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Werder Bremen in live ticker against FC Erzgebirge Aue: All goals, news and information from the 2. Bundesliga – all here live in the live ticker on DeichStube.


13:04: Today’s match gets a slightly special touch from the special jersey that the Werder team must wear today. It is decorated with several images of fantasies. Let’s hope it brings good luck.

12:58: Promotion is a good key word, because FC Schalke has had it in their pocket since last night. Despite being 2-0 down against FC St. Pauli, Michael Büskens’ team won their home game 3-2, put St. Pauli in the position of an absolute outsider with no real chances and returned to the Bundesliga after a year of absence. Congratulations from Bremen!

12:55: A look at Werder: The Werner team has “only” scored nine points from the last seven games. Aue can only dream of that, but it’s a little too little for the promotion ambitions of our green and white teams. So it will definitely remain exciting until the coming weekend and Werder can also put themselves in a brilliant starting position with a win today before the last match day and still have everything in their own hands. That would also be the case with a simple points win, which would flush Werder into second place, but then require a win on the final day of the match to be sure of promotion again.

12:53: As already mentioned: Aue has been officially relegated since last weekend’s violent 0: 6 slap. The team only got four points from the last six games, which is not enough for a save even through relegation. After five years in the 2. Bundesliga, Aue must return to the third division.

12:46: We look at both teams’ common statistics: There are only two matches in the history books so far. Logically, there has already been a first match where Werder won 4-0 – it was the first match under Ole Werner’s creative leadership and the start of a race with seven wins in a row. Goal scorers at the time were Schmid, Veljkovic with dream goals, Ducksch and Füllkrug. Werder gave their business cards in the Ergebirge in 2008, when SV Werder – including Wiese, Naldo, Baumann, Özil, Diego and Pizarro – won by a landslide 2-1 in the second round of the DFB Cup. Goal scorers then: Pizarro and Rosenberg. So the plate is still flawless.

12:39: And while we’re throwing names around, here’s the team of referees for today’s match for the sake of completeness: Benjamin Brandt has the ultimate decision – making power, with Christian Corpser and Christian Ballweg assisting him on the sidelines. The name of the fourth official is one of the most misspelled: Tim-Julian Skorczyk – checked three times and still possible that it is misspelled. Video assistant is Robert Kampka, video assistant is Justus Zorn.

12:35: The hosts from the Erzgebirge region also sent eleven men on the field, which came as a complete surprise. The experienced Pavel Dotchev starts today like this: Klewin – Carlson, Ballas, Majetschak, Baumgart – Zolinski, Fandrich, Nazarov, Schreck, Jonjic – Owusu. Potential replacements are Kips (ET), Barylla, Cacutalua, Gonther, Lang, Hochscheidt, Strauss, Kühn and Trujic.

12.30: So there are three positions that are rotated: Rapp, Gruev and Agu only watch, at least in the beginning, but experienced people play with Veljkovic, Toprak and Groß.

12:26: The lineups are here! Ole Werner changes a lot compared to the last match and starts like this: Pavlenka – Weiser, Veljkovic, Toprak, Friedl, Jung – Bittencourt, Groß, Schmid – Füllkrug, Ducksch. The first places on the bench are: Zetterer (ET), Agu, Mai, Gruev, Rapp, Schmidt, Assalé, Dinkci and Woltemade.

12:22: Hello from Deichstube! We are already looking forward to the penultimate match in the basic game of SV Werder Bremen in the 2. Bundesliga! Today, coach Ole Werner’s team plays in FC Erzgebirge Aue, which has already been relegated. A supposedly easy task, but therefore also a task with a high drop. And at least since the 2-3 home defeat after a 2-0 lead against Holstein Kiel nine days ago, we know: you should never be too sure of yourself …

Aue – Werder Bremen in live ticker against FC Erzgebirge Aue. Kick-off in Aue is today at 13.30 live ticker starts here around 12.30 with it Starter XI Lineups both teams. All goals, news and information from 2. Bundesliga – everything Direct in live ticker that DeichStube.

