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The nine-time German champions Bamberg made the play-offs clear at the last minute with a 77:67 victory against Hamburg. The other good news: Captain Christian Sengfelder has extended his contract to 2025! “Just breathtaking”, was the last main round game for Sengfelder. In the play-offs, which start on 13 May, the champions Berlin, who previously lined up in the favorite duel in FC Bayern Munich on Tuesday (from 20.15 live on MagentaSport), are now waiting. The Munich victory against Göttingen. Especially in the second half, one saw “the difference between a EuroLeague and a BBL team,” Bayern’s Leon Radosevic explained confidently. Gießen finished the season in last place in the table. Coach Pete Strobl leaves Hesse: “I do not want to be one hundred percent in Gießen.” After 93:95 in Crailsheim, Chemnitz loses the home advantage in the playoffs and in the 1st quarter also Darion Atkins, who is disqualified after a header. Although it was no longer enough for the playoffs, Crailsheim’s CEO Martin Romig gave a positive end to the season: “In terms of mindset, what we did here was fantastic! “Ludwigsburg managed a good finish with 3rd place in the Final Four of the Champions League.” One hundred percent satisfied “Justin Simon was the best pitcher with 27 points in an 88: 68 victory against Hapoel Holon, against Heidelberg on Wednesday for playoff home advantage.

Below are the main voices from the catch-up games – if they are used, please name the source MagentaSport. Tuesday night there is a BBL hit between FC Bayern Munich and ALBA Berlin – live from 20.15 on MagentaSport. The final decision for the playoffs, which starts on May 13, will be made on Wednesday at 18.45 between MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg and Heidelberg. MagentaSport shows all games and decisions in easyCredit BBL live.

Brose Bamberg – Hamburg Towers 77:67

Towers were already qualified for the playoffs before the match, now also Bamberg. With the win, Bamberg ends the season in 8th place and destroys Crailsheimer’s remaining hopes for the playoffs. In the first round, we meet Bamberger at the reigning champions Berlin. There was also good news for Oren Amiel’s team before the match, as Christian Sengfelder has extended his contract to 2025. Inspired by the news, Bambergers wins! Especially in the second half, Bamberg gave everything again, after it was still a draw (38:38) at the break.

Bamberg’s Christian Sengfelder extended his contract until 2025: “That we can now celebrate here with our fans. How we have to some extent been in the valley this season. It’s just breathtaking. We are very happy right now … We have never stopped believing in ourselves , we “We are tough on ourselves We tried to get better every day and in the end we won a lot of close fights so that was very important to us.”

About his contract extension: “The overall package is right here. I can develop really well here. I have a big responsibility that I can take on. I trust the coach, and the coach trusts me. I feel very comfortable here, also together with my family who are here. In that respect, I am very happy. “

Justin Robinson, 20 points Brose Bamberg: “It has been fantastic. We have worked very hard since coach Amiel has been here. We trusted him and believed in him. We came here with high hopes. It has been a fantastic evening at home.”

Oren Amiel, coaches Bamberg before the match for Christian Sengfelder’s contract extension: “First of all, there are not many players in the basketball world who are the face of a club. People chase different challenges, sometimes money. I told him there was a big difference between liking the team and loving the team. I think Chris loves the team. He loves the club and the organization. Both sides show that love by extending their contracts. “

Justus Hollatz, 8 point towers: “We allowed too many offensive rebounds. We did not hit our shots at all. I think I missed 4 shots. Caleb missed 4 shots, Lukas missed 4 shots. If we do not hit the shots, it’s hard to keep going. On “Despite that, we fought hard. But in the end, we lost by 10 points.”

Philipp Galewski, CEO Bamberg before the match: “One must also say very clearly that the season was not great. Right now, if we win today, we are even a victory better than last season, where we also finished 8. That is it, but simply not enough for a program. like Brose Bamberg.But that does not mean we have to question everything, we have to look at what did not go right.I think we will take the first step into the future in 7 minutes when we extend a player That’s the first step. “

Link to the game: www.youtube.com/watch?v=L28HpobXO9o

Bayern Munich – BG Göttingen 87:64

Göttingen ends the season with 6 defeats in a row. The final game is already lost against Gießen. Without head coach Roel Moors, who was ruled out in one match after his emotional outburst against Gießen, Göttingen was clearly inferior. After 3 victories in the BBL, Bayern will face Alba Berlin on Tuesday in the last home game’s last home game. Who is waiting for Bayern in the playoffs is still waiting. It would currently be Ulm who beat Bayern on Friday.

