Criticism of new route in Miami is growing


Criticism of new route in Miami is growing

Basically, the Formula 1 drivers were thrilled that the leading class came to Miami. But after the first two days, critical voices about the Miami International Autodrome are rising now.

The biggest problem, of course, is the asphalt. “A joke,” Perez rejects, and Alonso explains that this does not correspond to the Formula 1 standard. Norris also considers him “not good enough”.

The problem: If the drivers deviate from the ideal line, the grip is gone immediately. This has already led to more departures. “That needs to change for the coming year,” Alonso demands.

And that is not the only point of criticism from the pilots …


Mercedes still believes in the concept

The Silver Arrows went a radical route this year with W13 – maybe too radical? “We believe our concept has the potential to advance,” said team manager Toto Wolff.

“But it is also a very sensitive concept,” he emphasizes. “But once it’s in the window, it can work well,” he continues to believe. It’s just “very hard” to hit this window.

In principle, however, we still believe in the path we have taken.


The most important thing on Saturday …

… you will again find this time compactly summed up in a series of pictures. Click on!

Photo gallery: Formula 1 2022 Miami: The most important thing by Saturday


Sainz: Trust is not an issue

We’m just staying at Scuderia. Will Sainz return to the podium today after the last two retirements? At least he himself explains that the self-confidence after his crash on Friday is not a problem.

“Otherwise I would not push as I did,” he clarified after P2 in the qualification. It’s just about getting it all together this weekend. “I did not manage to do that in the previous races,” he admits.

But it’s still “a long season,” he recalls. So it’s not too late to turn things around in the World Cup. Maybe he’s starting today …


Speaking of Ferrari …

Leclerc and Sainz start from the front row today. But such a ‘front-row lockout’ was not a good omen for Scuderia recently. For in the last six cases so far, there has been only one victory: 2019 in Belgium by Leclerc.

And: In neither case did both riders actually reach the podium. Let’s see how it goes this time.


Leclerc: Miami updates are ‘in the right direction’

As a reminder, while Red Bull had no new parts with them this weekend, Ferrari brought a custom rear wing to Miami. Did it help you get P1 and P2 in qualifying yesterday?

“I think the upgrades will be very, very important this year. And here we had a few that are going in the right direction,” reveals Leclerc, stressing that Ferrari currently has “a very strong package”.

“This is a good sign for the future,” Monegasse said. An overview of all updates this weekend can be found here!


Saturday in analysis

Kevin Scheuren and our editor-in-chief Christian Nimmervoll have once again transformed night into day and analyzed the first Formula 1 qualification in Miami live for you. The following topics were discussed:

– Leclerc on pole: how the result was turned upside down in Q3
– Mercedes: “The guinea pig” is back!
– Bottas believes in a podium chance
– Vettel & Schumacher
– Alpine: Alonso and Ocon pissed out after qualifying
– Questions from channel members from live chat

The night before Monday, the two will of course contact you again with a great analysis of the race on YouTube channel. We will, as usual, announce the exact start time during the day.



By the way: The rain that was originally announced for the qualifier came during the night! Had no direct effect on Formula 1, but the shower should still be noticeable today.

For the grip, which at least was on the ideal line, is now washed away again. And other than that, there is none anyway. So today it could be something of a ballroom dance.

And maybe it’s raining again later …

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