LIGA asthenic on the rise of FC Schalke 04: the return of charisma or madness?

FC Schalke 04 are back in the Premier League. After a forced break of just one year, the direct resurgence succeeds, and the whole of football Germany has a higher pulse. As if a defibrillator had breathed new life into the now boring Bundesliga.

The broadcasting TV stations recorded record quotas in the promotion match against St. Pauli, which means: the quotas were better than in Bavaria.

The critics exuberant (even for the left-wing “Taz” Schalke is suddenly a “heart story”), also the pyrotechnics (the police counted 144 ignitions), the fans anyway: eventually over 2000 the track stormed, more than a dozen had to leave afterwards. There were 20 charges of physical harm, insult and theft – if it had been a corona demo, it would have been dissolved immediately, but before the game is stopped in the district, completely different things need to happen. Spoon.


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Schalke made the promotion clear, since then an entire region has been in a frenzy and the league is happy and wondering: is the charisma finally returning to the upper house, or is the Schalke frenzy of the past few years about to enter a new round? The question has yet to be answered.

FC Schalke 04: Büskens does not continue as frontman

The father of the rise and the one who will only be an assistant again in the future, interim coach Mike Büskens, formulated his club’s task very soberly after a night of drinking and insomnia: They pressed the “reset button”, they were no longer Schalke dreaming about the Champions League, recently “justifiably bled”, the rise was only successful because they were “humble”, the path of the small steps had now to be continued.

I read somewhere over the weekend that Büskens is already the biggest living club icon in Schalke. A gunman who keeps his head up when he is drunk is actually so rare in the area that Büskens should either be put in a museum right away or have plenty of responsibility. None of the parts will happen.

Büskens goes back to the second row, apparently at his own request, he would like to be an assistant coach again. So it was discussed, sounded over the weekend. It should at least surprise you, now that you’ve finally found someone who embodies the club’s DNA and has sporting success, it has not happened in the last five years.

There are again signs of the “old” Schalke

It was not reported at the weekend whether Schalke, in the form of sporting director Peter Knäbel, ever tried to persuade “Buyo”, the club’s legendary acronym Büskens’, to continue his path of humility and consolidation as head coach of the first division. If you fail to do so, it is a big mistake that can still take revenge.

In any case, the wording from sports director Rouven Schröder, according to which the new head coach must be a big one, one that is really good so that it works in the long run, suspicious as the old Schalke 04 again.

Schalke: That with Dimitros Grammozis

In the long run, that meant eight coaches in five years at Schalke. The last before Büskens was Dimitrios Grammozis, whose contract is said to have been automatically extended with the increase by means of a clause, including a hefty salary increase from 600,000 to 1.8 million euros, reports “”.

Rouven Schröder could not see anything reprehensible in this, Grammozis was after all also partly responsible for the promotion success.

When Grammozis was due to leave in March, Knappen was in sixth place in the table, only Büskens brought the sporting turn to promotion. If Schröder and Knäbel had not just released the extras, but fired him without notice, you would not have to pay nearly two million to a coach you do not need. Schalke is obviously not that humble after all. Structures cannot change as quickly as warm words in the intoxication of success.

Dimitrios Grammozis was released from FC Schalke 04 in March but not released. As a result of the promotion, his contract has now been automatically extended

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Schalke: Fans dream of the Champions League again

Nevertheless, it is not as if nothing has changed – even if it is not entirely voluntary. The toxic connections to the main sponsor, the Russian state-owned company Gazprom and Putin-Spezl Clemens Tönnies are a thing of the past, but whether there really is a new entrepreneurial culture can be seen in the composition of the squad for the new first. division season, whether Simon Terodde and Co., ie those who have registered the promotion, will also be able to confirm it.

Or whether Schalke’s usual hubris will take hold again, that being up in the league alone can not be a goal for the big FC Schalke 04, for what a Schalke fan shouted into the microphone in Sunday’s news: “Everyone knows: Schalke hears at home in the Champions League “.

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