Leon Radosevic, 8 points Bayern: “We prepared for the play-offs with this match. Therefore, we tried a few new things in the first half. In the second half we played a step better. Then you could see the difference between a EuroLeague and a BBL team. It was not so important a match for Göttingen either. In the end it was good. “

Mathis Mönninghoff, Göttingen: “We had a short, bad phase in the 3rd quarter. Munich are just too strong there, they take advantage of that. Of course it’s hard to fight back, especially here in Munich. That’s how it is now, but it was still fun to play on that level in a half. We have to take that with us. “

Link to the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJyl2q4etKQ&ab_channel=MAGENTASPORT

ratiopharm Ulm – Giessen 46ers 88:71

No victory to say goodbye – Gießen finished the season in last place in the table. The situation is different for Ulmer, who fulfills the obligatory task and retains a remaining chance for home advantage in the playoffs. Right now Ulm is in 6th place and would meet Bayern in the first round.

Thomas Klepeisz, Ulm: “It was important that we got the victory to keep the chance for home advantage or to go into the playoffs as 5s. We fulfilled the obligatory task. Giessen came with a ‘butt troop’. Therefore, it was a difficult battle with the intention of “You give 100 percent from start to finish and take it seriously. Gießen fought well.”

Pete Strobl, coaches 46ers before the battle for his future: “I do not want to be 100 percent in Gießen. But we still have some time before we have to say something.”

Kilian Binapfl, 15 points for Giessen: “Of course it always hurts to lose, but we showed character. Ulm are a great team. You could see how far they have come in the EuroCup. I do not think we should be ashamed. We tried everything on the field. And it was pretty good, I think. “

Link to the game: www.youtube.com/watch?v=llnH-mmfhEc

HAKRO Merlins Crailsheim – Chemnitz 99ers 95:93

A hot fight in Crailsheim. Chemnitz will retain the home advantage, Crailsheim will retain the last chance for the playoffs. Before the match, Crailsheimer TJ Shorts was named the best offensive player of the season. Then it gets hot. In the 1st quarter, Darion Atkins gets a header against Bogdan Radosavljevic was disqualified for the rest of the match. Chemnitz, on the other hand, slipped to 5th place and had to give up the home advantage for the playoffs.

Bogdan Radosavljevic, 22 points season best, Crailsheim: “Incredibly in front of the audience! There were also Chemnitz fans there, but our hall was incredibly good. It was really like a playoff match. The intensity, you saw it in the beginning, it really got going. I mean, at. something at stake for both teams. That’s why we said before the match that we really have to put everything on the field. We did, and it was worth it. Now we have to pray tomorrow. ” did not help.

About Darion Atkins Error: “I’m not one to bother talking about it anymore … You could see that everyone was really there. From there it really started. From there, we created a playoff game.”

Mindaugas Susinskas, 36 points personal record, Chemnitz: “Throughout the game we had problems with defensive rebounds. They got too many offensive rebounds. They also got too many penalty throws, we just threw too many. Those were the problems. When we played better in the zone, it ran better and we scored. So “We did not have many problems in the defense either. It helped us come back.”

About lack of home advantage in the playoffs: “Of course it bothers me. It’s not just about the playoffs, it generally bothers me to lose. We would like to have more games in Chemnitz and the home advantage.”

Link to the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xsi8PCcteEE&ab_channel=MAGENTASPORT

Martin Romig, CEO of Crailsheim at the break, whether there was more “hurray or pity” this season: “Hooray! Definitely! There were several jovial scenes to admire. All respect and hat off to my team. They are going through a brutal program here and are far from finished or do not want to finish … From my It was the “most successful season. We did well in Europe and were in the last four of the cup. We took everything we could and of course the playoffs would be the icing on the cake.”

This is how he experienced the season as CEO: “Flawless! It can not get better! We have been everywhere – Athens, Minsk, Kyiv, Denmark, Holland, Italy. What could be better than being able to travel in the Corona period? So everything is great … Mindset -Wise, what we did here was amazing! “

Champions League Final Four – Ludwigsburg is third

Very conciliatory finish on the Ludwigsburg giants at the Final Four in Bilbao – 3rd place after an 88:68 against Hapoel Holon. The best Ludwigsburg pitcher with 27 points was Justin Simon, who was “100 percent happy” with “how we got back in this strong competition.” After the Giants had a poor shooting rate in the semifinals against Manresa, Jordan wanted to “show what I can do and give a gift”

Link to the game: https://thinxpool.files.com/f/bd19c9dcfc81d837

The votes: https://thinxpool.files.com/f/186b506cd04db6f2

The Champions League winner, by the way, was CB Canarias.

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