Verstappen is annoyed by errors in the qualification


Wolff: Red Bull and Ferrari too far away

The Austrian does not believe Hamilton will get that far from P6 tomorrow. “To be ‘Best of the Rest’,” he replies to ‘Sky’ when asked what the goal of Mercedes is in the race.

At best, both cars will finish behind the Ferraris and Red Bulls tomorrow, Wolff says. That would mean something of a catch-up for Russell from P12. Let’s see.


After the crash, Ocon is annoyed at the race director

The Frenchman takes the departure in FT3 on his own. However, he is annoyed that there was a hard concrete wall at the accident site. “It was 51g and it shouldn’t have been that hard,” he says.

Background: Already after his departure on Friday, Sainz requested improvements and the creation of a TecPro barrier. “But nothing happened,” Ocon says angrily. That was “unacceptable,” the Frenchman said.

The crash was the hardest of his career – and completely unnecessary.


Marko: Ferrari can attack on straights

What’s still possible from the second row for Red Bull tomorrow? “We are eight km / h faster on the stretch. It should give us a chance,” says Helmut Marko aggressively on ‘ServusTV’.

“We hope we can overtake”; says the Austrian, adding: “It will be crucial how the tires are worn. None of us know that, it is a completely new surface.”

“The long runs […] are certainly not meaningful with four or five rounds. We saw that the hard tire is very difficult to heat up. So there is still a lot inside, “says Marko.

So hopefully it will be exciting!


Leclerc: The round was not perfect

He said this immediately after qualifying. In the PK of the top 3, he has now specified again: “From turn 1 to round 8, the lap was quite messy and I did not really improve.”

“I was able to win some time on turns 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, but turns 1, 2 and 3 were not good. But that’s the way it is. The second part of the lap from turn 11 to turn 16 was right well, and the last corner was good too. “

“In the end, it was a pretty good game,” Leclerc said. Verstappen could not improve at all on his last lap. Here is his mistake again in the video:


Mercedes: Went in the wrong direction

Yesterday, it still looked like things could go better for Mercedes in Miami. But today you lost another car in Q2. Toto Wolff explains in his media round, which is running right now, that it had once again jumped.

It was better yesterday, but then they made a small change, which in the end had a big impact. Today the guinea pig was worse again.

And the result of that was again not being able to keep up at the top. Wolff explains that Miami is once again an “experimental weekend”. Conclusion: “Yesterday was good, today not.”


Vettel: “A little too much risk”

The other German also failed in Q2 today. “I had a little corner [drin]and it probably cost a little bit more than the tenth, which I missed, “he says on Sky.

“I just took a little too much risk in the left corner, had a little too much speed. I tried to brake harder, but it did not work. Then I ran out of the way and then I was too late, did not hit the apex” , he reports.

“It destroys not only the harassment, but also the corners after it,” he explains. Tomorrow he starts the race from P13. He does not want to write off points yet. “We are not feeling so bad,” he says optimistically.

It was also shown by teammate Stroll’s entry into Q3 today.


The most important thing on Saturday …

… of course we have summed it up again today in a compact series of pictures. Click on!

Photo gallery: Formula 1 2022 Miami: The most important thing by Saturday

23.31 kl

Schumacher: Problems with the tires

Let’s get away from the top. In Q1 it went quite well for Mick with P11, but in Q2 he was 15th and last. what happened there? “Unfortunately we have each other [am Ende] simply not improved on the new set of tires, “he reports on ‘Sky’.

He explains: “The tire is pretty hard to understand.” Because Miami is “different” from other routes. “That’s why we have a hard time simply not getting tire temperatures in the tires themselves,” he reveals.

“That means my tires were too cold at first and too hot at second,” he sums up. So it will not be easy tomorrow with the first championship points.


Verstappen does not yet write off the victory

“We have a good chance tomorrow”, the world champion is optimistic despite P3 and explains: “We have a good top speed.” In addition, the car feels good. But of course it will not be easy to overtake the Ferrari.

“Beyond the ideal line, it’s pretty smooth,” he recalls. So even though he should be faster tomorrow, he should first pass the Ferrari. But he remembers, “A lot can happen tomorrow.”

“I think it’s going to be even hotter than today,” said Verstappen, who assumes that the tires will once again play an important role. So everything is still there!


Sainz: It was not easy after yesterday

The Spaniard also lost time yesterday – though through his own fault. “It was not easy to regain confidence on such a difficult route,” he admitted after his departure on Friday.

But today he managed “a couple of good laps”. The reward is P2 next to his teammate tomorrow. “Not quite enough for pole. But considering where I was yesterday, I’ll take it,” Sainz said.


Verstappen: Make life difficult for ourselves

The Dutchman explains that he was “surprised” to be so competitive in qualifying. As a reminder, he missed the whole of FT2 yesterday and also fought in FT1.

Although he lost a lot of training time as a result, he was among the leaders today. He’s happy about that. But: Red Bull must stop making life difficult for itself with Fridays like yesterday.

23:11 kl

First double rods for Ferrari …

… since Mexico 2019! At the time, Leclerc and Vettel were still putting the red cars in the front row, today Leclerc and Sainz. Incidentally, that was not a good omen at the time: Hamilton won the race ahead of Vettel, Leclerc missed the podium as number four.


Verstappen: “I spoiled it”

The first reactions directly from the cockpit: Leclerc radios that his lap was not perfect. But it was still enough for pole. And Verstappen admits: “I messed it up …”

23:01 kl

Q3: Pole for Leclerc!

Finally, Leclerc strikes back again! 1: 28,796 for him and thus the rod. Sainz also pushes in front of Verstappen, who can no longer increase. The two Red Bull drivers only start from row 2.

Bottas secures P5 ahead of Hamilton. Here in the ticker, we continue with the votes on qualification. Before that, as usual, the overview:



starting grid

Photos: F1: Miami (USA) Grand Prix 2022, Saturday


Q3: Distribute Verstappen

The first round in Q3 goes to Verstappen. He clocked 1: 28,991, his first 28 time in Miami! But Leclerc is just behind with a 1: 29.0. The case is not finished yet.

Sainz and Perez are behind, Bottas is fifth ahead of Hamilton “Best of the Rest”.


Q3: Now is the time!

As always, there are twelve minutes on the clock in the last segment. Alonso is not there and is missing 0.032 seconds in Q2. He resents being stopped by Sainz. According to the photos, the race commissioners have decided on an investigation.

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