Mock and evil for the new FC Bayern shirt: “Should be ashamed of something”

The new Bayern jersey for the upcoming season is now online. Image: Screenshot: Twitter / FCBayern

Anna von Stefanelli

Every year, at the end of the season, it is either a great joy or a great disappointment for fans when their club presents the new kit for the upcoming season. so must be Bayern Munich presented a new home jersey for the upcoming season, which the Munich team will wear for the first time in the home game against VfB Stuttgart on Sunday. But the new design is – to put it mildly – not well received by many.

The designers remain true to the classic club colors, the jersey is still simple. The biggest innovation in design: the color white is back.

Leon Goretzka presents the new Bayern jersey.

Leon Goretzka presents the new Bayern jersey.Image: Screenshot:

While only the three adidas stripes on the shoulders were white on the old, slightly darker jersey, the new white has horizontal stripes of different thickness in front. With the old one, however, the accents were set with pink lines in the form of arrows on a dark red background. The back is completely red except for a “Mia san mia” writing on the neck.

Bayern fans want more variety in the design

But apparently the new design is not well received by everyone, it is even called “pajamas” and “really ugly”.

When FC Bayern announced the new jersey on Twitter on Thursday morning, the tweet received several comments within a very short time, most with a negative tenor.

A Bayern fan writes: “How can it be that Real Madrid and Co. get such great jerseys year after year (…) and we get an asymmetrical barcode jersey in the same boring cut?”

Although another commentator contradicts him, claiming that Real Madrid also has a similar set every year, many other Twitter users also lament the lack of variation in design.

So this comment is just one of many where the desire for a more exciting design is expressed.

The designers really get their act together and obviously could not please most fans with their creation. While some find the shirt too boring, others complain about many frills: “Dear FC Bayern and dear adidas gang, please less spectacle in the future (stripes, dots, bows, etc.).” He wants a “simple, beautiful, red” shirt.

Bayern fans compare jersey to “pajamas”

Regardless of the stripe discussion, many find flaws in the design and its aesthetics. Several fans even describe the shirt as “just ugly”. One man writes, for example: “The black logo edge looks so cheap. In addition, the white stripes. (…) A bad joke this design.”

“The one who has approved the jersey should be ashamed”

The resemblance between the jersey design and the pajamas is remarkably often mentioned in the comments. In fact, this resemblance cannot be denied because of the white horizontal stripes. Apparently, the fans do not think it is fun at all.

For example, a Twitter user writes, “Sorry, but these are more pajamas than sweaters. (…) Anyone who has approved the shirt should be ashamed.” Another writes cynically: “Nice pajamas, but where’s the right sweater?”

One man agrees with the comparison and states: “If it then gets the opponent to sleep, it can serve its purpose. Hopefully it will not have the same effect on Bayern itself.”

It will be known at the earliest on Sunday whether the new jersey will actually have a “sleeping effect” on the Bayern stars.


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