After the defeat in Bamberg: BG Göttingen is already looking forward to the home game against Alba Berlin

It was definitely the most exciting meeting on the 30th game day in the basketball league: the narrow 87:88 (42:43) defeat to BG Göttingen at Brose Bamberg. The intense play with an ending that can hardly be surpassed dramatically had not only a tragic character – all in all, there were many small things that were crucial.


Neither team really managed to structure the game. BG got off to a bad start – again – was 0:10 behind after just over two minutes, already had the first time-out and three turnovers behind him. Circumstances changed with an unsportsmanlike error by ex-Göttinger Dominic Lockhart, who then had to sit on the bench in his 250th BBL match. The Violets showed up and came to a 19-0 run across quarters. The game was now balanced but very hectic and confused. Justin Robinson showed just before half-time that he was wide awake until the last second and lowered a lay-up to give Bamberg a narrow lead of 43:42.

The game remained crunchy and close even after the break. The Franks led 65:61 after the third quarter, in the last section they followed up with a run of 8: 0 to 73:67 (33rd). One minute before the end, the hosts looked like the sure winner (84:77), but the people from Göttingen, often called crunchtime kings, lived up to this name: BG came up at 82:84, Jeremiah Martin was committed unsportsmanlike. and hit one of two penalty throws, but still had ball possession with his team, scoring two more points for the 85:84 lead of the Violets. Bamberg missed the next attack, Jeff Roberson got the chance to score from the free throw line and scored both attempts to take the lead 87:84. There were still six seconds on the clock – and again it was Bambergs Robinson who took matters into his own hands, lowered a fantastic three-pointer, was attacked by Martin and also lowered the free throw. The game turned around again, BG still had a good two seconds left where they could not grab the game again.

In addition to the fouls and penalty throws, the rebound statistics were also one of the key figures of the evening. The judges consistently followed their line and distributed the violations evenly (Göttingen 26 / Bamberg 28). Both had similar hit rates from the penalty throw line (Göttingen 69 percent / Bamberg 67 percent). The yield from throws from the field was even balanced: 47 percent. Only in the rebounds – especially the offensive ones – were there clear differences. Bamberg got another chance to score in the attack 15 times. At Göttingen, it was only a good half with eight offensive rebounds.

Roel Moors had seen ups and downs in his team: “Of course the end was very bitter for us, we should have solved it differently. It was a match where both teams played with a lot of energy, had many races and momentum changed a lot. We should never have lost this match in regular time, to be honest. But we came through a wrong decision. But I’m also proud. We came back, we fought. We should have taken it in our luggage, but we missed it. ” – BG Göttingen: Martin (24 points / 0 goals / 4 rebounds / 6 assists), Frey (14/4/3/4), Roberson (14/3/6 / 0), Vargas (5/1/2/3 ), Hujic (3/0/0/0), Hartwich (1/0/1/0), Moenninghoff (0/0/0/0), Kamp (3/0/3/0), Brun (14 / 1/2/0), Grimes (9/1/8/0).

Brose Bamberg – BG Göttingen, BBL 2021/22

Disappointed: BG captain Akeem Vargas


Alba Berlin are already cup winners, the EuroLeague season is over for the reigning German champions and now they can concentrate fully on the Bundesliga and the mission to “defend the title”. The Berliners went into Easter week as the team with the least played matches of all teams in the BBL. In the 95:66 victory against Syntainics MBC, the albatrosses showed no signs of fatigue after the EuroLeague season, they started wide awake in the final sprint of the main round. Before the team competes in the Sparkassen-Arena on Easter day, they have already been challenged in the home games against EWE Baskets Oldenburg (92:86) and ratiopharm Ulm (78:73) during the week – and have shown that they can handle these pressures. used to.

In light of the deep squad that is used to being constantly under pressure, absence – like Marcus Eriksson and Ben Lammers lately – is painful, but can be compensated for. Louis Olinde is back after a long injury break and must do without the support of his father Wilbert Olinde, who had such great success in Göttingen. He visits his younger son Jason in Maastricht over Easter.

Tickets for the match against Alba Berlin on Sunday can be purchased in the online ticket shop ( The box opens at 13.30 on Easter day. The pre-sale for the last main round home game against JobStairs Giessen 46ers (May 1 at 20.30) has already started.

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