Red Bull can not keep evolving like that forever

( – Max Verstappen’s second straight win of the season this weekend in Miami showed that the latest car development has given Red Bull an advantage. Meanwhile, Ferrari, who have lost their lead from the start of the season, have so far deliberately opted out of major updates.

Thanks to updates, Red Bull has so far regained the lead over Ferrari


With all teams under a budget ceiling of $ 140 million. this year, Scuderia believes that Red Bulls aggressive spending so early in the season will result in the competitor paying the price later when their development budget is exhausted.

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto is not worried about Red Bull’s recent strong form. “I have always said that we have to wait at least five races to judge the real competitiveness between the cars. Now that five races have passed, we are leading both championships, which is fantastic, so we should not be too disappointed.”

Binotto: The difference is not great

“But it’s true that Red Bull have improved their car. They’ve been introducing upgrades since the start of the season, and if I look at the last two races, they were maybe a few tenths a lap faster than us,” he analyzes. .

“I do not think the differences are big. It is at most a few tenths. We must also not forget that we claimed the front row for ourselves last Saturday. So overall I do not think there is a weekend big difference on the reds Bull and Ferrari. “

Nevertheless, Binotto says: “There is no doubt that we need to introduce our own upgrades to keep up the pace. I hope Red Bull stops the development at some point, because there is also a budget limit, otherwise I understand not how they do it. it can do that. It’s definitely a concern they have. “

Ferrari is planning update package for Barcelona

Ferrari is planning its first major upgrade package for the next Formula 1 Grand Prix in Spain. And Binotto has no illusions that the development coming for Barcelona will be crucial in order to catch up with the same again: “In the next few races we will at least try to develop as much as possible on the car by to introduce upgrades. “

“I do not think it is a surprise that we in Barcelona want a package that will be important to us. As always, I hope that the package we have put in place works as expected and in this case is good enough to try to catch the hole we have to Red Bull, “said the team manager.

At the same time, with a view to planning for the rest of the season, Binotto stresses that with the financial constraints imposed to stay below budget, the upgrades will have to be used sparingly this year.

Photos: Ferrari, F1: Miami Grand Prix (USA) 2022

“We do not have the money to upgrade every single race,” he says. “Not because we can not, but because of the budget constraint. So we have to try to focus development on when we think it’s the right time and the right consumption.”

Charles Leclerc, who may admit the defeat to Verstappen in Miami, is optimistic that it will succeed. “I’m not worried. Of course they’ve gotten better,” he says, addressing Red Bull’s improvement. “I think we all expected them to improve. They are a very strong team and we know that, so it’s no surprise.”

“But I’m also confident in my team and I’m sure they will improve and bring us back to the top. We’re working well and we’ve done that over the last couple of years to get back to the top. “So I hope these upgrades will help us challenge them again.”

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