Kreissportbund wants to open clubs for people with disabilities

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“Drums Alive”: The inclusive group from Melchiorshausen with coach Birgit Sünermann (3rd from left). © TSV Melchiorshausen

District Diepholz – People with disabilities should and want to participate in club sports. The District Sports Association (KSB) is organizing a network meeting to make participation in the Diepholz district more successful. At the kick-off event on Wednesday 18 May, the focus is on inclusion in sports. The meeting is open to all interested persons and organizations from disability assistance. “We want to show the potential and the stumbling blocks,” says KSB’s CEO Vera Tebelmann.

What kind of sport do disabled people want to do, and what kind of sport might they already be playing? To get a current opinion, KSB has written to 347 people and associations in the district for a survey in the past few weeks, says Vera Tebelmann. The questions also went to the 15 providers in the district with their approximately 30 facilities.

“Desires for sports are very different,” says Vera Tebelmann. These include well-known sports such as football or handball, horse riding and swimming, but also trend sports such as yoga, boxing, bocce and gym. Sports activity is greatest in schools or in facilities with disabilities as well as at home, so the summary. Although many disabled people would be happy to be a member of a sports club, according to Vera Tebelmann, there are just as many who stated: “There are no offers in my city” and “I do not know what the sports club offers”.

The overall goal is therefore: “Joint sports and sports facilities in the clubs for people with and without disabilities,” explains Vera Tebelmann. In order for this to succeed, the working group “Participation in Club Sports in the Diepholz District” merged. Specifically, new sports groups and offers must also be created between the partners.

The project partners are the coordination office for inclusion and integration of the district, the district counseling for the disabled, the special association for disabled transport, the state sports federation in Lower Saxony and KSB as well as other actors from the disability facilities and clubs, according to a statement.

Concepts and experiences already exist for inclusion in sports. Vera Tebelmann emphasizes that it is now important to open up club sports for the disabled, improve the network between all players and provide funding opportunities to the clubs. A possible driving force for success should also come from examples of best practice in the district, which should present their “good examples from association practices with vulnerable people”.

Where the inclusive sport is already doing well

According to Vera Tebelmann, there are three lighthouse projects by inclusive sports clubs in the district: the handball inclusion team from Wiebke Wall from TuS-Sulingen, the drum fitness program for “Drums Alive” by TSV Blau-Weiss Melchiorshausen by Birgit Sünermann and the work by the Tennis Association Niedersachsen-Bremen ( TBN), where Nicolas Sanchez organizes tournaments for wheelchair users with a visual or walking disability. He is on the move in Lower Saxony with an inclusion vehicle, most recently with a wheelchair tennis tournament in Stuhr-Brinkum.

Wiebke Wall, Birgit Sünermann and Nicolas Sanchez will share their experiences at the kick-off event to develop further ideas and solutions in a joint work phase.

launch event

The District Sports Association invites all interested parties to the kick-off event “Participation in club sports” on Wednesday 18 May. The start is at 6 pm at the old mayor’s office in Sulingen, Lange Straße 65. Registration is possible by phone 04242/971303 or e-mail to [email protected] until Friday 13 May.

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