The candidates in “Battle of the Reality Stars”

The third season of “Battle of the Reality Stars” was produced in January 2022. The broadcast started on April 13, 2022 on “RTL two”.

the essential in short

  • Elena Miras and Rich Nana jumped into the “Battle of the Reality Stars” adventure.
  • TV newcomer Enrico Elia secured the coveted spot through an application process.

The third season of “Battle of the Reality Stars” was produced in January 2022. The broadcast started on April 13 on “RTL two”.

Again, the show takes place in dreamy Thailand. 22 stars will fight for 50,000 euros, compete against each other in the “hour of truth” and frantically await the title.

Iris Klein, born Kruschwitz

Iris Klein is a German reality TV contestant and mother of Daniela Katzenberger. Among other things, she was seen on “Big Brother” and in the jungle camp.

She ran a restaurant in Ludwigshafen for eleven years. In 2018, she emigrated to Mallorca. In 2020, she participated in the “Stars’ Summer House” with her husband Peter Klein.

Mauro Martin Corradino

Mauro Martin Corradino is a German speaker of Italian descent. He became known in 2009 through the program “Der Trödeltrupp”. In 2004, he took over his uncle’s workshop and antique shop.

In 2005, he appeared on “Kabel Eins” in the program “Hunters of Forgotten Treasures – Am I Rich?” to be seen as a moderator and expert.

Tessa Leonie Bergmeier

Tessa Leonie Bergmeier is a model and became known through “Germany’s Next Top Model”. But she is also active as a singer. Prior to that, she worked as a model for Wella and in February 2007 at Look Model Management in Vienna.

In 2016, she had a supporting role as Tina in Timo Rose’s feature film “Reeperbahn”.

Ronald Barnabas Schill

Ronald Barnabas Schill is a judge and former politician. He then became nationally known as the “Judge Merciless” for his harsh judgments. From 2001 to 2003, he was even second mayor and interior senator in his city.

From 2014, he appeared as an actor in “Celebrity Big Brother” 2014, “Adam sucht Eva” 2016 and “Celebrities under Palm Trees” 2020.

Yasin Mohamed

Yasin Mohamed is known from “Temptation Island” 2021 and “Reality Shore” 2021. He claimed that before the start of the show “Battle of the Reality Stars”:

“I can handle anyone, I’m pretty empathetic, I would say about myself. Whether I’m old, about young, about what-I-know-what, I understand everyone: peace, love, harmony. “

Jan Leik

Jan Leyk is a German amateur actor, DJ and designer. He became known in 2011 for his role as Carlos Hansen in “Berlin – Day & Night”. Jan also participated in “Celebrity Big Brother” 2013.

In 2014, he was happy to have a million Facebook fans. Now he’s fighting for the title in “Battle of the Reality Stars”: “I do not feel like a star. But I think I am genuine enough to take this title to Hamburg.”

Nina Kristin

Nina Kristin is a German actress, singer, entrepreneur and model. From 2006, Nina Kristin appeared in minor TV roles in “Unter Uns” and “Verbotene Liebe”. She also appeared in a few commercials.

In 2008, she had the female lead role in the American film “Lucky Fritz” and also starred in “Shoot the Duke”. In August 2009, she was even photographed in Playboy. In 2015, she participated in “Celebrity Big Brother”.

Shepherd Henry

Schäfer Heinrich is a German pop singer and farmer. He became known through the reality show “Bauer sucht Frau”.

He increased his success with more TV appearances and his unique music. Schäfer Heinrich is most looking forward to meeting nice people on “Kampf der Realitystars”.

Elena Miras

Elena Miras is a Reality TV participant and presenter from Switzerland. She became famous in 2017 through the dating reality show “Love Island”.

She also participated in “Celebrities under Palm Trees” 2021, in Jungle Camp 2020 and in “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” 2019.

Sharon Trovato

Sharon Trovato became known for her role in the show “The Trovatos – Detectives Reveal”. She made the following statement about her participation in “Battle of the Reality Stars”:

“I’ve never been to a reality format, and I’m definitely looking forward to it. And of course the games, too.”

