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If you want to convince in a sales talk, sign up for new memberships and generate more sales, you need much more than “just” sales talent. What counts are strong arguments, a customer-oriented sales strategy and, above all, a structured, needs-oriented advice. The following solutions show how studies can act even more purposefully.

WHO sell successfully wants, must in practice above all convince and inspire (Gouttier, 2022). According to Duden, “convincing” means another through obvious reasons and bring evidence something as true, right and necessary To acknowledge.

But what does this explanation have to do with one successful sales strategy to do? Actually quite a lot. For although there is no ultimate strategy for success, there will be by sale especially on one optimal interaction that after four factors on:

  • Emotions, passion and optimism
  • Goal
  • professionalism and creativity
  • structure

‘Fire and flames’ for their own services

First of all, should Emotions and needs aroused will. Only if it “Fire” for your own range of services burns in the eyes of any team member, interested parties can be convinced and motivated, which in turn increases their willingness to buy (Schüler, 2009).

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cardio training brings many positive benefits to body, mind and soul individual solutions for different target groups. This is exactly what needs to be conveyed in any advisory and sales situation. Emotional sales serve as an important key here because Enthusiasm is very “contagious”.

In order to be even closer to the customers and their needs, the following must be observed:

  • Get out of the office and in the training area to be present
  • Optimism according to the motto: “Everyone who comes through our door, would like to become a member here, today and now“, radiate
  • Positive and authentic communication in relation to everyone involved
  • Show interest, actively listening and recognize what customers need
  • Passionate, personal approach and also use advice Comments on additional offers give

Tip: So all the staffspeak the same language“, one could team workshop come to life where they learn how to use their own strengths and compelling arguments even more purposefully to acquire new customers and market them.

Those who know their goals will also achieve them

Another important step is Definition of quantitative and qualitative sales targets (Nagel & Mieke, 2017). that New customer: internal acquisition with all the associated key figures is definitely one of those key business objectives represent.

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But it should Customer loyalty is not ignored be left behind. Because even though sales are without a doubt important, it only succeeds with good customer loyalty, one Build a sustainable membership. These goals are closely linked to the optimism already described.

that best possible support from interested parties and members is not only the ultimate goal, but also a prerequisite for achieving quantitative and qualitative sales goals. The fine-tuning of the goals using the so-called sub-variables of sales increases the quality of all goals.

that Definition of the individual subvariables determines what to focus on.

  • Customer potential, e.g. B. How many check-ins a day?
  • contact quantity, e.g. B .: When is a lead called or in what situation are members addressed?
  • contact quality, e.g. B .: What is the specific content of the conversation and how long does a single sales contact last?
  • contact periodicity, e.g. B .: How often are leads or at what intervals are members addressed?

Tip: It is important to ensure that the focus is on a few but meaningful sales goals. Too many variables often make measuring success too complex.

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Convince through professionalism and creativity

given increasing customer demands (IHRSA Foundation, ABC Fitness Solution & ClubIntel, 2021) studies need creative solutions in sales and score in the consultation. It requires more than ever …

  • professional preparation: If you are prepared for a customer or consultation, you increase the probability of a sale. To The conversation looks more professional, The employees are calmermore relaxed, more confident and thereby mediate more competence.
  • ongoing training: In order to be able to respond to new challenges as the situation arises, it is crucial to have qualified and trained employees. For only they secure one targeted advice and can ad hoc individual solution packages present for different needs. If you want to increase your sales and take your advice to the next level, you should ongoing in further education of the study team invest and then follow up on its sales promises with action.

Tip: Continuously develop your team. Only if the above requirements are met can your employees act flexibly and at all times impress in sales advice.

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Structure – the “common thread” in the sales speech

Successful salespeople are very quickly attributed a pronounced talent in sales. That’s certainly true for some, but it’s far more likely that they are deal intensively with their counterpart and targeted Questioning and interviewing techniques (Hofbauer & Hellwig, 2009).

This Techniques form the “red thread”as the interested party or customer through sales pitch to be led. With after two approachesable to probability one positive conversation clear raised will.

  • OPAL method: At the beginning of the sales argument, the conscious and unconscious needs Find out. A structured approach is recommended here. Using the OPAL questioning technique (Sickel, 2013; Rentzsch, 2013), one can control the course of the conversation more actively, for a targeted needs analysis concern and that increase the need to buy.

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  • that FAB method is a Marketing approach for optimal presentation of a product or a service and take into account the views Features, benefits and advantage (Count, 2020). This common method sets Focus on individual customer benefits and brings many benefits with it in practice.
    • that functions is key characteristics of the service / offer. It is important to describe these in the best possible way in practice and thus put them in the right light.
    • that Advantage is concrete benefits, which follows from the offer. As not everyone who is interested is aware of these from the outset, studies should pay particular attention to these aspects in the consultation and unravel their own strengths even more clearly.
    • Of advantage includes genuine customer benefit and has a major impact on the final purchasing decision. Consultants should therefore not use “08/15 sales phrases”, but with individual solutions take part. Anyone who goes structured and convinces with strong arguments will increase their sales success significantly.

Tip: Through her flexible applications able to FAB method as well as in the sales argument as well as in marketing and advertising text profitable inserted to differentiate even more clearly from competing offers.

People buy from people

People buy primarily from people and not from companies. Despite numerous digital possibilities many prefer face-to-face contact and can become much better convinced and inspired in a personal conversation.

It’s so much the more important all employees in their daily work not just as problem solversbut also as salespeople. Anyone who not only plays a “sales role” here, but with authenticity, empathy and interest occurs, will sell successfully in the long run and be perceived as a professional fitness and health provider.


One positive attitude of all employees, one professional preparation and a common thread” bring in every conversation more joy in selling, more sales and long-term more customer loyalty. This way of thinking and approaching things is perhaps the best entrepreneurial task. Because service, sales and marketing always mean to make people happy.

About the author

Niko Russ, Trained as a fitness economist, has worked in the fitness industry for 18 years. As a freelance consultant he supports fitness facilities by the topics Sales and customer retention.

He works as a lecturer for the German University of Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG) and as a lecturer for the BSA Academy.

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For one full bibliography please contact [email protected]

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