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For the second division football club FC St. Pauli is the promotion train probably gone after the 2: 3 defeat to FC Schalke 04, while the Gelsenkirchen team made the return to the Bundesliga perfect.

by Hanno Bode

The Hamburgers played out a 2-0 lead on Saturday night, which the young Igor Matanovic had provided. After the Corona outburst the previous week, which put ten professionals out of the game, coach Timo Schultz’s team-hard-exhausted team ultimately lacked the quality and strength to be able to stand up to Schalke over the entire distance.

Kiezklubben is only three points behind in second and third place before the season final next Sunday against Fortuna Düsseldorf. But the browns and whites have the worst goal difference of the promotion candidates. In addition, can Werder Bremen retire on Sunday with a draw or victory in the relegation of FC Erzgebirge Aue, so only a relegation place three would be achievable.

Schultz: “The opponent was of higher quality”

“Today we have to admit that the opponent had a higher quality on the pitch. Schalke pushed us against the wall at times,” summed up Schultz, who praised his core team’s brave performance despite the bitter bankruptcy: “My boys fought back with everything, what they had. “

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Schalke considers it oppressive

“Tonight burns the longing” was written on a giant banner that thirsty Schalke supporters had rolled out in the fan corner before the kick-off after the Bundesliga return. In a figurative sense, it also burned in the neighborhood club’s penalty area – and it was on fire. The hosts launched attack after attack and had at the break fired 13 shots at the goal guarded by Dennis Smarsch. In addition, “Knappen” after 45 minutes, excluding added time, had 61 percent ball possession. Figures that testify to Gelsenkirchen’s clear dominance in the first section.

Matanovic puts together a hanger for St. Pauli

Igor Matanovic (2nd from the right) from FC St.  Pauli celebrates his goal of making it 1-0 in FC Schalke 04 © IMAGO / Ulrich Hufnagel Photo: Ulrich Hufnagel

Igor Matanovic (2nd from the right) gave St. Pauli a 2-0 lead with two goals.

Schalke, however, could not convert their superiority into something countable. Either they failed as their goal scorer Simon Terodde after a few seconds because of Smarsch, who stood for the regular goalkeeper Nikola Vasilj, or because of their nerves. In addition, the hosts were denied a goal by Ko Itakura (24th). Judge Marco Fritz (basket) decided after studying the live images that the Japanese had headed the ball to his hand. At this time, St. Pauli already 2-0. Both times, the goal scorer was Matanovic. First, 19-year-old goalkeeper Martin Fraisl overcame with a shot from the turn (9th). Eight minutes later, the striker had success with a placed low shot.

It was the teenager’s first goals of the season. Jackson Irvine had staged him perfectly. Kiezkicker did not see more goals before the break. Her appearance was not elegant but very effective.

Terodde brings Schalke back into the game

Even after the switch, only one team stormed the completely sold-out football temple in Gelsenkirchen: Schalke. And unlike in the first half, coach Mike Büskens’ team was rewarded for their tremendous efforts. Terodde converted a penalty kick caused by Jakov Medic to 1: 2 (47th). To the great annoyance of Schultz’s protégés, Terodde’s thirst for goals was not yet satisfied. After Hamburg had managed to keep Gelsenkirchen away from their penalty area, the 34-year-old scored the 29th goal of the season in the 71st minute.

Zalazar scores against ex-club – Beifus looks “red”

What followed was one of those stories that reportedly only writes football. Due to all the former St. Pauli players, scored Rodrigo Zalazar, who delighted fans of the brown-whites with his slightly anarchic style of play from 2020 to 2021, with a full right-footed shot to 3: 2 (78th). Now the visitors had to score at least one goal to maintain a realistic chance of promotion. But because Marcel Beifus saw the red card after an overly tough challenge against Florian Flick (81st), the hamburgers played out in the minority in the final phase and did not have much to add.

Shortly before the end of the match, Matanovic was sent off with a yellow card (90 ‘+ 5′), so Kiezkickers’ hopes of winning a point were eventually shattered.

Match day 33rd May 7, 2022, at 20.30

FC Schalke 04


FC St Pauli



  • 1: 2
    Terodde (47th, penalty kick)
  • 3: 2
    Zalazar Martinez (78th)

FC Schalke 04:
Fraisl – Vindheim (55. Aydin), Itakura, Kaminski, Ouwejan – Flick, Latza (79. Pálsson) – Drexler (67. Zalazar Martinez), Bülter, Churlinov (79. Idrizi) – Terodde

FC St Pauli:
Smarsch – Zander, Beifus, Medic, Paqarada (80. Makienok) – Aremu (58. Ritzka) – Benatelli (79. Daschner), Irvine – Hartel – Matanovic, Kyereh

61271 (sold out)

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