The Tigers beat the Giants by 20 points

After the narrow victory in the first playoff semifinal on Thursday, the Tigers welcomed Tübingen again to the Bayer Giants Leverkusen in the Paul Horn Arena on Saturday. 1500 spectators came to the second division basketball match.

The Tigers also lacked playmaker Aatu Kivimäki (foot injury). Top scorer Ryan Mikesell was in the squad, but not in the starting lineup. Leverkusen played without a nominal point guard: Both Quentin Goodin and Luca Kahl were absent after injuring their knees in the first match on Thursday. JJ Mann was also unable to play again due to his shoulder injury.

In the beginning, things did not go well for anyone

The match started with an unfocused initial phase, both teams made many mistakes. Joanic Grüttner Bacoul scored the first five points of the match, two threes from Spencer Reaves and Luis Figge brought Leverkusen back on track. Mateo Seric responded with two threes to meanwhile 13:10 for the Tigers. At the end of the quarter, at least the people of Tübingen became more precise and went into the break of the first quarter with a lead of 6 points (24:18).

The Giants equalize and quickly fall behind again

The Giants from Leverkusen started the second quarter better and equalized in the meantime with two points from Lennard Winter to 27:27. After strong preparation by Erol Ersek, who attracted four Leverkusen players and thus created space, Isaiah Crawley was able to recreate Tübingen’s lead with his second three in the quarter. That was just the starting shot for the Crawley show: The Powerforward scored a total of 12 points in the second quarter, giving the Tigers a 41-35 lead at the break.

The Good Tigers start after the break

The Tigers also started the second half with five points, this time for which Meteo Seric was responsible. Only four missed penalty throws by Isaiah Crawley prevented a double-digit lead. Center Daniel Keppeler managed this only a minute later, with a layup he scored 50:39 and thus the match’s highest lead so far. With a theft and two strong assists, veteran Till Jönke then started a double to 61:47 – a comfortable 14-point lead at the end of the third quarter.

Leverkusener Ferenc Gille welcomes fans

Isaiah Crawley, who had gone down a bit after his warm phase before the break, scored the first three points for the Tübingen team in the last quarter. Captain Gianni Otto also lowered a shot from the three-point line and put on shortly after for Mateo Seric, who was fouled and hit his two penalty throws: 69:51 to the Tigers. Following a similar situation, Leverkusen’s Ferenc Gille was sent off for his fifth foul. After having fussed with the Tübingen fans, the referees sent the Leverkusen player out of the hall. After that, the match was settled. As in the first match, 20-year-old Bakary Dibba hammered another thump into the basket. His point was the last the Tigers scored. In the end, the Tübingen team won 87:67 and in the third match of the series on Tuesday (19.30) in Leverkusen, they can make it clear that they have reached the final with a victory. Top scorers were Mateo Seric and Isaiah Crawley with 21 points each. At Leverkusen, Spencer Reaves (19 points) scored the most reliable.

This is how the Tigers’ playoff history has been so far:

May 7 · Giants and Tigers: Sportingly beautiful – not financially: A look at the general situation of the two playoff semifinalists Tigers Tübingen and Giants Leverkusen before the second match.
May 5 · Narrow opening success
: The decimated Tigers Tübingen win at the start of the playoff semifinals 85:83 (49:34) against Giants Leverkusen.

May 4 Worried into the playoff semifinals: After the break, Tigers Tübingen will continue in the playoffs this Thursday at home against Giants Leverkusen.

April 22 The Tigers win and make playoff semifinals: 84:80 away win for the Tigers in Eisbären: Friday night, Tübingen beat Bremerhaven and with this third victory has secured the ticket to the semifinals in the playoffs.

April 22 Pit Stop on Playoff Journey: Tigers Tübingen won Friday night 84:80 (41:35) at Eisbären Bremerhaven and is in the semifinals for the title.

April 22 Coach Jansson: “The answer is in the dirt”: Tigers Tübingen before the fourth playoff match: the coach finds clear words.

April 21 Love is unstoppable: Tigers Tübingen lose their third playoff match 89:95 (44:50) against Bremerhaven. We continue on Friday.

April 21 · Bremerhaven strikes back: Tübingen Tigers lose game three

Tigers Tübingen lost Wednesday night 89:95 (44:50) to Eisbären Bremerhaven. Due to the second home defeat of the season, Tübingen now leads only 2: 1 in the playoff quarterfinals.

April 20 Premier League license application: The irony of success: Prior to the third playoff game against Bremerhaven, the non-submitted license application from the first division is a controversial topic for the Tigers.

April 20 Commentary: The hen, the egg, and the tigers’ plan for progress

No, Tigers Tübingen does not (yet) have the sporting promotion right. Nevertheless, according to the rules, the management of the 2nd division basketball team had to decide before Easter whether to apply for the Bundesliga license.

April 18 · Promotion dream over: Tigers Tübingen do not submit license to 1st division. Despite an 82:75 (33:29) away win in Eisbären Bremerhaven, the Tigers’ Tübingen dream of promotion is over.

April 17 · Semi-finals in sight: Tübingen also wins in Bremerhaven. Tigers Tübingen lead in the playoff quarterfinals against Eisbären Bremerhaven with 2: 0. On Easter Day, the Tigers won 82:75 (33:29) in front of 600 spectators in Bremerhaven Stadthalle. Now Tübingen can advance to the semifinals on Wednesday.

April 14 · Playoff start: Tübingen beat Bremerhaven after extra time

Perfect start: In the first quarter-final match on Thursday night, the Tigers Tübingen won 82:78 (73:73, 38:33) at home after extra time over Eisbären Bremerhaven.

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