Will the Denver Broncos find their old strength with Magic Johnson?

Munich – Magic Johnson is no longer just the basketball legend of the Los Angeles Lakers.

While still active, he was already working on his future career, studying business magazines and gradually building a network in business.

Jerry Buss, who as the owner of the Lakers brought Johnson to the Lakers in the 1979 draft, had a decisive influence. “Jerry is my second father and one of my best friends,” Magic once said of his great mentor.

Johnson’s business is worth a billion

His company, Magic Johnson Enterprises, is now valued at $ 1 billion.

Two professional teams are currently part of his portfolio: the Los Angeles Dodgers from MLB and the women’s team Los Angeles Sparks from WBNA.

But that’s apparently not all: as reported by business magazine “Sportico”, the 62-year-old is now also interested in joining the NFL.

And not with any franchise, but with the Denver Broncos.

Will the Broncos break the Nets’ record?

The triple Super Bowl champion has been on sale since the beginning of this year. According to estimates, a takeover could cost more than four billion dollars. According to “Forbes”, never before has such a high amount been paid for the purchase of a professional team.

The previous record is therefore at $ 3.3 billion. That’s how much Joe Tsai, co-founder of Chinese retail giant Alibaba, had to pay for the 2019 acquisition of the Brooklyn Nets.

In what form and by what amount Johnson would participate in the Broncos is not yet known. It is said, however, that he will bid alongside billionaire and co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, Josh Harris.

In any case, the investment from the basketball icon could pay off for the Broncos themselves. Because Johnson is not only considered one of the most influential African American businessmen in the United States.

He has also shown a very good nose in his participation in professional teams.

Dodgers and Sparks celebrate titles

Ten years ago, he helped buy the Los Angeles Dodgers, who had been waiting for a baseball title since 1988.

The investment then paid off in 2020. The Dodgers completed their 32-year title decline and won the World Series against the Tampa Bay Rays 4-2.

Johnson also played his part in this. He brought manager Andrew Freeman to the Dodgers, who took the player’s development and rating to a new level.

As the “Los Angeles Times” analyzed, much more emphasis was placed on the players’ diet under him. He also hired additional special and mental trainers.

Johnson also brought success back to the Sparks in the women’s professional basketball league. Just two years after joining the team in 2014, Sparks won the WNBA title.

So now he seems to be facing the next challenge. After years of unsuccessful attempts to bring an NFL team to his sports home in Los Angeles, the five-time NBA champion was now able to fulfill his dream in Denver.

Will Johnson also bring the Broncos title?

In any case, the sporting conditions are there to lead the Broncos back to their old strength.

They have not reached the playoffs once since the Super Bowl triumph in 2015 and have even been at the bottom of the NFC West for the past two years.

They dare to start fresh on key positions this offseason. With Nathaniel Hacket, they got a new head coach from Green Bay, and with the signing of star quarterback Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks, they achieved one of the biggest trade sensations of the year.

In any case, for Johnson, that should be reason enough to finally invest his money in the NFL.

Tobias Wiltschek

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