Hasan Salihamidzic on transfers and staff

NAfter a short celebration with the championship trophy, the champions of the Munich series quickly looked forward to the upcoming season. “I completely believe in the team. We love these guys,” excited Bayern Munich sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic after a mixed performance by the champions in a 2-2 (2-1) victory in the Bundesliga’s last home game of the season against VfB Stuttgart.

“These are fantastic guys. And they will step on the gas next year,” Salihamidzic assured. still a couple of construction sites to close in the squad, “coach Julian Nagelsmann said thoughtfully,” it’s work, but we can do it. “

With only a brief burst of unity in the fan basket, where supporters were allowed to celebrate the rare experience of the championship trophy in their hands, the draw against the Stuttgart team, hoping for direct rescue in the relegation battle, was short-lived. fell into the background Sunday night. “The feeling when you do it is always the same – whether it’s the first, second or tenth championship,” said vice-captain Thomas Müller.

After once again a masterful season, but disappointing results in the Champions League and the DFB Cup, Müller did not want to “take part in doomsday scenarios”, as he emphasized. Rather, he said defiantly: “No one needs to worry about FC Bayern.” But no one in the Munich party delegation wanted to announce an attack on Europe’s crown. “We will see what we can do based on the economic situation,” Salihamidzic said.

“We are all happy about that”

The contract with Müller was extended until mid-2024. National goalkeeper Neuer should follow suit. “The talks are going pretty well,” the captain of DAZN said. There is no hurry. The future of Lewandowski and national team player Serge Gnabry, in turn, is uncertain. “We are taking the negotiations. We have led a few. And now we have to see what happens,” Salihamidzic told Lewandowski.

The contract runs for another year. “Lewy knows, I think, what he has in the club and what he has in us. The club has made it clear that they will definitely play for us next year. We are all happy about that,” said Leon Goretzka. Salihamidzic had recently ruled out a farewell to the goal scorer this summer.

He told Gnabry: “We have limits. We try to offer the best to every player. And therefore it is up to him to decide. The boy is fantastic. I like him very much and would very, very much like to keep him here.” There is currently no question of “setting deadlines”. Goretzka fought for an extension of Gnabry’s contract in Munich: “Serge is an excellent player, also a very important component of our team,” said Goretzka. He hopes “of course an extension from him”.

Salihamidzic pointed out the economic challenges that had been exacerbated by the loss of income during the corona pandemic. “We do not have infinite amount of money. We have extended some contracts. We tried to keep the core of the team,” said the 45-year-old: “We will see what we can do based on the financial situation.” He again ruled out picking up BVB striker Erling Haaland. “We certainly do not,” he said.

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