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Gummersbach – After the 34:26 away win in Bietigheim, VfL Gummersbach is returning to the Bundesliga – ‘RPP – Outpatient Therapy and Rehabilitation Center’ and AggerEnergie presents the report on VfL Gummersbach.

By Uli Klein

SG BBM Bietigheim – VfL Gummersbach 26:34 (16:19).

It became almost the almost kitschy punchline in a blue-and-white success story: But the dark gray theory did not allow the second division handball players in VfL Gummersbach on Saturday night to be in EgeTrans Arena in Bietigheim of all places, the place. where you played almost exactly three years ago had lost their first-class status, could celebrate the long-awaited return to the national elite class. And not only that: Gummersbacher’s utterly sovereign victory at 33:26 (19:16) ultimately reflects the traditional club’s grandiose season.

But first and foremost: After Friday’s loss of points by Gummersbach’s rivals HSG Nordhorn (30:31 against Hagen) and ASV Hamm (32:32 against Lübeck), VfL can theoretically only be captured. In addition to the veritable lead of 14 points over Nordhorn, Oberbergische is also the worlds better in goal difference (plus 160) than the competitors (Nordhorn plus 23, Hamm plus 35).


Regardless of the arithmetic game with abacus and slide rule, it was clear even before the match started in Swabia that hard work could await the boys for VfL coach Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson. The framework conditions for the 99.9 percent climbers at the former pub were not without.

In light of recent developments in the table, the Bietigheimers suddenly still had chances for second place. The hosts therefore quickly went into the match, but were slowed down early by their guests and were never able to cause lasting damage to the league leaders. And this despite the fact that the visitors did not always attack bravely on the defensive, especially in the initial phase.

But when VfL trumped in the style of a top team in forward gear, the defensive laissez-faire attitude was not too important. A cushion with four goals was quickly achieved at 3: 7 (10.), which showed the way and the balance of strength was clarified early. At the break, Gummersbacher had thrown a 16:19 over the stations 10:14 and 12:17.

As a result, the blue and white superiority would remain, so VfL continued to claim the lead. And when the house builders actually came within sight again (21: 23/38.), It took just over three minutes before the guests from NRW finally pulled the plug on their hosts at 21:27 (41.). The rest was show skating in the form of a master freestyle.

Even the creator of the resurrection was unusually moved in the emotional climate after the match: “I’m incredibly proud of the boys today, especially when I knew it was the hall where the club moved down,” said the otherwise so rational. a ‘Goggi’ Sigurdsson’s insight into the mental life of the coach and the team, referred to the whole season in the further analysis and even became handball philosopher: “The heart of a successful team beats in pace. And our heart beats,” he praised the former left winger in world class, and contrary to his usual habits, he no longer resisted any congratulations.

Bietigheim: Lehmann (3 saves), Welz (5 saves); De la Pena (5), Pfeiffer, Vlahovic (4 each), Barthe (3), Schäfer (3/2), Claus (2), Borschen (2), Dahlhaus, Wesseling, Öhler (1 each).

Gummersbach: Tibor Ivanisevic (15 / of which 1x seven meters); Julian Köster (8), Janko Bozovic (8/1), Ole Pregler (5), Lukas Blohme (4), Raul Santos (3), Ellidi Vidarsson, Fynn Herzig (2 each), Stepan Zemann (1), Finn Schroven (1/1).

seven meters

3/4 – 2/2 (Wesseling fails against Ivanisevic).


4: 6 minutes (Fischer, Borschen – Schroven, Kiesler, Zeman).




Tanja Kuttler / Maike Merz (Meckenbeuren / Oberteuringen).

results and table

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