BG Göttingen says goodbye to the Bundesliga season with a defeat in Munich

BG Göttingen says goodbye to the season with a defeat in Munich

Göttingen.A Euroleague team at the end of the season, as well as the longest away trip: BG Göttingen said goodbye to the 2021 basketball Bundesliga season with a 64:87 (38:41) defeat to FC Bayern Munich, ending the season in a tenth place rank with 16 wins and 18 losses.

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The topic before the match was, of course, the suspension of head coach Roel Moors. “Unfortunately, I have to replace him,” Violetta’s assistant coach Olivier Foucart said modestly. The Belgian, who was last in charge of men’s training in his home country’s second division, promised to do everything in his power to “end the season in a positive way”.

“We will play for our coach and try to play a decent game,” BG captain Akeem Vargas said before the game. He described his head coach’s reaction to the referees after the defeat as “human”.

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And much suggested that it would be a decent match: After each failed attack, it was Bayern who scored the first points through Augustine Rubit (3-0 / 2.). Jeremiah Martin scored the first BG counts, but missed the extra free kick. Both sides initially lacked rhythm in the offensive – only in the 6th minute did Harper Kamp and Martin and Stephen Brown increase the lead to 9: 3. However, the hosts came back and took the lead at 10: 9 (7th). This changed so constantly. To the great displeasure of Munich coach Andrea Trinchieri, who took an early break and occasionally called one or the other player to the sideline for a short talk.

Jeremiah Martin is injured

The second quarter was as balanced as the first was over (30: 30/17). Meanwhile, Martin received a technical error after complaining about Leon Radosevic’s stretched legs. He even had to be held back by Munich’s Andreas Obst. His anger was understandable, because then he had to be treated on the knee by BG physio Uwe Klassen and was not used for the rest of the match. In the final phase before the break, Harper Kamp – like the previous matches – was again in great shape. He kept his team inside the game, the Violets went into the locker room with a deficit of 38:41.

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Munich got better from the start after the break (49: 42/23). But BG stuck with a host who continued to take Gottinger seriously and had the players on the pitch who had given Barcelona everything in the quarter-finals. At 51:53 (28th) the match was completely open again, Philipp Hartwich used an alley-oop from Harald Frey. Obst then hit two threes, giving Bayern a little more respite (60: 51/29). As with the defeat in the first match, it looked like the third quarter was going to bring a preliminary decision again. 23:13 this section went to Munich, who made things clear with an 11: 0 run at the end (64: 51/30.).

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Mathis Mönninghoff marks the end

The hosts went on an 18-0 series across the quarter before Match reduced to 53-71. Not much went along with the violins, Bayern played consistently through and did not give up. Max Wüllner scored his first BBL points in the final minute, Mathis Mönninghoff lowered a final try – the last point for BG Göttingen this season, which had to admit defeat 64:87.

We went back to Göttingen in the team bus. Hopefully with a better feeling than Akeem Varags had in advance: “It feels like the job is not quite done,” the captain said before the match in order to miss the playoffs. Now it is up to him and the players who remain or hopefully remain under contract with BG, to hope for a place in international competition. – Point BG: Martin (7), Frey (6), Roberson (12), Vargas (2), Hujic, Wüllner (2), Hartwich (2), Mönninghoff (7), Kamp (12), Brown (14) , Grimes, Giotis.

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