IG judge calls for strike across Germany on 15 May

The interest group for judges calls for a strike across Germany of amateur judges on May 15 with a list of demands.

Unfortunately, violence and disrespect for judges is a weekly topic throughout Germany. It is therefore “IG judge” with a requirements catalog to ensure that all judges on May 15, ie on the coming match day, strike on the sports fields throughout Germany. that Referees should not whistle in matches.

Judging has not been an attractive hobby for years. This is due to a lesser extent to the sport itself than the consequences that referees are faced with on the facilities of the district league. ONE Kicks a referee’s stomach like in a district league match in Essen is almost the order of the day; again and again there are dropouts from players or other players. Also Space storms like in Bottrop followed by a main kick are more frequent than ever. Although the game masters are not at the center of the respective fantasies, they suffer and must take action. Depending on the growth, this can be overwhelming at different levels.

The requirements are understandable

Calls and campaigns for judges can be found in reporting just as often as escapades. One thing is clear: football matches are not possible without a woman or a man at the whistle. This is exactly where the interest group of judges in collaboration with AG Pro Referee Aachen comes in. They call for more protection in cases of violent crime, tougher penalties and more consistent prosecution of offenders, and the cost reimbursements should also be made more attractive.

The idea behind what can not be two opinions is quite correct. The timing of the action also makes sense, for “IG Referees” should not get more attention for their action than at the season finale. The statement “The games must not be canceled if there is no referee” can and must be disputed because there will be enough amateur clubs that will be overwhelmed if the referee does not show up. The addition “competent persons such as team leaders must take over in the event of an SR strike” will go down in the masses.

It remains to be seen how the German Football Association (DFB) and state associations respond to the strike call. If several judges follow this call next Sunday, May 15, chaos is inevitable. Especially as the last day of play is approaching in some places.

The message from the IG arbitrators in the wording

It’s definitely time for judges to take a stand against violence and call the whistle for a day. It’s the only way the last ones get it and stand up for us.

We need fundamental reforms to protect the arbitrators, legal protection and accident insurance for honorary arbitrators, the associations to bear the costs in case of injury, and the appointment of a lawyer. Adequate reasonable expense allowances.

Agreement: Sunday, May 15, 2022 strike on all sports fields in Germany.

We are on strike.

Important: Games can not be canceled, if a judge does not come. Experts, such as team leaders, must take over in the event of a referee strike.

We ask all amateur judges in Germany to actively participate. It is the only way in which the subject can be kept up in the associations and not swept under the table.

The requirements catalog IG Referee (in collaboration with AG Pro Referee Aachen):

– Respect PR campaign from DFB and the associations,

– No violence against judges,

Amendment of the legal / procedural rules for all DFB state associations (uniform punishment for physical harm to judges). Physical attacks on referees (punches, saliva, kicks) must be punished with a minimum penalty of 5 years quarantine,

– After physical attacks, the judges get a lawyer for the national association’s criminal complaint or civil claims.

– Referees receive adequate legal representation and support in sports law cases,

Defendant players will not be deregistered from the club until the sports law proceedings have been completed, the same applies to spectators belonging to the club,

– Judges are provided with a lawyer by the respective association in case of a criminal complaint / civil claim against the judge (precedent Pierre Hackler – too loud whistle),

– DFB assumes any criminal / civil claim for damages arising as a result of the match which the referee has ruled,

– Admission to the administrative professional association (VBG),

– Voluntary accident insurance for the judge, pt. 4.70 euros pa, paid by the association,

– In case of theft of referee equipment (jersey, bag, etc.) without any fault, the association will pay the compensation costs and the association’s claim for recourse against the clubs will remain unaffected.

Start training and de-escalation training for referees immediately at the end of the 2021/2022 season, at the latest at the start of the 2022/2023 season,

Immediate adjustment of the reimbursement of expenses to the referees for the season 2021/2022 by the respective associations, which should be decided a minimum reimbursement of expenses for the district leagues, up to a distance of 20 km (one way) = 40.00 euros fixed rate. For> 20 km further according to the tax regulations for each km over 20 km = 0.35 Euro / km. From the season 2022/2023 = 45.00 euros fixed expense allowance, km compensation> 20 km as for the season 2021/2022.

Designed by Reiner Kuhn
Initiator of the campaign and editor-in-chief
The IG judge

in cooperation with
press secretary

Mr. Anton Dinslaken


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