Carlos Alcaraz: ranking, coach, performance, family, girlfriend, hobbies, assets

Already at a young age, Carlos Alcaraz can be considered among the current tennis elite. Ranking, family, hobbies, successes and more – in the SPOX portrait we present tennis kids in more detail.

Just 19 years old, and yet the Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz already belongs to the global tennis elite. Defeated the great role model Rafael Nadal, defeated the world number one Novak Djokovic in a thriller in three sets and then secured the title against Alexander Zverev – Carlos Alcaraz is in the seventh tennis heaven after the Masters in Madrid and will also start next week French Open for the extended circle of favorites.

The Spaniard is already a household name in the scene, and in professional circles he is already celebrated as the designated tennis star. But who is the young high-flyer at all, and how does he behave outside the tennis courts of this world? Ranking, family, hobbies, successes and more – SPOX takes a closer look at the sixth in the world rankings.

Carlos Alcaraz: rankings and coach – tennis star in portrait

With the tournament victory at the prestigious Masters in Madrid, Carlos Alcaraz climbs to a sixth place in the world rankings. This is also the Spaniard’s best position in his young professional career. This success he also owes to his prominent coach, the former world number one Juan Carlos Ferrero. The 2003 winner of the French Open, who coached Alexander Zverev until 2018, began working with the youngster when he was 16 years old. Since then, both ran from success to success.

Carlos Alcaraz: family, girlfriend, role model – tennis star in portrait

Like many other tennis stars, Carlos Alcaraz Garfia was born into a tennis family in 2003. His father Carlos Alcaraz Gonzales was also a passionate tennis player and was one of the 40 best players in Spain. Otherwise little is known about his family, there is hardly any information about his mother Virginia or his three siblings Alvaro, Sergio and Jaime. The ten-year-old Jaime could at least pursue a similar career as his big brother, only a few weeks ago the two played together in doubles at a youth tournament in Greece.

Alcaraz’s relational status is also largely unclear. While the youngster is said to have a relationship with the 22-year-old young tennis player Maria González Giménez from various sides, he also prefers to be discreet in this matter. His social media channels also provide no information about the Spaniard’s private affairs.

The 19-year-old does not hide his role model Rafael Nadal, whom he has observed closely since the beginning of his tennis career. “I’ve always looked up to Rafa, I’ve always seen his great moments and games and learned a lot from them,” Alcaraz said, for example, on the verge of winning a tournament in Miami. After two defeats in the previous direct duels, the youngster was able to defeat the old gentleman in Madrid for the first time. There may be a change of guard here.

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