Carlos Alcaraz dismantles Alexander Zverev in the Madrid final – there are no limits for this youngster

Ironically, it was in Caja Mágica – the magic box in English – that Calos Alcaraz unleashed all his magic.

In the final of the ATP Masters in Madrid, the 19-year-old Spaniard lived up to his reputation as the currently hottest player on the ATP Tour (38 victories and thus most this year) and led none other than the Olympic champion Alexander Zverev, his number three in the world , in an astonishingly one-sided game.

The reward was the fifth tournament victory and the second Masters trophy in this calendar year for Alcaraz, which he held up against the Spanish sky during the confetti rain.

ATP Madrid

Show strength! Alcaraz presents Zverev in the final


“At the moment you are the best player in the world”, the German number one knighted his opponent in the final after what he saw as a bitter 3: 6, 1: 6 bankruptcy and added with a wink: “And even if you are only five years old old, you beat us all in shifts as you please. ”

Although Zverev had the laughs of the Spanish capital on his side with the saying, he hit his head on the nail and at the same time let it be known that Alcaraz is currently a player who is already taking the leap to world top rankings as a teenager could.

Alcaraz writes history in Madrid

In Madrid, Alcaraz was the first player ever to beat Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in an impressive way in a Masters before crowning his perfect week in the final against Zverev. “I hope the other players are scared of me,” he said with a smile Eurosport. “The victory gives me a lot of confidence for the upcoming tournaments. I worked really hard for it.

Alcaraz exclusively after the Madrid coup: “Hope everyone is afraid of me …”

The rising star is not only the youngest winner in Madrid, but also the first player since Argentine David Nalbandian in 2007, who defeated three players from the top four in the world rankings in a Masters.

No wonder the Spaniard’s confidence grows from tournament to tournament. “I see no limits to myself. I feel ready for the top players in every tournament, in every match, on every surface,” he sent a small declaration of war to the stars of the stage.

Corretja: “Alcaraz has a real chance to win Roland-Garros”

The Clay Court competition had to experience on its own in Madrid what Alcaraz is now capable of. Two weeks before the start of the French Open in Paris (May 22 to June 5 live on free TV on Eurosport 1 and on Eurosport on Joyn) is the sixth in the world rankings in impressive form and for the first time in his career, is one of The closest favorites to a Grand Slam tournament.

Is Alcaraz the man to fight in Paris?

“He certainly has a real chance of winning Roland-Garros. He will be among the three or four players who can win the tournament,” he predicted. Alex Corretja at Eurosport and continued: “He is brave, likes to attack, but he also likes to defend. He does not mind defending. He has the perfect conditions to become a great player. His attitude is always great, always positive. It’s something very special. “

In a similar notch also hit The American icon Chris Evert exclusively at Eurosport raved about Alcaraz in the highest notes. “He has the whole package from a sporting and mental point of view, and I believe he can win a double-digit number of Grand Slam titles and become number one in the world. In my eyes, there is simply nothing to stop him from do it, ”according to the 67-year-old.

Alcaraz: “I’m ready to win a Grand Slam”

After his first Masters victory a few weeks ago in Miami, Alcaraz announced that he is now tackling the Grand Slam tournaments. Statements that met positive response from Evert.

“I think it’s the quality of a champion to have confidence in himself. All the great champions who have been at the top of the world for a long time like Roger Federer, Nadal, Martina Navratilova or Steffi Graf had this “I believe in myself. I believe it is innate, and that belief is also in him. It is one of the intangible values ​​of a master,” Evert emphasized.

The fact is that Alcaraz does not have to hide from anyone when it comes to the French Open – not even dominator Rafael Nadal, whom he defeated in Madrid. “I’m ready to win a Grand Slam. That’s one of my goals this year. I want to work on it and we’ll see what happens at the French Open,” the 19-year-old said with confidence.

It is therefore very possible that Alcaraz will soon enchant Roland-Garros.

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ATP Madrid

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ATP Madrid

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