Bayern 2: 2 against Stuttgart: Nagelsmann wants press machines

ONEOn Sunday night, Pellegrino Matarazzo sat on the podium in the press room and said a sentence he had never been allowed to say after a Bundesliga match against FC Bayern: “I think the draw is okay.”

In his first three attempts as a football coach at VfB Stuttgart, Matarazzo had lost three times to the permanent champion: 1: 3, 0: 4, 0: 5. Now, in his fourth attempt, he made it 2-2 with his team – and that in a match where it was about whether he could still sit in Munich and say sentences next season.

If Pellegrino Matarazzo and VfB Stuttgart had not earned a point against FC Bayern in the penultimate match day, they could not have left the sixteenth place in the last match day. That would have meant: Relegation – if all goes well.

VfB hopes again

Since 2: 2, the chances are very good that with 30 points, 39:58 goals and a home game against 1. FC Köln will no longer be beaten by Arminia Bielefeld in seventeenth place (27 points, 26:52 goals). , home game against RB Leipzig) is caught – and not bad that they even overtake the fifteenth Hertha BSC (33 points, 36:69 goals, away game in Borussia Dortmund).

“If we get three points, Hertha will also have to score points against Dortmund,” said Matarazzo. I heard he had hope. Due to a post by Borna Sosa and a header from Sasa Kalajdzic.

This scene showed the skills of the VfB Stuttgart team. Hardly anyone can cross the ball as accurately as the German-Croatian full-back. Hardly anyone can head the ball as accurately as the Austrian center-forward.

The goal of making it 2-2 was representative of the potential and talent Matarazzo has in his team. So why is Stuttgart in sixteenth place? Because many players with potential and talent were injured this season.

And because the league has adapted to Stuttgart’s strengths. “It felt like each team sent two men to Borna and I was covered by two men in the penalty area,” Kalajdzic said. “Then it’s not easy.”

It was different on Sunday. In the 52nd minute, Sosa was able to free-kick three times in 20 seconds before reaching his striker. With 53 minutes played, Kalajdzic could have brought this one home for Manuel Neuer as he charged up on the left, but his hooked ball went just a bit too high. “I know I should have put the ball in,” he said – adding later: “Of course one can always complain that more could have been done. But we have worked so hard with the point, for the head, for the morale .

And that was what the Stuttgart players celebrated with their fans in the stadium – the night the championship trophy was presented in Munich.

On Sunday night, FC Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann, who won his first title of his first season in Munich, sat on the podium in the press room alongside Pellegrino Matarazzo. He talked about the bowl being “heavier than expected” in his hands, but also about the sporting problem that was evident even in the fight against the sixteenth.

“The back pressure has to be relentlessly good – with a lot of force,” he said. That was rarely the case this season. The result: It is not very difficult to surprise the Bundesliga’s first team in transfer situations. How to solve this problem? When a reporter asked about new players in this context, Nagelsmann replied: “I would not mind either if we bought one or two press machines.”

Sports Director Hasan Salihamidzic was later in the interview zone. The man responsible for buying players in Munich. “We do not have infinitely much money. We have extended some contracts. We tried to keep the core of the team,” he said. “We will see what we can do based on the economic situation.”

And although his coaches’ wishes for the club’s competitiveness in the Champions League are understandable, one has to say for the sake of the Bundesliga: It can not only be the squad’s fault that a 2-2 draw against a relegation candidate is also. okay from a neutral perspective goes.

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