Formula 1 live ticker: Hamilton: No progress at Mercedes


punish Alonso

We were just outside the goal: the warning was not enough, Alonso got another five-second penalty because he got an advantage by leaving the field. This will drop him from the points!

Albon inherits P9 and Stroll, in tenth place, still scores points. Here is the stewards’ brief explanation in its entirety:

“The stewards reviewed the video evidence and determined that car 14 left the lane at turn 14 and gained a lasting advantage.”


Bottas: Braked a little too late

The Finn was in the P5 for a long time, but eventually lost two places to the Mercedes drivers due to a mistake. “I braked a little too late. I just missed the tip,” he reports.

It was already enough to run into the ground next to the ideal line. “I understeered into the wall. Luckily nothing broke or caused punctures,” he breathes deeply.

“It’s a shame we did not get P5, but P7 is still good,” Bottas said. In the World Cup, Alfa Romeo is still in P5 ahead of Alpine.


Alonso: Sorry for Gasly

Speaking of Gasly: ​​We reported earlier that Alonso apologized to the French. Now we also have the Spaniard in the wording: “It was my fault. It has happened to me sometimes.”

“Mick spun in Imola and ruined my race. Today I slowed down too late and ruined Pierre’s race. It was my fault and I feel sorry for him,” said the two-time world champion.

“It’s hard not to finish a race after someone has touched you from behind,” he knows from personal experience, explaining, “He was unlucky. It was my fault.”


Norris: Gasly crash “just unfortunate”

The McLaren driver does not see the fault of the crash itself. “I have to talk to him first to understand what happened,” Norris said. To him, it felt like Gasly was being driven in his direction.

In the end, the crash was “simply unfortunate” because Gasly’s car was already damaged after the previous contact with Alonso. A blessing in disguise: more than P8 would not have been possible today, even without the crash, “Norris said.

“Fortunately, we did not lose that much,” he says. “But a few points would have been better than none …”


The overtaking maneuver for victory …

… is available here again in the video!


Schumacher: Best race of the year

It makes the crash doubly annoying. “I think it was our best race this year so far,” Schumacher explains. “Of course, it was not the day we had hoped for,” admits team manager Günther Steiner.

For Magnussen also left empty-handed. “It was the hardest race I have ever ridden. It was incredibly hot,” says the Dane. In the last stint, his foreleg was also damaged.

“The pace in the car was there,” Steiner said angrily. In the end, one just had “accidents again”. In the World Cup, Haas is still only in P8. There would have been more.


Sainz: I needed this race

After his two previous failures, the Spaniard explains in the PK that he “needed” this race. He finally had to cover an entire race distance again – for his fitness and his understanding of the car.

He made “some mistakes” today because he still did not fully understand the new Ferrari. Of course, kilometers are all the more important. And today he was finally able to unwind a few again.


Verstappen: Had not even practiced a start

We hold on to the race winner, who reveals in the top 3 PK that he did not practice a single start all weekend. So he had no idea what to expect. Nevertheless, it was enough to crack one of the Ferraris directly.

Incidentally, he will not complain about the safety car that deprived him of his entire lead. After all, he has already benefited from the safety car in other races. Abu Dhabi last year, of course, comes to mind …


Today’s official driver …

… has by the way become Verstappen again today. His curious streak has also continued: If the Dutchman has seen the checkered flag this year, then he has also won. This happened three times. In the other two races, he walked empty-handed.


Sainz had a throat

His rule last Friday left its mark. “I felt better,” the Spaniard admits, explaining, “After the accident last Friday, of course, I started the race with a little sore neck.”

But he fought his way through, and in the end he rewarded himself with a podium, “which is a decent result,” Sainz said. After the last two failures in a row, definitely a step forward.


Marko: The start was crucial

Helmut Marko reveals on ‘Sky’ what was crucial for the Verstappen victory today. “First of all, that he grabbed Sainz right at the start,” said the Austrian. So “chased the world champion Leclerc”.

“He overstretched his tires,” he explains. So Verstappen took the lead. “Max made no mistakes, drove in the best possible way. It was really a great race from him,” says Marko happy.


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Ralf Schumacher: “A bit of a racing accident”

The expert says on ‘Sky’ about the German crash: “Mick has to try it there. But you can see: He hesitates a bit. He may not have had to do it because he could have had the curve. Brake a little later, as he says. “

“But Sebastian must also give up in place. He can not disappear into thin air. Sebastian must look in the mirror, that’s it. Unfavorable situation. You could say: Of course it was a bit of a race accident. But Sebastian still has to give up in place. “


Mike climbs up

Unfortunately only in this photo series. He also failed to score any points in his 26th Formula 1 race today. Thereby he came on par with Ricardo Rosset. Hopefully we can remove him from this statistic soon!

Photo gallery: Top 10: Formula 1 drivers with the most starts without points


Alonso apologizes to Gasly

The Spaniard has just apologized to Gasly for the crash. Incidentally, it appears that Alonso is no longer threatened with further punishment. He can keep P9 with it. And that would be the end of all the investigations if we have not overlooked anything.


Schumacher: “It’s a shame for both of us”

The other German is also forgiving after the crash and explains to ‘Sky’: “Of course it’s always easy to talk about it afterwards. If you look at it that way, I could have just stayed behind or tried harder to drive past.”

“In the end, it’s a shame, a shame for both of us. I will definitely talk to him about it,” he announces.

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