Kirstein shoots BSG Chemie to win the derby against Lok – the match has been interrupted in the meantime

Leipzig. Chemie manages to take revenge, the traditional clubs’ football city championship ends in a draw in this regional league season. Half a year after 1. FC Lok won 1-0 in Probstheida, the Leutzscher team won the second match of the derby on Saturday at Alfred-Kunze-Sportpark in front of 4.999 spectators 2-1 (1-0). Lok goalkeeper Djamal Ziane scored an own goal in the first half. After Leon Heynke equalized, Florian Kirstein won the match. Chemistry also won because the team was more dangerous on corner kicks. After the triumph, Stefan Karau was extremely euphoric – it was the chemical captain’s last home game. He ended his career after the season. Leutzscheren has a single-digit place in the table (ninth place), so it is almost certain that Lok is fifth.


The police must arrive in the 50th minute

On the lawn, there was peace except for a small, short pack formation in the first half that was by no means quiet in the ranks. Before the break, police intervened on the BSG side because fans had climbed up the fence. They responded by throwing stones, wooden slats and more. Shortly after the switch, there was a 17-minute break in the game because rockets had been fired from the locomotive block. The very skilled referee Philipp Vierock from Berlin sent both teams into the booths and whistled off again under one condition and after approval by the police: In the next incident he would stop the derby.

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The Leipzig derby between BSG Chemie and 1. FC Lok had to be interrupted in the 50th minute. Police stormed the lawn, preventing worse.


In the first half, 1. FC Lok experienced a shock after a good start: Ironically, “Mister 1: 0” is the unfortunate raven in the Leipzig derby and becomes “Mister 0: 1” for the blue and yellows: Djamal Ziane has closed in I at the end of the regional league season he shot 21 times for 1. FC Lok Leipzig and scored the opening goal so often. But in the 38th minute of the city duel, he wanted to clear his own penalty area in Leutzschers Alfred-Kunze-Sportpark on Saturday – and unfortunately hit his own net.

It was BSG Chemie’s first corner kick that Brügmann kicked sharply and placed in the penalty area. Ziane was pressed ten yards from goal in the right half because chemistry captain Stefan Karau pushed his exhaust pipe. Ziane wanted the ball out of the danger zone and hit the shin in his own net – unstoppable for goalkeeper Jan-Ole Sievers. Karau used his hands behind Ziane to help, but the referees did not recognize a mistake.

Chemistry sure of victory at the break

This goal for the hosts was not specified. Lok set the tone in the first half hour, but had only one convincing chance – of course through Ziane. After 22 minutes, a mistake by the home side’s left defense allowed Luca Sirch to get through. He outclassed the home side’s keeper, adding another goal for the visitors.

Chemistry assistant coach Christian Sobottka expressed confidence during the break on the MDR microphone. “It took 25 minutes today before things really got going for us. In the second half we play for our side and want to pull the ball.” 74 minutes into the match, the visitors’ central line of defense had to look on as Benjamin Bellot dashed through, knocking home 3 – 0 for Leon Heynke. the goal to 1-1.

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BSG Chemie won the Leipzig derby against 1. FC Lok 2-1.


But the chemistry was only briefly shocked, it went back and forth, both teams have promising scenes. Among other things, a nice shot from the chemical midfielder Denis Mast landed on the goal of the Sievers case. He was also a little later in the center of events. This time, he hit a fantastic corner kick into the five-yard box, Sievers sat glued to the line and was unable to intervene when Florian Kirstein pushed the ball into the net for 2-1. Now the locomotive gatekeeper was extremely annoyed. 90 minutes had now passed, but due to the interruption, 17 minutes plus added time followed

Now Lok pressed on, but Bellot bid on his foul as he quickly parried a Ziane shot. Then Sirch penetrated dangerously into the penalty area, but he could not find substitute Nattermann. A few minutes later, Abderrahmane went for a free kick, but the ball landed in the wall. Lok had good chances, but Chemie countered dangerously in an exciting derby and celebrated with the fans after the final whistle.

Derby votes:

Goal scorer Florian Kirstein: “It was a great gift for Benjamin Boltze and Stefan Karau – you could not wish for a nicer farewell. That’s why I’m especially happy that I scored. The ball fell right in front of my feet. We got to practice that corner variant. During the week – nice that it worked. “

Locomotive trainer Almedin Civa: “The stadium did not win. Two set pieces won. We played well for 90 minutes and had played completely under control in the first half. Then it is 1-0. You have to look at that. We come in well after the break. After 1- “The match is straight. The chemistry only counters. And we get another dirty set piece goal. I can not blame the team. It was just fantastic under the pressure of this stadium. It’s easy for us bitter.”

BSG coach Miroslav Jagatic: “It’s one of the highlights we wanted to achieve. It was a typical derby, with everything that goes with it. Now let’s sink in a bit. The game was not unique, there was a lot of nervousness. The fans were incredibly supportive, including “Lok fans. I hope everything stays calm now. We all have a role model for our children. Otherwise it would also ruin East German football.”

BSG board member Frank Kühne: “I’m super happy, it was a deserved victory, I’m proud of the squad.”

More to come Game

Rockets, Bengalos, fans and police on the lawn: Leipzig derby interrupted

Derby stats:

Chemistry: Bellot – Brügmann (90. + 11 Boltze), Karau, Horschig, Wendt – Reinhard – Kanther (90. + 1 Wajer), Bury, Mast, Mauer (69. Jäpel) – Kirstein (90. + 1 Müller).

locomotive: Sievers – Berger, Eglseder, Sirch, Salewski (90 + 4 Nattermann) – Abderrahmane, Heynke (90 + 17 Atilgan) – Ogbidi, Pfeffer, Rangelov – Ziane.


Porte: 1-0 Ziane (38 ‘/ own goal), 1-1 Heynke (74’), 2-1 Kirstein (90 ‘).

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