“Battle of the Reality Stars” is just the beginning for Paco Herb!

Already 2021 could Paco Herb with a lot of charm and knowing the viewers of “Love Island‘to wrap your finger. Although the love did not succeed in the end, most fans have been loyal to him to this day. After a short outing for acting, it was now time for Paco to the next TV format: “Battle of the reality stars“. In the show, 22 celebrities take on challenging action and skill games to take home a € 50,000 prize and the coveted title “Realitystar 2022” at the end.

In an interview with TV movies online he looks back on his time on the dream beach in Thailand and reveals if we will see him on TV again soon!


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TVMovie.de: What particularly appealed to you about the format?

Paco: It is an extreme situation to live in an open house on the beach with several strangers. But situations like this really excite me. In addition, I have never been to Thailand. So the whole thing was first and foremost a big adventure for me.

Did you prepare for the show?

Paco: Honestly no. I did not have a strategy and just thought to myself: “I want to score points with my personality.” Well, I’ve been to the gym a few times before.

What do you take with you from time to time?

Paco: I had great experiences and had a lot of fun. And I met amazing people who have now become real friends. It was my first reality TV format after “Love Island” and I definitely surpassed myself again.

Is there a moment that is particularly memorable?

Paco: I can not reveal too much, but there was a moment that was really very emotional for me. I also had to shed a tear or two. So you will also get to know another side of me.

Are you worried about negative feedback after the broadcast?

Paco: Actually no. I got along really well with all the residents – even after the program was recorded. And I have also never had any hatred online from the community. Of course, I really appreciate that.


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Do you forget the cameras after a while?

Paco: I did not really notice the cameras anymore. With “Love Island”, I still felt like I was being watched and was often tense. I completely ignored that in “Battle of the Reality Stars”. It was 100% Paco.

When you were not in the public eye: did you imagine being known then as it is today?

Paco: I’m still not really aware that I’m in the public eye and that people recognize me. Sometimes I just forget about it too. But of course, the private messages you get on Instagram have increased.

Did you approach the format differently than you did with “Love Island”?

Paco: Before “Love Island” I was obviously a lot more excited. It was my first experience in front of the camera and I did not know what to expect. It was also about, ideally, falling in love and opening up emotionally. With “Battle of the Reality Stars” I just looked forward to the adventure and competed against other exciting people from the TV industry.

You’ve been seen as an actor on TV before. Would that be an area you see yourself in the future?

Paco: I’m not so sure at the moment. It was wildly fun, but I think I need to have some acting training beforehand. But I do not want to rule it out at all.

Can you already tell us about projects we are looking at in the future?

Unfortunately, I can not reveal too much: But you will definitely hear from me again pretty soon!

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