The skylines raise 270,000 euros for their school project “Basketball makes school”

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The kids in this school club have a lot of fun dribbling basketball. © Fraport Skyliners / Sidjabat

At the charity gala, Frankfurt’s basketball players hope to stay in the Bundesliga with a wildcard despite the sporting relegation. Sports department head Mike Josef (SPD) is preparing a judge’s proposal to build a multifunctional hall on the stadium site.

The head of the sports department in Frankfurt, Mike Josef (SPD) jumped in the rope in Palmengarten’s town hall. Fraport Labor director Michael Müller wore socks with a basketball net pattern. And almost all the guests came in sneakers with tuxedo or dress. The latter is a tradition at the Frankfurt Skyliner’s benefit gala for their school project “Basketball makes school”. Despite the sporting lineage that became clear Saturday night, the longtime companions of Skyliners remain loyal to them. 92 AGs were collected. Setting up a school club costs around 3,000 euros, so it provides an income of around 270,000 euros.

“Working with young people is our second cornerstone,” said Gunnar Wöbke, managing partner of Skyliners. Despite financial bottlenecks due to the Corona situation, it was never an option for him to stop youth work. Thanks to a wild card that the clubs in the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) are deciding on this week, the Skyliners may be able to continue playing first class. This wildcard costs 700,000 euros, but relegation to the second division would mean that the budget would “crash by well over two million euros. That’s why we have to do it,” Wöbke said.

This hopeful message also set the tone for the event. Those willing to donate climbed onto the stage with the bell or rang a bell at their tables. “It’s a matter of honor,” said Michael Müller of main sponsor Fraport, who contributed 15 AGs. The same number came from shirt sponsor Wisag. Most of the AGs came from the Crespo Foundation – 20 in number. Of which ten to AG, which combines dance and basketball. “More than 40 schools signed up last year when we offered this for the first time,” said Christiane Riedel, president of the foundation. The project has great potential and shows that sport and culture go well together.

New hall needed

“Before we make it clear to children that exercise is fat, we all win something,” says Harald Bründlinger, leader of the registered Skyliners Association. In the past school year, with around 90 AGs, there were still some restrictions, such as the group sizes, from the coming school year he hopes to be able to screw up the offer completely again. “Children who are completely open-minded come together to play sports. It is our job to socialize them so that it stays that way,” says sports director Mike Josef.

Of course, he should also say something about the multifunctional hall that has followed this gala since the premiere in 2011. He is currently in the process of developing a referee proposal for the P9 placement at the Eintracht Frankfurt stadium. He sees the greatest chance that this place can get the support of all parties in the Roman coalition. “I’m still for Kaiserlei,” said Mayor Nargess-Eskandari Grünberg (Greens) honestly. A hall at the Kaiserlei, where the Skyliners want to build themselves after a failed tender, was always rejected by the Frankfurt SPD because they preferred the airport as a location. But Fraport has also failed to do so. “The Dome”, which wanted to build a hall there, announced in May that they would like to present an alternative location in the Frankfurt area.

“The ice rink and the ball sports hall show their age. It will not work for 15 to 20 years, “said Josef.” We need a new hall in Frankfurt. ” If everyone got together, it could be done quickly, at the latest by the end of 2026.

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