Boris Becker is still the namesake of the tennis boarding school

DBoris Becker Tennis Academy in Hochheim retains its name. Despite being sentenced to two and a half years in prison in the UK, Boris Becker will remain the namesake of the sports boarding school that is being built on Frankfurter Strasse. This was agreed by Wiesbaden entrepreneur Khaled Ezzedine, who builds and runs the tennis school together with a partner, with Becker’s lawyer Christian-Oliver Moser. “People love it when someone is loyal and forgiving, and when you do not step on someone who is already on earth,” says investor Ezzedine Der Spiegel. Moser confirmed the deal to the mirror.

Indoor tennis courts with more than 20 courts

According to Ezzedine, “Boris Becker International Tennis Academy” will be the largest tennis school in Germany. More than 20 places are planned in three connected halls and almost as many outdoor places as well as a hotel and a boarding school for 170 children and young people. Completion is expected in the autumn of 2024 at the earliest. A first phase of construction with eight indoor courts was completed more than a year ago, and tennis lessons have already started there. During a visit in November last year, Becker announced that he himself would be present on the school’s tennis courts, give advice to the young people and prepare the teaching program together with the coaches. In addition to sports, the boarding school offers regular school classes up to the Abituren.

Hochheim Mayor Dirk Westedt (FDP) said that despite the verdict, the name Boris Becker would remain “like a tennis ace”. In Anglo-Saxon countries, there is more of a culture of rising again after a fall than in Germany. During the planning phase of the sports boarding school, the town hall manager expressed his joy over the project several times. The tennis academy is a victory for the city because it attracts visitors and brings in trade taxes. The planned hotel for the school is an advantage for Hochheim because there are no guest beds in the city.

A court in London has sentenced the triple Wimbledon winner to Friday’s prison, of which he must serve at least half. The athlete had not disclosed assets of more than one million euros in his insolvency proceedings. A jury of jurors had therefore found him guilty three weeks ago. The 54-year-old Becker had denied the allegations. He can appeal the verdict.

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