More protein – sausage for your own fitness

The growing consumer interest in proteins is currently also reflected in the trend in meat and sausage products. LP interviewed some specialists.

Proteins are important for building and maintaining muscle, they protect the heart, regulate blood sugar levels and support the immune system. They speed up the metabolism and increase fat burning. Protein-rich nutrition is therefore in vogue. And the same goes for the sausage.

Synonymous with conscious nutrition
“In Grandma’s garage, we developed a hybrid bratwurst that scores with a low fat and high protein content – but it also tastes really good. That’s why we replaced the ‘flavor carrier’ fat with vegetables, cheese and spices to create completely new varieties such as chicken / spinach / feta or beef / alpine cheese / chili, ”says Michael Ziegler, founder of Grillido. “Proteins are definitely a trend. Like reduced meat consumption or flexitarism. ”

However, due to current commodity price increases, Ziegler sees major challenges for the entire meat industry. His company is therefore in the process of going a step further with hybrid sausages and reducing the meat further. “In terms of price, this could be very exciting for retailers and consumers – and at the same time put the topic of proteins in the foreground,” says Ziegler. Grillido offers retailers special chests and is planning a major flavor offensive with Tefal.

Gymnastics talk
A “mini salami” for athletes, containing 42 percent protein and less than 5 percent fat, was developed by Northheimer Navid Niyameimandi along with a traditional slaughterhouse with a 150-year history of southern Lower Saxony. The power sausage is made without additives or preservatives, explains the company’s founder and athlete Navid Niyameimandi. He always missed such a product after training.

Together with his two siblings Farima and Farbod, he continued to expand the brand and location of Berwork Powerwurst after the first few years. “We found that there is no snack alternative in the food and fitness sector with strong nutritional values ​​and simple ingredients that also taste good.” Together with a butcher from the Northeim area, they considered how to make the sausage without artificial additives and as possible can produce high protein content. “It was important to us from the start that we work with high-quality beef from Germany,” says Navid. So they chose muscle meat from the top and bottom of the beef.

What is special about Berwork? Powerwurst is an alternative to the classic mini salami, bars, shakes & Co. for athletes from young to old. The power sausage has a high protein and low fat content, is processed without artificial additives, is lactose- and gluten-free, and the beef is made in Germany, says Navid Niyameimandi. “We do not work with industrial companies, but with a butcher shop from our region in southern Lower Saxony.” While Navid takes care of sales, logistics and finance, his siblings Farbod and Farima take over the marketing department.

The first two varieties, paprika and pepper, were launched in late 2017. The three siblings initially sold their power sausages in gyms and in regional supermarkets. There are now ten different types and variations of Powerwursten and more than ten employees in sales, marketing and logistics. Following major collaborations with Lufthansa and partners such as Rewe, Berwork will soon also be sold internationally.

Help from the fitness economist
At the start of the barbecue season, the online retailer offers a bratwurst with a higher protein content and a reduced proportion of carbohydrates. The formula has been developed in collaboration with a fitness economist. “Due to the reduced fat and increased protein content with significantly more unsaturated fatty acids, a low-carb diet with delicious bratwurst is possible. The taste is reminiscent of the usual bratwurst. It’s a little firmer than usual. This is proof of the high proportion of lean meat in the cooked sausage, “says Yannik Meurer from sales

A little fat, a little salty
The managers at AVO-Werke August Beisse GmbH in Belm have experience with high-protein products. “Thanks to our special recipes, we can increase the protein content of cooked sausages such as Viennese sausages to 20 percent and cold cuts to, for example, 18 percent. The fat content is only 2.5 percent and the salt content is only 1.5 percent, ”says Guido Boberg, marketing manager at AVO. As part of the AVO Sofit range, the manufacturer has developed special spice mixes and recipes for sausages such as Viennese sausages, hot dog sausages, cold cuts such as beer ham, meat sausage / Lyoner, bratwurst and raw sausages. Components in the sausage are high-quality beef and pork, matched with selected spices and spice extracts. “The taste of these spice components was specially tailored for these high-protein products,” says Boberg.

Protein content shows quality
The Polish producer Tarczynski has also had good experience with the production of protein-rich sausages. “Observation of the market shows that protein-rich products are becoming increasingly popular, which should be seen as a trend and not as a niche,” says Bernd Semelink, sales manager at Tarczynzski in Germany. According to Semelink, the protein content should also be considered as a quality aspect – the higher the protein content, the higher the consumer’s perception of the product’s quality. He adds: “Another aspect is the market trend associated with the growing popularity of high protein diets in favor of lower carbohydrate intake, which is why we want to introduce and supply our customers with the products they are currently expecting.” Tarczynski’s offer includes i.a. dried sausages (Krakauer, Breslauer), a wide variety of kabanos, meat snacks (beef jerky, pork jerky) and a wide range of snack products, all of which have a high protein content.

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