Does Latifi have to leave its cockpit in 2022?


Williams: Red hair for everyone?

Funny Williams story: Before the race, Team Albon (jokingly) promised that if he finished in points again in Miami, everyone would have their hair dyed red. And as you know, he did!

We are excited to see if this is actually implemented. We will at least follow the Williams mechanics very closely in Barcelona! The whole story is in the video here:

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Marko: Red Bull and Ferrari “on equal footing”

The Bulls were able to win the last two races. Nevertheless, Helmut Marko explains to ‘Sky’ that both teams are “on equal footing”. The difference is made by “the respective racetrack condition and then the driver’s performance.”

“Leclerc and Max are in a league of their own,” he emphasizes, explaining:[Max] runs impeccably. “However, he recalls that the Monegasques are still leading the world championship.” So it will be difficult to catch up, “he suspects.

“I do not think we will win every race, it will be up and down,” Marko said. Let’s hope from the objective fans’ point of view that he’s right!

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According to team leader Capito, Latifi does not have to worry about its cockpit. However, our photo series shows that this would not be the first time that a driver has to leave his seat during a running season …

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Our complete grade evaluation …

… is now also online and can be found here! It’s even closer here than in the real World Cup: Leclerc is still ahead, but Verstappen is hot on his heels. And also with us, Schumacher is still without points …


Vettel hopes for Barcelona update

Four points after five races: Vettel has only started one Formula 1 season even worse! In his first full season in 2008, he was completely without points after the first five races.

“We’ll get a big update package in Barcelona,” reveals the German. “We know it’s not a big step for performance. We’ll see, but I’m looking forward to the updates,” Vettel said.

Maybe Aston Martin is making some progress. The performance in Miami was not so bad either. “We wanted that [ohne den Unfall] points, “reminds Vettel.


18 years ago today …

… Michael Schumacher won the Spanish Grand Prix in 2004. For “Schumi” it was the fifth victory in the fifth race of the season – a perfect start for the upcoming world champion!

And a historic victory, because to date no Formula 1 driver has managed to win more than five races at the start of a season. Only Nigel Mansell reached five in 1992.

And only eight drivers in the history of Formula 1 have even managed to win five or more races in a row …

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Criticism of Schumacher is growing

Mick was not only punished for the accident with Vettel for us. Expert Christian Danner explains on ‘Sport1’: “Mick Schumacher sometimes has to finish a race without an accident. He also has to be a little calmer over the running distance.”

“The team manager wants to read riots now,” he says, adding: “These were safe points – and now he has nothing. And Vettel will also ask him if he still has them all.”

Hard words.


The notes are here!

They are one of the highlights every Monday: the driver’s reviews from the editorial staff are here! Only one rider deserved an A this time, in our opinion. With their accident, the German pilots deprive themselves of better grades.

Later, as usual, follows the grand final evaluation!

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