24h Nürburgring Qualifiers 2022: Mercedes wins thanks to BMW penalties

(Motorsport-Total.com) – A time penalty against BMW juniors was imposed on Sunday in the second 3-hour race as part of the 24-hour Nürburgring Qualifier 2022, the dress rehearsal for the 50th edition of the 24-hour Nürburgring race (26). May), prevented a double victory for RMG-BMW # 72 (Harper / Hesse / Verhagen) and brought victory to GetSpeed-Mercedes # 3 (Christodoulou / Götz / Schiller).

Christodoulou / Götz / Schiller took the victory in the second race


After another strong performance, # 72 was the first car to see the checkered flag, just like in the race on Saturday. After Daniel Harper went 4 km / h too fast in a Code 60 zone, the team received a 40-second time penalty, which gave GetSpeed ​​a somewhat surprising victory.

“Of course I feel very, very good,” says winner Götz. “But I did not manage the job alone. I drove the last eight laps, but the important decisions were made in advance. Whether it was the strategy, but also the other two guys in the car, Fabian and Adam, did a great job” It is a super team result. Yesterday the sister car was on P3, today we are on P1, you can not expect more. “

BMW Juniors has just saved second place

“Of course we would have liked to have won, but the time penalty dropped us to second place,” says Max Hesse. “The car worked well and we look forward to the 24-hour race. You can always look forward to a podium finish.”

BMW M4 GT3 from BMW Junior Team

On the track, the BMW juniors were also the fastest on Sunday zoom

The BMW penalty then led to a sort of photo finish from a distance. Finally, the Car Collection Audi # 24 (P. Kolb / Mies / Drudi) was missing 1.5 seconds to overtake # 72. Christopher Mies passed sister car # 22 (Haase / Niederhauser) on the last lap of the race at Döttingerhöhe.

Fifth place went to the best Porsche, # 18 KCMG (Tandy / Bamber) ahead of # 44 Falken Porsche (Kern / Picariello / Ragginger). Phoenix-Audi # 16 (Giermaziak / Schramm / Beretta), the strong TF-Sport-Aston-Martin # 90 (Eastwood / Hasse-Clot), Schubert-BMW # 20 (Krohn / Krütten / Klingmann) and Schnitzelalm- Mercedes # 34 (Mettler / Stengel / Böckmann) completed the top 10.

Strategy drives GetSpeed ​​forward

One of the keys to the final victory in the GetSpeed ​​Mercedes, which had started the race from a twelfth place, was a good strategy. Together with sister car # 4 (Engel / Gounon / Juncadella) the number 3 car made its first pit stop after the 5th lap. Due to the short driving time, the car also had to spend less time in the pits due to the regulations, which allowed the team to pose in many positions on the track.

Photos: 24-hour Nürburgring qualifier 2022

The strategy could even have given GetSpeed ​​a one-two, as # 4, who had started at the back of the first group, was third with three laps left. But then Jules Gunon hit the barriers on the bridge in Breidscheid and withdrew.

“Thanks to the team, the car was great,” said Mies in third place, praising the work of the Car Collection team. “It was an exciting battle with the 22 all the time. The car is better than ever. NLS1 was good, but now we have taken it a step further. The driveability is extremely good and the car handles really well, which is fantastic is important, especially in the 24-hour race. But the others are also improving, so we have to catch up. “

Many problems at the BMW warehouse

At the BMW warehouse today, there was a little light and a lot of shadows – the latter especially with the Rowe team. On the 8th lap, # 99 (De Philippi / Eng / Farfus / Yelloly), who had cleared the field after the first stop, got into the pit after a short lap on the Grand Prix track and disappeared into the garage. The reason for this was a defective ABS sensor.

A few seconds later, sister car # 98 (Catsburg / Edwards / S. Van der Linde / Wittmann) was pushed into the garage with the left side of the vehicle damaged. As he drove off after the first pit stop, Nick Catsburg collided with the Porsche Cayman from the 9und11 team. After lengthy stops for repairs, both BMWs returned to the track for test laps.

BMW M4 GT3 from the Rowe team

Both Team Rowe BMW M4 GT3s had technical problems zoom

# 101 Walkenhorst BMW (Krognes / Soucek / Trogen) was not lucky with pole position. Start driver Christian Krognes led the race in the first stint, but after the change of driver, Sami-Matti Trogen had to get in the pit unplanned due to a slow flat tire. On the 12th lap, the Finn then collided with the Opel Astra # 87 at Hedwigshöhe and withdrew.

Significantly more incidents than last Saturday

Other top-class cars also had no chance of a top result early on. After the 3rd round, Phoenix-Audi # 5 (Stippler / V. Kolb / Feller) was pushed into the pit. After replacing a defective wheel bearing, the car restarted the race five laps down, but later withdrew after an accident with Vincent Kolb at Brünnchen.

Also on the 3rd lap, Johannes Stuck hit the crash barrier with True-KTM # 117 in the Tiergarten section and was clearly able to get out of the car on his own. A lap later, # 33 Falken Porsche (Pilet / Seefried / S. Müller / Evans) had an accident in the Klostertal area.

Heavy accident with Octane126 Ferrari

The racing luck was also not friendly for the two Italian GT3 cars. On the 12th lap, # 26 Octane126 Ferrari (Grossmann / Trummer / Hirschi / Ludwig) had an accident on the approach to Pflanzengarten. Simon Trummer was able to get out of the vehicle on his own, which was completely destroyed in front. Tragically, a marshal collapsed during the rescue operation and subsequently died at the medical center.

At the same time, lightning struck Konrad-Lamborghini # 7 (Jefferies / di Martino / Pepper), with whom Jordan Pepper had fought a notable battle in the early stages. Axcil Jefferies brought the car into the pit at a slow pace and then reported: “We had problems with the wheel bearing, the right rear wheel came loose.”

Glickenhaus SCG004c # 706 (Mutsch / Laser / Mailleux / Westbrook), who was 19th in the top qualification, did not start the race. According to team owner James Glickenhaus, a problem occurred with a wheel bearing and the car was withdrawn for safety reasons.

The teams are now preparing for the highlight of the season at Nordschleife, which starts on 28 May 2022 at

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