In the tent in Keyenberg: a lot of anger at the village meeting

In the tent in Keyenberg
Very resentment at village meeting

The playground, which has not yet been completed, is just a big problem. The residents of the new villages are complaining about the lack of infrastructure.

The main issue for which a village meeting in Keyenberg (new) tent was convened was quickly rejected: The long-planned and repeatedly postponed opening of the playground at the resettlement site was to take place this year, Mayor Stephan Muckel promised. At the moment, there is an “image that is not at all what we want,” he said, referring to the long history of playground construction, which began in 2020 and could not be completed because a contracted company stopped work. “We’ve found a new construction company,” Muckel said. The contract has been signed and things should continue for the next few days. He has the verbal promise that construction will start soon and that it will be completed this year. “It may be in the fall, but it’s not safe.”

Visitors from the participants from the resettlement sites Keyenberg, Kuckum, Ober- and Unterwestrich as well as Berverath heard this with joy, but they remain skeptical. In their opinion, too much has already gone wrong in connection with the resettlement campaign. “We are not a normal new area of ​​development,” it said. “None of us came here of our own free will and have come to terms with the situation.” Villages with an intact infrastructure have been left behind and now live in a place where five villages have been merged where the infrastructure has been put on. will burn back. “We have been promised an infrastructure that has long since ceased to exist.”

There were complaints that people were being pushed back and forth between RWE and the city of Erkelenz in a dispute over responsibility. “If three people complain anonymously about the mobile baker’s horn, a regulation order will be issued within a few days, even though this baker is one of our villages.” Month for disposal. “But if RWE and the city are supposed to keep the infrastructure promises, we’re falling for deaf ears,” said complainants, who were clarified: The playground promised at the beginning of the resettlement is not ready, a football pitch , which existed in the old places, is not even at the planning stage, one can only dream of a basketball hoop as in the former residence. The promised green trees that were to be planted at the beginning of the resettlement phase in 2016 are largely unavailable. Pedestrian and bicycle paths will be used as roads, and some of them will be listed as such in route planners. “Nothing happened, everything was promised, nothing comes.”

Muckel, Sandra Schürger, the head of the now responsible department, and village manager Alexander Arnold had a lot to write down. They want to care and like to come to other village meetings. Before then, it is hoped that some issues can be resolved. Among other things, the unsecured rainfall pipes that children would play in due to lack of alternatives were listed, the unsecured seepage pool, where there was danger to life, the blocks on the “dangerous stairs” to the new sports field. area which was tripping danger.

In some problem cases, policy is required, in others the administration. Neither a football field nor a basketball hoop was politically decided, the mayor said. Here, the competent district committee must submit applications. Schürger, who has taken over the management of the resettlement in his office, does not know why some proposals to the administration have so far been left unanswered. But now it should be different and better.

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