Generous donation and new assignment

The students at Von Aldenburg School in Borgstede can look forward to a new basketball hoop for their schoolyard. He was treated by Varel dentist Dr. Carolin Wattenberg donated. With the consent of her patients, she collected toothpaste for many years and saved about 4,000 euros as a result. The money was not just enough for a basketball hoop. The housing group at the orphanage in Rallenbüschen could also be helped: The girls and boys are happy with two new football goals. “It is important to me that the donation makes it possible for children and young people to have fun and exercise. It gives them a more versatile balance in their everyday life, ”says the dentist.

Class teacher Werner Abele handled the logistical details when purchasing the basket and prepared the students for it. “Every child needs individual support and attention from the teachers. You can only concentrate for a short time, ”says Abele. The new basketball hoop is in high demand among the children, and now the elementary school students at the Von Aldenburg school can really let go of the steam. The Special School for Emotional and Social Development (ESE) currently teaches 28 children between the ages of six and eleven. The primary school students are admitted, partially admitted or outpatient and attend Von Aldenburg School. “Here the children have the chance to receive special educational support,” says Claudia Preuss, head of the Varel orphanage.

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Several students from 5th to 8th grades in Lothar-Meyer-Gymnasium and the colleges in Varel and Obenstrahe have now got a taste of the work of the city administration. Mayor Gerd-Christian Wagner and head of education Marion Groß welcomed Varel City Hall. The trainees organized a varied program that gave visitors a comprehensive impression of a city administration’s tasks.

Klaus Blum has been appointed director of corporate customer business in the newly established Ammerland-Friesland regional office in Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg (LzO). He was previously Head of Corporate Customers in Friesland at the Varel site. Blum was born in Oldenburg in 1972 and has been employed by Sparkassen since 1988. After working in Oldenburg, Edewecht, Wardenburg and Lohne, he successfully completed his studies at the Institute for Municipal Savings Banks and Credit Systems in Bonn in 2000 with a degree in savings bank business. . The next step in his career followed when he was appointed head of the LzO branch office in Nordenham. In 2005, Klaus Blum was appointed head of the Varel department and business customer business. Since 2008, he has been head of corporate clients for the entire LzO’s regional office in Friesland. Meanwhile, Blum’s predecessor, Friedo Lübben, was retired by CEO Gerhard Fiand and board member Olaf Hemker.

Bracelets for a good cause are sold by Varel Economic Development Agency (WfV). Designed in the colors of the rainbow and embossed with “Life until the end”, these cost three euros. “The proceeds go to the Varel hospice movement, which wants to open a stationary hospice on the site of the former Friesland barracks,” said chairman Diedrich Kück. A WfV team will also take part in the sponsored race during the hospice day on Saturday 6 May in Varel center. Stefan Janßen, Diedrich Kück and Marcel Kück, Michaela Peters, Talea Schonvogel and Thorsten Schonvogel, Andreas Titze, Stephanie Tjarks and Ralf Tjarks and Elyse Velthuis will start.

Another highlight of the hospice day is an auction. From 15.00 onwards, auctioneer Gerhard Lambertus will auction off, among other things, an art flight, a trip in a Hansa vintage car, a balloon trip with Mayor Gerd-Christian Wagner or a trip with an inflatable boat for 20 people.

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