Bernhard Raimann: “Train as if I were the starter”

Indianapolis – From Austria to the NFL: The Indianapolis Colts struck out in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft, signing tackle Bernhard Raimann.

In a media round, the 24-year-old talked about draft night, his first contacts with the Colts and his goals. race has gathered the best answers.

Bernhard Raimann on …

… the last few weeks:

It was a crazy time. The draft week was huge for me. My parents flew over and I could spend time with them. It was good. The trek weekend was stressful. We all sat in front of the television waiting for the call. Then the first two rounds went by and when the call came in the third round, of course, a load fell from my heart

… status as a third-round pick:

The draft is not the goal. Of course, you work to be an early choice, but you can not really change who the teams choose. I’ve accepted it now and I’m very happy to be with the Colts. They have a great team, a great city and a great franchise. It’s a great opportunity for me as a player and as a person. But of course it motivates me so much the more that so many tackles were taken in front of me.

… MattRyan:

I have not been in touch with Matt Ryan yet, but a few teammates have sent me messages on Instagram, such as Jonathan Taylor. But I also wrote with Marcel Dabo, my German teammate.

… the first contact with the Colts:

I’ve had quite a few interviews with the Colts over the last few weeks. The Colts then called me a few minutes before the election and said they would pick me up right now. Of course, I was really happy about that. The Colts have always been relatively high on my list. I had a lot of good conversations with the coach on the offensive line. They see a lot of potential in me and they liked my athletics. But of course one could not foresee that I would end up there.

… contact with Wien Vikings, where Raimann played for a long time:

I still have good contact with some coaches because they helped me tremendously in my development.

… the moment he was appointed:

We were all very happy when my name was read out. Then I had the first media meeting ten minutes later and chatted with them for 30 minutes. But then my cell phone exploded because so many friends and family contacted me. It took a while before I called back to everyone. It was a super emotional night and I was lying in bed and could not understand it at all. So I could not sleep.

… Contact with Germans in the NFL:

Sebastian Vollmer was a huge role model for me and I have already met him in person. But I have also met Jakob Johnson, Mark Nzeocha and Kasim Edebali, and I have had dinner with them. It was huge. This support helps a lot. We have a group chat with many Austrians and Germans in the NFL. You are never alone there and you have people you can relate to.

… the preparation for the training of the Colts:

My parents flew back to Austria and I have been preparing ever since. I train as much as I can and am in the process of moving to Indianapolis.

… shaken at the 2022 NFL Draft when he was originally not selected:

Of course, there’s always a little concern, but I always knew I would come to the NFL. In one way or another. I also came out to get some fresh air every now and then and tried to remind myself that it does not matter when or who you are appointed to. For that is only the beginning.

… the new chapter in the NFL:

Of course, you can see that everything is a little bigger. My family has already asked where to order fan articles. I do not know my shirt number yet, I will find out in the coming days.

… Starting chances for the Colts:

There are still four long months left. I want to prepare every day as if I were already the starter. I know I have the potential and the abilities. I have to show it on the field now. But it is, of course, ultimately a decision of the coaches.

… signing the contract:

I will sign the contract on Thursday. But I still have no idea what I want with my first paycheck. I have to find an apartment first. But money and gifts have to wait right now, I want to join the squad first.

… Indianapolis Food:

I try to do Austrian from time to time. I made bread buns or wienerschnitzel from time to time. And then of course it was nice that my mother visited me, it always tastes best like that.

… head coach Frank Reich:

On the first call, he just told me that I was drafted and that I would be part of a great team and an O-Line. To be honest, I can hardly remember the whole evening because one has 100,000 emotions at the same time. When the draft was over, we called again and had a little chat.

… exemplary function in Austria:

I hope I can motivate some young Austrians and Europeans to play football. But I am also trying to further develop my role model function by becoming a solid player.

… the unusual path to the NFL:

Of course, all the obstacles you have to overcome will help you afterwards. Then all the work pays off in the end.

… Colts’ season prospects:

We definitely have playoff chances and even the talent to reach the Super Bowl. The coaches have put together a good team.

… Matt Ryan and Jonathan Taylor:

Of course, it’s great to have two such veterans in the backfield. But I was even happier to have a Quenton Nelson with me on the offensive line. I do not want to miss the opportunity to learn from him.

… Quenton Nelson as teammate:

I am very excited. He’s one of the best offensive liners and I think I can learn a lot.

… Colts schedule:

There are some schematic similarities with the plays I made in college. But in the NFL, everything is even more complex. we have many more playcalls and many more pre-snap adjustments in the NFL. You just have to remember a lot more.

… his skills in the Colts scheme:

I’m an athletic tackle and the Colts offense fits me well. And of course, I’m happy to block Jonathan Taylor.

… his position with the Colts:

I think I will be considered a left tackle, but the Colts said the top five guys will be on the field. So I’m also willing to play on center or guard or on the special team.

… the possibility of using him as a receiver (Raimann used to play wide receiver and tight end):

The coaches and I have not talked about it yet, but I am always ready.

… the fleeting thing in an NFL career:

Injuries are terrible, of course, but that’s why it’s important to me that you use and enjoy every day.

… his goal:

I want to play good football, and then of course it depends on me getting another contract at some point. That’s my goal. Money and things like that are of secondary importance to me.

… Rumors that he failed the medical check with some teams:

The teams scan you all the way through, and there you will definitely find some things in each player that are not acceptable for a few teams, but for others they are. Now, of course, I can only show the other teams what they missed.

… the apartment search:

The team provides accommodation for the first few weeks. Then you have to see where to live. My boyfriend and I then look around for an apartment.

… money in football:

I grew up very well and my parents gave me a lot of strength and never demanded that I somehow have to make a lot of money. I will always play sports out of passion, not for financial reasons.

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