Werder Bremen vs. FC Erzgebirge Aue – the preliminary report:

Of SV Werder Bremen plays Sunday (1.30 p.m. DeichStube live ticker) away towards FC Erzgebirge Aue and wishes on the 33rd day of the game 2. Bundesliga another step in the right direction increase do. The preliminary report from DeichStube.

Kiel put a cross, now it counts against the Erzgebirge Aue! Werder Bremen stated: “We are endless heat”

Bremen – It’s a proud number – 58 years – and that’s why it’s so good shortly before the away game SV Werder Bremen by FC Erzgebirge Aue (Sunday at 13.30, DeichStube live ticker) also intended as encouragement. 58 years – how long has it been since Bremen last lost a match against an opponent who had already been relegated by kick-off. It was 2: 3 against 1. FC Saarbrücken followed by another 16 relegation duels, of which Werder did not lose a single one and even won most clearly – just as it would if possible in the next match of this kind. Goal. Aue is, as you know, already relegated when Bremen line up in the Erzgebirgsstadion on Sunday and fight for their own position in ascent race of the 2. Bundesliga shortly before the end of the season.

Werder Bremen vs. Erzgebirge Aue: The pressure in the promotion race increases during the 33rd match day

Ole Werner has probably dealt less with this statistical oddity, his expectation of the fight against Ore Mountains Aue but it’s big enough anyway. “We are endless heat,” the head coach emphasizes SV Werder Bremen, who confirms to himself and his team that they have now come to terms with this bitter 2: 3 home defeat against Holstein Kiel. “We are in a good mood. During the week we have found the right mix for the Aue game,” says Werner – and explains: “On the one hand, there is of course excitement and concentration, because both are simply necessary. “On the other hand, it’s also about enjoying what we do, namely playing football.”

Also and especially in the hot final phase of a season that is “very important”. You do not have to worry too much, just do not get excited on the pitch, that is exactly what Bremen did not manage in the second half against Kiel – and that is exactly what should (and should) now Ore Mountains Aue drive better. This despite the fact that the showdown on this 33rd match day could ensure that the pressure on Werder Bremen before starting on their own game because the competition in the promotion race has long since played their matches on Sunday and possibly presented them. The good news came Friday night: Darmstadt failed, the team lost 2-1 in Düsseldorf. Want too much meaning Ole Werner but do not judge the results of the competition – at least in public.

Werder Bremen vs. Erzgebirge Aue: Coach Ole Werner changes the usual processes a bit

“We can’t change the game plan so it’s the way it is,” he says Ole Werner and assures that he has not thought much about this subject: “I really do not care. We have to take care of ourselves and do our homework. We can not influence everything else anyway. Our focus is solely on winning in Aue.” Which could be difficult enough under certain circumstances.So had Ore Mountains Aues Coach and head of sports Pavel Dotchev has already announced that the “stumbling block” and “stress factor” for SV Werder Bremen to want to be His team is after all about saying goodbye to their own fans in the third division with a victory in the last home game of the season.

“We assume that Aue will bring all the quality the team has on the pitch,” said Werner, who also expects the opponent to react to the recent 6-0 defeat against Darmstadt wanting to show. “But the fact is: if we reach our performance limit, we will also be able to assert ourselves,” says Werner. In order to be able to help the players as fully as possible, the coach needs to SV Werder Bremen This week – contrary to what was announced immediately after the Kiel game – the usual processes had been screwed up a bit.

SV Werder Bremen vs. FC Erzgebirge Aue: big win? Coach Ole Werner does not want to demand that

In public, in front of the media, no professional of the SV Werder Bremen expressed – and will probably only do so again in the season’s final match against Jahn Regensburg. “We wanted the guys to concentrate on their work on the pitch and do everything to keep their minds on their core business,” explained Ole Werner the isolation, to which the three non-public training sessions at the stadium should not be counted: “It was more because we rocked a lot on our second training ground.”

With all that ambition, with all the expectation and determination SV Werder Bremen – unlike his striker Niclas Füllkrug, Werner refrained from trying to win as high as possible against Ore Mountains Aue to promote. “Obviously we have to keep the gas going throughout the match, but we are not talking in advance about how many goals we will score, when, how and where.” (dco) Have you read it? Werder Bremen vs. Erzgebirge Aue: How to watch the second division match live on TV and in the live stream!

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