Regional sport Hochrhein: If necessary, Luan Kummle from TV Wehr trains his high jump technique on the basketball hoop

Athletics: – It could have been his year after that darn 2019. Luan Kummle had been injured for several months. During the sprint in the summer with the “Badische” team, a tendon in the hip was torn over and even the bone was damaged. TV Wehr’s talented sprinter and jumper worked hard on form over the winter, bringing home two medals from the Baden Indoor Championships in Mannheim four weeks ago – and now this:


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For Luan Kummle, the best time of the sporting year would actually begin now. The indoor training would have been over by Easter, and the Frankenmatt Stadium, which was renovated in 2019, would have become his second room. Above all, he was looking forward to the training camp before Easter in Cervia / Italy. But Emilia Romagna is now a Corona crisis area. A trip to Italy is currently out of the question. So the 13-year-old sits at home like many sports fans in the country: “Of course it’s stupid – but what should I do?” The high school student mumbles disappointed: “But it affects everyone and not just me”.

Luan Kummle (13) from TV Wehr hopes that the obligatory Corona break will end soon: “I can not always think of anything new ...

Luan Kummle (13) from TV Wehr hopes the obligatory Corona break will end soon: “I can not keep thinking of anything new to annoy my big sister.” Photo: Disc pits, Matthias

Despite the adversity, Luan Kummle has fallen for – in sports education and in school at least: “Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium is connected to a learning platform on the Internet. It works really well, “he says happy that the Corona break will probably not change much in relation to his grades:” The teachers set tasks every day, which must be completed before the end of the week. There are also links to videos or other sources on the web, “says Kummle, who believes that” the system needs to be maintained beyond the mandatory break. “But only the system, for eighth graders, is already looking forward to meeting its classmates. which he currently only communicates with via mobile phone: “I look forward to the day when I can once again sit in the school bus to Schopfheim.”

Video: Disc gruber, Matthias

So the young man is in control of things, including his training program. There is no room for boredom here: “We live in Flienken, so I can quickly go out jogging on Hasel,” says Luan Kummle: “I often go out alone, sometimes my sister Laura accompanies me. It’s always good, when someone pulls on you. ” Alternatively, the student also likes to get on his bike and use the many paths between the Wehr and Hasel.

Top: Luan Kummle (center) sprinted at Langenstein Stadium in Tiengen at the district championships last summer.

Top: Luan Kummle (center) sprinted at Langenstein Stadium in Tiengen at the district championships last summer. | Photo: Disc pits, Matthias

What he lacks is the specific training: “I am now in U16 youth and wanted to concentrate on long jump and high jump,” says Kummle: “It’s just not that easy to train.” Even though Mama Elisa is his coach at at the same time she may have problems with SÜDKURIER’s suggestion that Luan move the high jump to the hallway in the evening and jump straight into bed: “Not a good idea,” he laughs: “I would rather play on the basketball hoop. in the yard. The movement of the presentation is much more in line with the high jump.

Video: Disc gruber, Matthias

The Wehrer talent is not lacking in professional advice. The whole family is more or less part of his personal coaching team. “My mother and my grandmother Hildegard Eckert run the training sessions at the club on Monday and Wednesday,” says Luan Kummle, whose grandfather Dieter was head of the athletics department until a few months ago. Papa Marco Kummle, also a house number in the Wehrer athletics scene, is responsible for the technical training in jumping and sprinting – on Fridays according to a fixed program. On Thursday we go to strength training in Mike Heerdegen’s studio and on Saturday we trained basic training with Christoph Geissler.

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So a full program that is on hold these days and weeks: “I hope we can train normally again soon after Easter,” Luan Kummle looks worriedly at the calendar: “The big competitions are coming in late summer, and I really hope so. so we can all meet and compete again. ” Only two weeks of Corona have passed. It should not be too long, the 13-year-old wishes with a laugh: “I can not keep thinking of new ways to annoy my big sister.”

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