A Case for Wagatha Christie – Panorama

Hercule Poirot would be proud of Coleen Rooney. The wife of former English international Wayne Rooney obviously has what it takes to be a hobby detective, and just as the master with the twisted mustache used to do, she also presented her razor-sharp combined survey results to the public. On Twitter, as you can just see in the popular reconnaissance company. Unfortunately, she is now being sued for defamation of the main suspect. A classic occupational hazard that happens even to the best in their field.

But first facts: Coleen Rooney, 36, who turdeas the short form of “Wives and Girlfriends” is called in English, actually used to finding half of his real or imagined privacy in the English tabloid press, read a few years ago in Sun Suddenly more details that are a little too private for her. For example, after the birth of her third son, she swallows her own placenta in pill form. Her suspicion: someone from the immediate circle of friends must pass on information. Rooney sets out to set a main trap for his main suspect. She posts fictitious stories on Instagram and blocks them for all but one follower: her “good” friend Rebekha Vardy, 40, wife of Leicester City player James Vardy.

Another little stop for the photographers: Rebekah Vardy on her way to court.

(Photo: Peter Nicholls / Reuters)

When bait about an alleged return of Coleen to reality TV and a £ 20 million mansion flood ended in the press shortly after, the case seems clear. On October 9, 2019, “Wagatha Christie”, as Rooney has been known since then, drops the bomb via Twitter: Who chatted? “That was … Rebekah Vardy’s story.” The vulnerable woman, in turn, denies everything, on top of that, she is on vacation at this point, highly pregnant, very bad timing for slander. Vardy is therefore seeking compensation. She had no choice but to “prove her innocence and restore her reputation,” her lawyer Hugh Tomlinson said on Tuesday at the start of the trial in London’s Royal Courts of Justice. It is known that other people such as PR professionals also have access to private accounts. The hearing is scheduled for six days.

You should not be bored

As you know, the top priority is on the boulevard, and somehow also in the gamer’s wife industry: you do not have to be boring, and at least in this respect, you really can not blame any of the parties. The English public has been fascinated by the mud fight that the two women have been fighting for two and a half years. Immediately after the revelation, Vardy sent a text message to his PR consultant: “This is war!” and calls Rooney a “Nasty Bitch” who should not take himself too seriously. Unfortunately, this particular mobile phone can no longer be presented as evidence because it is located at the bottom of the North Sea. Get overboard on a boat trip – again, it’s wonderfully Christie-like.

Player Women: Determined to Do Everything: Coleen Rooney Before the Trial Begins.

Determined to do everything: Coleen Rooney before the trial begins.

(Photo: Eamonn M McCormack / Getty Images)

All sorts of other details from both women’s past should now come to light. Both sides had repeatedly rejected attempts by mutual acquaintances and advisers to resolve the case out of court. They behaved like two passengers on a train heading for a cliff at full speed and still refused to get off, they said.

And the men? The two football stars who made the women famous in the first place? So far, they have been silent on the matter. Wayne Rooney in particular has had pretty bad experiences with too much talkativeness. His autograph for a prostitute is legendary: “For Charlotte, I got you on December 28, dear Wayne Rooney.” The 36-year-old accompanied his wife to court and is expected to stand at the witness stand in the coming days.

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