Ingolstadt: The mayor should fix it

Breakthrough instead of the end of the line: BZA Sydøst would like the tunnel to continue under the main railway station to Münchener Strasse.



With some other questions, however, BZA does not get what it had intended: The desire for a mirror for the exit from the “Am Anger” road opposite Ringseer Sparkasse was not met, here a red lane marking should now mark bicycle crossing, which most road users consider this place to be dangerous. The long-term issue of a cycle path from Eriagstraße to Auwaldsee was also rejected on the grounds that the current footpath should be converted into a cycle path. It was agreed that this topic would be discussed again at the next BZA meeting on July 7, where Mayor Christian Scharpf will attend. BZA had also complained about the disorderly bicycle traffic at the intersection of Saturnarena / Asamstrasse and Weningstrasse – here the city administration referred to the police, who wanted to carry out checks at this time. The district representatives also want appropriate instruction from the officials. The requirement that the access road to FC Niederfeld be paved is also not implemented; As an alternative, BZA proposes regular gravel and compaction of the route. In return, the basketball hoop for the Ringsee primary school and the screening of the Green Center’s playground are being implemented.

Tunnel not planned up to Münchener Strasse

The continuation of the tunnel under the main railway station to the south side of Münchener Straße, which BZA considered significant, was again not taken into account in the development plan for the redevelopment of the site. One should not miss this opportunity to connect the districts on both sides of the tracks, especially as the interruption of two priority cycle routes would be closed by the extended tunnel, according to BZA members. This issue should also be raised for the mayor at the next meeting.

The desire for a traffic concept for the planned “Donautower” was just as little taken into account. It is feared that there will not be enough parking spaces in the planned paid parking. It is therefore proposed to include the building in the Ingolstadt Park and Ride offer and to adapt the space distribution accordingly.

Everything ready for the fire department

Definitely was given on FFW Ringsee: The gym can be used again but the remaining areas remain closed due to static issues. New premises are already in sight, as CEO Christian Vosswinkel confirmed. The three dams Unsernherrn, Rothenturm and Ringsee will be merged in the future. While the Rothenturm team retains their clubhouse, the other two firefighters will find their home in the new base opposite the Freie Turnerschaft Ringsee.

Playgrounds were a big issue: the renewal of the area on Paul-Klee-Strasse was to cost 135,000 euros, 15,000 euros had already been set aside for this in participatory budgeting. A new bench is to be built on the sunny side near the sandbox in Schwäblstrasse, also with funds from this year’s budget. At the urging of many parents, an unloved and dangerous piece of play equipment on the Rothenturm playground needs to be replaced with a more appropriate one.

Additional measures were also proposed for participation budgeting in 2023, for example for the kindergarten in Früh-aufstrasse (slide), Wilhelm-Ernst primary school (balancing equipment), Ochsenanger playground (replanting the wall) and the shoulder in Niederfeld (planting) as well as an additional planting on the meadow plantation (Frühaufstraße). Most recently, BZA member Michael Würflein has applied for a status inquiry regarding the bypass of Ournherrn for the upcoming meeting with Mayor Scharpf. DK

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