Sports to lose weight: With these 7 you lose weight healthy

We spend long days in the office, sedentary commuting through the city by metro or car and staggering through crowded supermarkets offering us all the good in the world. We only know all too well that it takes a lot of discipline to maintain the desired weight in everyday life.

But we also know very well that one should not drive oneself crazy with it. The ultimate goal should not only be to lose weight, but above all to keep your health up. This is possible if we enjoy playing sports! So here we have seven fun sports to lose weight for you!

Why exercise is important for weight loss

According to the Robert Koch Institute, 53% of women are overweight. The problem with this is that even though you are feeling well and healthy in your body, serious comorbidities can be expected. The list is led by diseases such as Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

Everyone who plays sports strengthens their immune system, heart and circulation. Diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis and atherosclerosis are prevented. Not to hide is too positive effects on mental health. Because when you exercise, you relieve stress and get a clear head. In short: Sport is important in general, but especially important for losing weight. Although the biggest turning point is the diet …

Weight loss through exercise – the basics

If you want to boost your fat burning, you need an active metabolism that gets through enough energy in the body results. This energy you provide your body with your diet in the form of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Which brings us to the basic metabolism: if you consume more energy than you burn, will not fall but riseBecause the body always falls back on the energy suppliers it comes to first – mostly carbohydrates.

Only when The glucose stores are depleted is, the body wants itself to your fat reserves. Therefore, you should definitely find out your daily turnover and adjust your diet to your lifestyle. The key word: positive energy balance. You can read here why it does not necessarily make sense to count calories.

Tip: Drinking a lot of water, to further boost your fat burning because this also accelerates your metabolism, increases your energy consumption and reduces your feeling of hunger. Also, make sure you eat efficiently and consciously after exercising.

7 fun exercises to lose weight

Cardio training is especially beneficial for burning fat. But strength training is also crucial: Because built muscle mass increases your basal metabolism and ensures the so-called afterburning effect, so you can too dormant state burn calories after exercise. The following sports combine these basic elements of fat burning best and are also a lot of fun:

Losing weight with Hot Hoola Hoop is not only super fun, but also effective (Photo: Getty Images / Peathegee Inc)

Level 1: Hot Hoola Hope

How about Hoola Hoop? Like in the schoolyard in the 80s? No, more like Beyoncé’s living room, for Hoola is Hoop the latest trends among celebritieswho want one thing above all when they play sports: to have fun.

This sport to lose weight also trains especially the middle of the body and ensures a tight stomach without annoying abdominal muscle exercises. And for lots of rhythm and body awareness, the tire needs to be swung throughout the workout after all.

Power consumption: up to 500 kcal per hour

woman in the pool
Swimming uses the whole body and is especially easy for the joints.

Level 2: Swimming

Especially as a beginner you get something for your money here. First, this sport particularly light on the joints and on the other hand, you will only feel one-sixth of your own body weight in the water, with which you have to fight against the water masses. Big plus: You do not sweat uncomfortably and feel a constant cooling.

Here you train your endurance, strengthen the whole body muscles and promote your coordination. Different swimming styles make sure you are not bored. So: Put on your swimsuit and start swimming.

Power consumption: between 350 and 500 kcal per hour

woman jogging
No one becomes a long-distance runner from one day to the next. Allow yourself small stages and breaks in the beginning. Every little run is a success (Photo: imago images / Westend61)

Level 3: jogging

In hardly any sport will you burn so many calories like jogging! Likewise, with almost no sport, you will be yours Put so much load on your knees and ankles. Anyone who already has problems in these areas should therefore resort to the crosstrainer, which can achieve similar effects with conscious movement of the upper body.

Jogging especially trains your legs and buttocks, so further core training is advisable. You also need to be careful not to jog too fast. Because straight when you jog slowly, your fat metabolism is activated. Your body uses your fat stores faster. If you run faster, you risk the body going to the carbohydrate stores.

Power consumption: up to 500 kcal per hour

Spinning trainer
In hardly any other sport do you have to face your weaker self as you do in spinning.

Level 4: Spinning

Cycling outside is out. It’s called today spinning and is made indoors. Including a highly motivated course coach. By spinning your whole body trained and various intervals ensure that your fat burning is properly driven.

Here you not only sweat yourself in shape, but also happy. Spinning lessons are damn fun and will give you one firm buttocks and trained legs. Depending on the course, your back and arms will not be neglected either. In addition, is yours The cardiovascular system is strengthened and your joints are spared.

Power consumption: up to 600 kcal per hour

boxing gloves
Martial arts is a whole body workout that makes your kilos fall over.

Level 5: Boxing and other martial arts

Martial arts should certainly not be missing from our list of the best sports to lose weight. Here you train your speed, your fitness and your strength. So should you Show your brain with this whole body workout and you will have a lot of fun – especially with kind and kick.

In addition to techniques you will frequent cardio or strength training sessions get to let the pounds tumble properly. Jumping ropes and sit-ups are not uncommon in boxing, for example. If you do not know which martial art is best for you, you will find it here.

Power consumption: up to 800 kcal per hour

woman dancing
Dance strengthens self-confidence (Photo: imago images / Westend61)

Level 6: Step Aerobics & Dance Training

No, you do not have to wear a neon bodysuit over your leggings with leg warmers. Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life to remember different combinations of stepswhich makes you sweat a lot. For what looks so light from the outside is incredibly exhausting and enduring.

But in the end, you will end up with one great body feeling, a hardened bottom and core and a high calorie burn. Dance training like Zumba are also ideal sports for losing weight.

Power consumption: up to 700 kcal per hour

Female cross fit
The hardest workout in the world? It may be, but you will still be able to complete your Crossfit workout with individual exercises and enjoy it!

Level 7: Cross Fit

Crossfit is affectionately called the hardest workout in the world designated. Now let’s leave the church in the village, because just because CrossFit is mainly practiced by soldiers and police officers, does not mean you can do it too.

Of course, this workout, which combines strength and endurance without long breaks, has it all. But even a beginner can do it, at least you can do the exercises nem version choose and yours Customize Crossfit training.

Crossfit is one more intense form of circuit training where you are faced with various exercises performed in several rounds. From pull-ups, push-ups, lunges, burpees, planks, squats to jump ropes can be found on various Crossfit courses the different devices.

Power consumption: up to 800 kcal per hour

Weight loss exercises should be fun

stop making excuses from today you will sweat. Whichever sport you choose to lose weight, each of them will serve its purpose and help you move forward in terms of physical and mental health.

But you should never lose sight of the most important thing: Sports should be fun!

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