Crazy Legionaries comeback against the Spartans

At the break, it was 0:22 in this match, the starting quarterback was already injured on his way out of the stadium and it was still far from the end. In the second half, all three phases of the game came together and made the seemingly impossible come true. A comeback with 29 unanswered points.

Fun facts: The Legionnaires’ very first match was also played against the Spartans. pause then 0:22 for the Spartans. The end? 23:22 for the legionaries.

That was almost 11 years ago.

The start of the game could not have been worse for the Legionaries. After a squib kick, the ball was only returned a few yards and you had to start on your own 20. The first game was already a false start to the attack. The second pulls a clearly thrown ball and the third the absolute disaster. Pressure on the quarterback forced a bad throw that was intercepted by Spartan’s defense. At the same time, QB limped to intercept the defender’s potential return and stayed on the field after the game. He required medical attention and was quickly ruled out for the rest of the match.

The Spartans, on the other hand, only needed 2 moves to get into the end zone and open 0: 7 to be asked from the point of view of the hosts.

The ensuing kickoff was broken down by a misunderstanding on their own 1-yard line. A bad start for Backup QB’s first drive Bernhard Ruscher. This drive was also a 3 and out and was due to the extremely poor starting position on the 1 yard line and only a 40 yard buffer to the defense.

Spartans Offense were also able to find the target zone on their second drive, backed by a personal foul and set to 13: 0 (PAT not good).
The next drive was marked by nervousness and set-up difficulties. An inaccurately thrown ball was not caught by the receiver, and after two games, the Spartans’ defense struck again – interception.

The Legionnaires ‘defense found its way into the game better and pushed the Spartans’ attack back by 3 yards in 3 games, thus allowing no space gain. Fourth down was played and promptly generated a free kick after the defense went offside. The subsequent field goal set up 16: 0.

The next drive brought the first partial successes of the Legionnaires’ attack.

There were two first downs, one finish thrown, a fourth down converted and there was no turnover. The ensuing punt brought a promising field goal on the opposite 20 to the defense.
The drive took the Spartans’ attack to the 11-yard line and was then stopped. The field goal attempt could be blocked this time and returned a few yards. No points for the Spartans.

After strong runs from Manuel Habitzl but was no longer available after the first first down and you had to punt again.

The defense of the legionaries was now fully there and again allowed nothing. The guests had to score after 3 games.

The attack, led by another strong run from Habitzl, fought its way to just before the red zone. Then another bang, a pass from Ruscher was intercepted and returned nearly 70 yards inside the goal zone by the Spartans. New score 22: 0 (PAT not good) – it was half time shortly after.

By the break, the game plan was completely thrown overboard due to the changed situation and drafted again.

The team was freshly sworn to each other and the second half was full of energy. The Legionnaires’ defense again did not allow a yard, and the point was returned to the opposing 40s. Perfect starting position to catch up.

From this point on, the attack was marked by an angry playing offensive line and FB Thomas Rohringer. A couple of strong runs and good finishes later you were already at 1 & Goal on the 3 yard line. Alexander Trejbal turned his first run directly into the home team’s first point. New score 6:22.

Kickoff return was stopped at 30. The Legionnaires’ defense not only allowed no points or yards, but pushed the Spartans back by a full 15 yards, and the visitors had to punter again. This in turn meant a short field to the attack of the legionaries.
This time, Ruscher was already a little better in his role and was able to serve his receiver with great passes of a total of 40 yards. At 1 & Goal, Ruscher decided this time to do the job himself and knocked into the goal zone. New score 12: 22 (Two-point conversion failed)

A now familiar scene: The kickoff team allowed only a few yards.

The defense also took yards from the opponent in the first 3 attempts. The new was the subsequent punt, which was first damped by the Spartans in their own end zone and then only 2 yards out of the end zone could be saved from a safety.

Alexander Trejbal knew the task from the last run and also turned this first attempt into 6 points. New score 19:22 (PAT Good). The equalizer was within reach.

The Spartans’ next drive started with a return to their own 35. After 3 games, however, the result was the same as before. No yards were made and it had to be lowered. The starting point for the Legionnaires’ attack was their own 22ers.

Carnuntum Legionaries Vs.  Wine quarter SpartansAfter Habitzl’s first race, however, the game had to be interrupted due to a thunderstorm. A match abandoned at this point would have meant a victory for the Spartans. After about 20 minutes, the game could continue. After another couple of first downs, however, a punt had to be made. Due to a cheap bounce and subsequent penalty, the Spartans had to start on their own 8 yard line.

The Legionaries’ defense was on fire and on the 2nd and 2nd and long Stieger’s game was read perfectly and he was able to intercept the ball.

The defense again brought a nice field position just before the red zone. Trejbal’s excellent run brought the Legionaries to the finish line in just a few tries. The first attempt at the finish line was then converted by Ruscher himself, who jogged untouched into the finish zone. New score 26:22 (PAT Good). The comeback was perfect.

Kickoff went to end zone. The Legionnaires’ defense at that time proved to be just too strong for the Spartans and they had to give up the ball again after 3 games. The starting point for the next offensive run was your own 50s.

Trejbal beamed with powerful runs into the red zone, where the goal line ended and a field goal was kicked. New score and simultaneous final score: 29:22.

With a bomb kickoff and quick coverage, the visitors had to march nearly 90 yards in under 1 minute of play against a defense that they barely managed any yards throughout the half and certainly no first down. A huge task that could not be solved. As the clock was about to run out in the fourth attempt, the defense beamed and again allowed nothing.

After the shock of the first drive and with an excellent defense, the team was able to work its way back from a miserable situation in a tough match.

How do you rate this victory?

If you compare the result with the NFL, there are the following statistics: From 2009 to 2019, there were 489 games that went into the break with a difference of 3 points (17 points or more). Only 17 of them were shot in the second half. That is 6.38%. That’s how it felt, extraordinary ..

AFL Division 2 WEEK 5

Carnuntum Legionaries (2-2) vs. Weinviertel Spartans (0-4) 29:22
(0: 16/0: 6/19: 0/10: 0)
SAT 7 May 2022 at 15.00 Richard Gebert sports facility Schwadorf

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