tennis | World rankings: Medvedev overthrows Djokovic

Status: 28/02/2022 09:57

Daniil Medvedev is the new number one in men’s tennis. The Russian made a clear statement against the war in Ukraine, saying: “Tennis is not that important right now.”

When Daniil Medvedev woke up in his hotel bed in Acapulco on Monday morning (28.02.2022), everything was different. The Russian has been the official number one on the world rankings since that day. For the first time in his life. It has been safe since his quarterfinal victory at the tournament in Mexico over the Japanese Yoshihito Nishioka. Because Novak Djokovic lost at the parallel tournament in Dubai, the Serb had to resign after 361 weeks at the top of this list.

“Stand up for peace throughout the world”

Medvedev refrained from any party. The 26-year-old rather spoke of his feelings about the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine: “I stand for peace throughout the world,” Medvedev said. “Waking up here in Mexico and watching the news from home was not easy,” he said.

As a tennis player, he promotes peace throughout the world. “We play in so many different countries, I’ve been to so many different countries as a junior and as a professional. It’s not easy to hear all this news,” said Medvedev.

“Tennis not so important in these moments”

Medvedev reported that his goal since childhood was to become number one in the world. “But in these moments, it’s clear that tennis is sometimes not that important,” said the Australian Open finalist this year and winner of the 2021 US Open.

Unpredictable – Daniil Medvedev

Photo: Eduardo Verdugo / AP / dpa

Medvedev recalled that his Russian compatriot Andrei Rublev last week won the doubles title along with Ukrainian Denis Molkhanov at the tournament in Marseille. “It was great because people have to stick together,” Medvedev said.

Breakthrough 2019 in New York

Medvedev came into the public eye at the US Open 2019. The Russian tennis pro, who had won a number of ATP tournaments from 2018, played his way to the final in New York, even though he had the audience against him in the first rounds, and there was he also faced off against the favored multiple Grand Slam champion Nadal as he lost in five hard-fought sets.

He continued his rise to become one of the best tennis pros on the Tour by winning the 2020 ATP final and his first Grand Slam success at the 2021 US Open.

Center for life in France for years

Medvedev was born in Moscow and grew up there with his father Sergei, mother Olga and sister Elena. He studied economics and commerce at the State Institute of International Relations in Moscow, but dropped out in favor of a tennis career.

He has not had much connection to his homeland for a long time. Medvedev, who speaks Russian, English and French, has trained at the tennis academy in Antibes, France for years and lives in Monte Carlo. During his mission in Mexico, his wife Daria also made it clear with her choice of clothes in the stands – with the Ukrainian colors on the reverse.

Top player Switolina appeals to Tennsiwelt

Meanwhile, Ukrainian top player Elina Switolina wants more support from the tennis world for her home country, which is under attack from Russia. “The tennis community can do more. We have seen in the past that they came together and helped the world. We can do a lot more now,” said world number 15 in an interview with Eurosport.


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