“Fast and Furious 10” muscle packs in fitness comparison

“Fast and Furious” is now an action movie classic. For over 20 years, the blockbusters have been about fast cars, wild hunts, criminal activities and of course strong guys. The 10th part will be released in cinemas in May 2023. We have looked at the muscle-bound athletes and compared their fitness strategies.

The blockbuster series “Fast and Furious” is definitely not for everyone. Every year, souped sleds, muscular bodies and an action-packed, testosterone-filled plot meet here. But millions of fans are turning “Fast and Furious” into a money machine because Part 9 alone earned over $ 700 million in 2021. So it’s no wonder “Fast and Furious 10” will hit theaters in 2023. Again and again, one is not only surprised by the tuned cars and wild chases, but also by the main actors with their mega muscles. We looked at and compared the training and nutrition methods for Vin Diesel, Jason Momoa, Vin Diesel and John Cena.

Veteran: Vin Diesel (54) – 102 kg distributed on 182 cm

Vin Diesel, aka Dominic Toretto, has been with us since the first part of “Fast and Furios” (2001) and already impressed with his big muscles. Meanwhile, the lead actor also appears as the producer of the successful action film series. In addition, one is amazed that after more than 20 years, he has hardly lost any of his physical stature. And then 102 kilos of body weight is distributed over a height of just over 1.80 meters.

Vin Diesel is an excellent example of how extreme actors can become a film role. But also for how they can let go of the screen. Paparazzi photos showed him in 2021 on a yacht in Italy with a decent plauze. Even the pants sank limply. The muscle man was barely recognizable. But it also shows how difficult it is for some stars to maintain the top form they are known for.

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But Vin Diesel is fresh again just in time for the filming. As the fitness platform jackedgorilla.com reveals, he then trains five times a week and takes a break at the weekend. When he trains, he follows a strict split training.

  • Monday: chest, shoulders, triceps
  • Tuesday: shoulders and back
  • Wednesday: Ben
  • Thursday: back and shoulders
  • Friday: legs

He is addicted to superset training. This means that after each set of an exercise, another set of another exercise follows immediately to stress the muscles to the maximum. As a starting point, he always trains four sets with eight repetitions each.

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He eats a good amount of calories at meals and reduces carbohydrate intake towards the end of the day. The breakfast is still relatively sweet and rich in carbohydrates, at lunchtime there are primarily protein sources such as fish and chicken with rice or sweet potatoes, and in the evening there is more protein, vegetables and a touch of carbohydrates.

Conclusion: the most important thing is mass! A solid appearance seems to be more important for Vin Diesel than a perfectly defined body.

Newcomer: Jason Momoa (42) – 97 kg distributed on 193 cm

Unlike Vin Diesel, Jason Momoa is brand new and will play one of the villains in Fast and Furious 10. At least he has a lot of physical opposition to Vin Diesel. At 97 kilos, the giant at 1.93 meters seems fitter than the veteran from “Fast and Furious”. No wonder, since Momoa is about 13 years younger than Vin Diesel. He also stays physically fit in a completely different way. Not least to be able to convince as an Aquaman. When it comes to training, Momoa focuses not only on weightlifting but also on climbing. FITBOOK has already reported on it. It also explains why he is, despite his size only weighs 97 kg. When you climb, you must be able to pull up your own weight.

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And Momoa also likes to do exercises with her body weight and in the fresh air, as his friend Kim Fardy revealed to “Men’s Health”. So he can train anytime, anywhere, even on the movie set. Still, to develop muscles like Momoas, you need to lift weights. Since he already puts a lot of strain on his back, biceps and arms when climbing, strength training primarily trains legs, shoulders and chest.

According to GQ Magazine, Jason Momoa eats fresh fruit and quinoa especially before exercise. They provide fast energy and are easy to digest. As a natural energy drink, he is addicted to coffee. When it comes to protein sources, he prefers fish and steak, and when it comes to fats, he prefers avocado and olive oil. That sounds healthy.

Conclusion: the most important thing is to have fun! For Jason Momoa, exercising is more important than long workouts.

The villain: John Cena (45) – 114 kg distributed on 185 cm

John Cena aka Jakob Toretto was already in the last part of the action hit. He plays Dominic Toretto’s little brother (Vin Diesel) and is also his opponent. And John Cena is also in “Fast and Furious 10”.

Physically, he is a kind of cross between Vin Diesel and Jason Momoa. With his 114 kilos he weighs even more than Diesel and with his sixpack he even trumps Momoa when it comes to muscle definition. It is clear that Cena works hardest on her body. For he is not only an actor but also a wrestler. He won the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) heavyweight title an incredible sixteen times. He was previously active in sports as a bodybuilder and football player.

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According to the men’s portal manofmany.com, Cena, like Vin Diesel, trains according to the split rhythm from Monday to Friday. Another part of the body is addressed every day. However, Cena does it even more consistently and really only trains one area a day.

  • Monday: ben
  • Tuesday: breast
  • Wednesday: weapons
  • Thursday: shoulders
  • Friday: back

And the training is really hard: On average, there are five exercises per. body part. At least he trains the calves with only two exercises, but in total in 14 sets. He hits his back hardest with eight exercises and a total of 35 sets.

Nor does he do things half-heartedly when it comes to nutrition. Instead of just eating three big meals a day like Vin Diesel, Cena eats seven! Every single meal is packed with protein. Be it cheese, eggs, fish, meat, protein bars or protein powder, each meal consists mainly of protein and to a lesser extent fat and carbohydrates. But vegetables also play an important role. The hard training and protein-rich diet creates an impressive muscle building that fans will be able to admire again in Fast and Furious 10.

Conclusion: The machine! John Cena trains and feeds his body to top performance without compromising.

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