Hard match is not rewarded – Ulm baseball players lose against FC Bayern Munich

ratiopharm ulm loses in the catch-up match on the 25th game day in easyCredit BBL against FC Bayern Basketball with 65:77.

With the bouncy ball, both teams immediately made it clear how intense the game would become as it progressed. Aggressive defense and rebound scenes on both sides: The pre-expected physique could be felt from the start in the almost sold-out ratiopharm arena. Bayern, who were eliminated in the playoff quarter-finals of the Euroleague on Tuesday, left no doubt that the mathematically possible victory in the main round is the goal for the star squad. Sindarius Thornwell (17 points, seven rebounds) and Semaj Christon (18 points, six assists) carried Jaka Lakovic’s team throughout the match, and the team kept the match close and open for a long time. On the other hand, former Ulm players Augustine Rubit and Andi Obst provided the offensive accents (24 points). Jaron Blossomgame and Deshaun Thomas (nine each) took the most rebounds, though both have actually acted as point guarantors so far. On the Munich side, Vladimir Lucic (17 points) stood out again in the middle of the third quarter, and his points allowed head coach Andrea Trinchieri’s team to pull off again at the end of the third quarter. With the match’s highest lead of 54:69, there was a time-out in Ulm, after which Bayern could withdraw decisively and win the match. With the success of third place, FCB can no longer be taken away and can be a guest again in the quarterfinals of the playoffs in the ratiopharm arena.

Head coach Jaka Lakovic: “My team fought hard for almost the whole match, but we ran out of energy in the end. Bayern had an enormously strong bench and could always change and set new accents. At the beginning of the fourth quarter they controlled the game with “A lead of 15 points and showed this dominance until the end of the game. So congratulations to Bayern on a well-deserved victory.”

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Due to the defeat against FC Bayern München, third place in the table is no longer possible. For ratiopharm ulm to still have a chance for fourth place and the associated home advantage in the first round of the playoffs, the team from Uulm must win against Gießen on Sunday. For in case of a defeat, ratiopharm ulm will definitely end the main round in a sixth place. But if the team around head coach Jaka Lakovic wins, there are a few possible combinations: Ulm finishes the main round in fourth place as soon as both Chemnitz and Ludwigsburg lose their remaining matches. If only one of the opponents wins, Ulm is either fifth (Chemnitz defeat & Ludwigsburg victory) or sixth (Chemnitz victory & Ludwigsburg defeat). Who then becomes the opponent in the playoff quarterfinals will be decided no later than Wednesday night.

Here is an overview of all relevant games:

  • Saturday, May 7 at 20.30: Crailsheim vs. Chemnitz
  • Sunday, May 8 at 15.00: ratiopharm ulm vs. Pour
  • Wednesday, May 11 at 19:00: Ludwigsburg against Heidelberg

ratiopharm ulm vs. Giessen 46ers | Sunday, 08.05. | Tip of 15:00

A win against the Giessen 46ers is therefore crucial for the best possible starting situation for the start of the playoffs. Tickets for the final main round are still available at the ticket shop. Although the Hessians have already been relegated to ProA, they can play freely in the last match in the German upper house. It is still unknown whether it will have a positive effect on the fourth weakest offense in the league to date. In addition, Pete Strobl (assistant coach at ratiopharm ulm from 2016 to 2018) can no longer rely on his two pillars Nuni Omot and Kendale McCullum. The two top players are injured until the end of the season. With 30 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists combined, the duo was largely responsible for the eight league successes to date. With Fayne II, Miller and German Florian Koch, three other players score eight or more points per game.

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