Werder Bremen notes against Aue: Wise best man, Ducksch weak!

Aue – After a mixed performance, SV Werder Bremen clearly and deservedly won the penultimate match of the second division season against Erzgebirge Aue 3-0. The Werder pros in characters with individual critique.

Jiri Pavlenka: It was thanks to him that Werder did not come back just before the break. Made a strong save when Nazarov shot (41 ‘). In addition, with a decent performance, although his long balls did not always find their goal. Grade 2.5

Milos Veljkovic: Returned to the starting eleven after recovering from a torn muscle fiber and delivering a solid performance. On the defensive most in the top, but in the build-up he could from time to time have acted a little more bravely. Note 3

Ömer Toprak (until 35): The captain celebrated his long-awaited comeback in Aue and then had a pitch black afternoon. First with a surprisingly nervous initial phase, then early out injured (35th). After a duel with Owusu, he could not come any further. Grade 4.5

Werder Bremen in grades against Erzgebirge Aue: Mitchell Weiser the strongest Werder player

Marco Friedl: With his fourth goal of the season, Werder pushed the goal far in the direction of the Bundesliga (49th). On the left side of the defense, however, initially with a few inattention that disrupted Werder’s playing structure. Against the ball without major errors. Note 3

Mitchell Weiser: Equipped with plenty of propulsion, he always gave propulsion on the right side. Then also brought 1: 0 along the way. Defensively this time too with a good performance, but was hardly challenged. class 2

Christian Gross: After a two-week Corona break, he moved back on the team and was in sixth place – at least for the time being. After Toprak’s injury then required as Chief of Defense. Had trouble organizing the game in the early stages. But then it rose. Note 3

Anthony Young: Focused on defense on the left flank, where he did a sensible job. Remained offensive, but largely pale. Became only a little braver as the game went on. Grade 3.5

Werder Bremen in grades against Erzgebirge Aue: Marvin Ducksch hardly a factor

Romano Schmid (until 78): Often called for the ball in midfield, but then had trouble defending it against robust Auer. Was too easy to boil down to in the duels in some cases and therefore did not pose a goal threat. class 4

Leonardo Bittencourt (until 90. + 5): He brought his fourth assist of the season as an assist before going 1-0, giving him a boost after a poor performance earlier. Suddenly, the Bremen game screwed up and sometimes acted as a sort of third striker between Füllkrug and Ducksch. Note 3

Marvin Ducksch (up to 90. + 5): His standards lacked the necessary precision, which is why Bittencourt took over the set pieces early on. Pros: Dropped wide to pick up balls from midfield. Negative: Almost no factor in front of the opponent’s goal this time. Grade 4.5

Werder Bremen notes against Erzgebirge Aue: Niclas Füllkrug first very weak, then with two strong actions

Niclas kande: His sloppy cross pass to Ducksch prevented Werder from making it 1-0 (almost) safer in the first half (24 ‘). Almost always chose the wrong option until the final phase – but then made the decision with his goal of making it 2-0 (90 + 2) and prepared nicely 3-0 through Niklas Schmidt (90 + 6). Grade 3.5

Nicolai Rapp (from 35): Took over the role as six from Groß and fit nicely into the Bremen team. Won important duels in the middle and set the rhythm. All in all, a cautious performance by the 25-year-old. Note 3

Niklas Schmidt (from 78): Came to the final phase, initially fried a big counter chance away and then put the lid on with 3-0 (90 + 6). Grade –

Eren Dinkci (from 90. + 5): Replaced at the last minute. Grade –

Ilia Gruev (90. + 5): He was also allowed to watch the final whistle on the pitch. Grade –

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Werder Bremen line-up with Ömer Toprak: This is the starting game against Erzgebirge Aue

Update (May 8 at 12:30 p.m.): Now they are Starter XI Lineups there! Of SV Werder Bremen presents its starts eleven against Erzgebirge Aue to three positions! Here (DeichStube-Live-Ticker) there is the complete first eleven by coach Ole Werner!

How coach Ole Werner poses SV Werder Bremen against Ore Mountains Aue on? Captain Ömer Toprak returns to starts eleven Return? This is what the Werder line-up in Aue could look like.

It was not until Saturday afternoon that it was possible to guess how the mood was with the Werder pros, because the club had the publicly announced last training before Werder’s away game at short notice. FC Erzgebirge Aue (Sunday at 13.30 in DeichStube live ticker) to the Weser Stadium and thus behind closed doors. But one thing is clear: the Düsseldorf home win against Darmstadt 98 should be the coaching staff Ole Werner has, after all, given a big push SV Werder Bremen in the ascent race everything is now in your own hands again. So it’s good that head coach Ole Werner moved into Aue well before the duel. Desired starting lineup is available again.

Is Toprak ready for start XI? It could be Werder Bremen’s line-up against the Erzgebirge Aue

In Chief of Defense Omer Toprakcentral defender Milos Veljkovic and defensive all-rounder Christian Gross three players who were last hit have theirs injuries healed and should go to starts eleven to return. “All three are candidates for it,” Werner had already announced Thursday. While Toprak and Veljkovic (next to Marco Friedl) were to form the three backs in front of goalkeeper Jiri Pavlenka, Groß moves into Werder line-up a row up to the defensive midfield. How long the trio will last in Aue is still unknown. It is possible that not all three can walk the full distance. But there are many indications that Werner will let the returnees start in order to put the best possible team on the field right from the start on the penultimate day of the match. Measured with SV Werder Bremen is finally clear: With one (as high as possible) victory in Aue wants the team Match points for promotion before the season final against Regensburg (Sunday 15 May at 15.30).

Werder Bremen line-up against Erzgebirge Aue: Who puts coach Ole Werner in Werder’s starting line-up?

The two outermost track positions in Werners 3-5-2 system go against Ore Mountains Aue probably again to Mitchell Weiser (right) and Anthony Jung (left), who last in the chain of three of the SV Werder Bremen had to help. Felix Agu will probably only be on the bench so far. At the eight positions of Starter XI Lineup meanwhile, it will be the task of Leonardo Bittencourt and Romano Schmid to stage the strike duo Niclas Füllkrug / Marvin Ducksch as often and as well as possible. (dco)

A lineup with Ömer Toprak and Milos Veljkovic? It could be Werder Bremen’s start XI against Erzgebirge Aue.

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