importance of voluntary work for the fire service and therefore equips the fire service in the urban area well. Since 2019 alone, around 1.2 million euros have been spent on new vehicles – with subsidies from the district and the Free State of Bavaria. In this context, Hell referred to the forthcoming inauguration of a new swap body; the same weekend, a new car will also be ceremonially taken into use in Bertoldshofen.

In his annual report, Commander Michael Strauss listed a total of 128 missions that had kept his defense on its toes over the past year. This means that the Marktoberdorfer Floriansjünger was challenged almost every three days. As early as January 1, a fatal accident was called, which was a “spectacular fire” on May 24 in a gym in Marktoberdorf. Finally, Strauss recalled the plane crash on September 27 in a grove near Wald, where the passengers should have been cut out, and the operation lasted until the following day.

According to Strauss, 23 of the missions were alarms, during which 18 people could have been rescued and six people died. 15 missions involved fires. In light of these figures, the mayor warned against being overwhelmed by operations that “are not part of the fire department’s core tasks”. Hell mentioned in that context, for example, faults in fire alarm systems, door openings and automatic alarms from cars just because the car slipped in the ditch.

That the fire brigade in Marktoberdorf is not only on solid ground financially – Treasurer Michael Wachter reported a balance of 51,555 euros at the end of 2021 – but is also fully intact on a personal level was made clear by both board member Schmid and Commander Strauss. Both spoke of “great cooperation” (Schmid) and “great camaraderie” (Strauß), and both praised their respective deputies in the highest tones in this context. You can always count on Vice President Siegfried Reichart and Vice President Markus Jüngling. The latter goes to all appointments and always asks, “Where can I help?”

District Fire Inspector Florian Brell spoke from the heart of the participants as he stressed the importance of practical exercises. The digital training in the Corona period was “real and fine”, “real exercises are something else”. Brell recalled the alarm exercise that recently took place in the parking lot of the former hospital (Kreisbote reported), which provided valuable insight.

Brell also opened up the tribute stone, which included a long list of names due to the canceled gatherings during the pandemic. Robert Eggensberger, Hubert Brenner, Werner Herbig and Wolfgang Schmid (in 40 years of service) as well as Thomas Enzensberger, Dirk Siepert, Andreas Stutzke, Michael Wachter and Georg Wachter each received certificates from the Free State of Bavaria, including fire department decorations, from Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann in 25 year.

Board member Schmid honored their loyalty to the association: Willi Willer for 60 years, Magnus Schweiger for 50 years, Peter Osterried, Franz Stutzke, Georg Rudolf, Martin Eurisch and Roland Kinker. The following have been there for at least three decades: Michael Eurisch, Werner Früholz, Luggi Bolkart, Helmut Greger and Reini Willer.

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