Yeliz Koc

Yeliz Koc completed an apprenticeship as a cosmetologist and works in this subject. She became known for her participation in “Bachelor”, which she eventually beat.

In 2018 she was also seen on “Bachelor in Paradise”, in 2019 together with Haller on “Das Sommerhaus der Stars”.

Now she is looking forward to the trip to Thailand: “I am leaving because I have never won anything in my life. And I swore to myself that I would not give up until I finally won. “

Diana Foster aka Rich Nana

Diana Foster lived with her mother in Prague until they emigrated to Switzerland together. At the age of 66, she started a new career as Rich Nana.

The rapper had particular success on TikTok with his single “Papi Chulo”. She wanted the reality stars to feel like them and not just Z celebrities.

Larissa Neumann

Larissa Neumann became known through “Germany’s Next Top Model” 2020. Since then, she has participated in some TV formats such as “Krass Klassenfahrt”. She also started as a model, influencer and actress.

In “Battle of the Reality Stars” she wants to create a good mood: “I contribute with funny jokes. I might want to make a drinking game or some fat to lighten the mood.”

Chethrin Schulze

Chethrin Schulze is a German reality TV contestant. In 2016, she participated in the “Curvy Supermodel” and took a sixth place. From then until now, she has climbed the celebrity ladder.

Chethrin got around a lot through his participation in television. However, she has respect for being with other people for weeks and 24 hours a day.

Elisabeth «Sissi» Hofbauer

Elisabeth Hofbauer participated in “Stjernernes Sommerhus” in 2021 together with Ben Melzer. However, she became known for her participation in “Germany’s next top model” in 2015. She also participated in the Miss Germany 2021 election.

Elisabeth and Ben have been engaged since March 2021. Together they run the fine art paper “TheCollage”. She is now looking forward to the new experience in “Battle of the Reality Stars” and to the other contestants.

Ilona and Suzana Jakic

Ilona and Suzana Jakic are currently the most trendy twins on Instagram and are successful with their motto “Loud, wild and sexy”. You have a strong interest in style, sports and fashion. Most of the time, they even wear the same clothes.

The twins are inseparable and share everything with each other: “When we are alone or not with each other, we just do not feel complete.”

Enrico Elijah

Enrico Elia is a reality novice and is really looking forward to his very first TV project. He got his place in “Battle of the Reality Stars” through an application process.

It was the most obvious experience of his entire life, and he believes that a reality star simply has to be authentic.

Malkiel Rouven Dietrich

Malkiel Rouven Dietrich is a seventh generation energy coach and fortune teller. After opening his practice in 2002, he became known through his appearances on “9live” and “AstroTV”. He then appeared as a guest on “RTL”, “Vox” and “ARD”.

20 years later, he participates in “Battle of the Reality Stars”: “I join because I have the sharpest tongue and can really create stir.”

mike cees

Mike Cees grew up near Munich and now lives in Berlin. As event manager and DJ at the same time, he secured his success and fame in Munich and Kitzbühel.

Mike recently drew attention to himself in “The Stars Cottage”. Now he wants to show himself from a better side in “Battle of the Reality Stars”.

Paco Herb

Paco Herb served a couple of years in the Bundeswehr as a contract soldier. After graduating, he worked as a lifeguard.

He became known for his performance as a “Love Island” candidate and as an actor on the influencer daily “Real Fame”. In this, Paco plays a bar owner.

Karl-Heinz Richard Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein

Karl-Heinz Richard is a German entrepreneur. He became famous through his participation in “Der Immobilienfürst”, “Secret Millionaire” and numerous other TV formats.

In late 2014, he founded the fitness chain “Royal Body Concept SA” in Luxembourg. He is also a writer.

At the age of 67, he is now moving into the sala on the dream beach in Thailand.

Martin Wernicke

Martin Wernicke is a German amateur actor who has played Sebastian «Basti» Heuer in «Berlin – Day & Night» since 2011. He also played minor roles in series produced by the production company Filmpool.

If he wins the prize money in “Battle of the Reality Stars”, he would like to invest it in his big dream: in the training of voice actor.

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