These yoga modules are the perfect way to start the fall!

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Seven days, seven reasons
These yoga modules are the perfect start to the new fall month

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Yoga makes fall more beautiful.

Are you getting caught up in the blues of autumn? Here you can find out how to start the new fall month of November perfectly with seven days filled with yoga.

Temperatures fall, days get shorter and the wind blows through the leaves. Do you also get autumn blues? Summer usually makes it much easier for us to feel healthy, wholesome and happy. Because when the sun is shining and it is pleasantly warm, we simply prefer to move. Unfortunately, the tide turns quickly once autumn arrives. Besides stress at work, the sun lets us down and then the flu outbreak starts.

But luckily it’s there yoga! It does not matter if you feel back tension, lethargy or just in a bad mood – with its holistic approach, yoga has the right recipe for almost all the side effects of the dark half of the year. We give you seven reasons why you should autumn month November is best with a seven-day yoga week should start and give you the relevant videos.

Day 1: Autumn yoga for inner warmth

Are you also constantly cold from September to April? If you are often cold, it is usually much harder for you to leave your warm nest. Physical activity in particular helps to stimulate blood circulation throughout the body and prevents icy hands and feet. A dynamic yoga session is just the thing here. The individual exercises do not even have to be so strenuous. It is only important that the body stays in motion for a certain period of time. If you practice yoga early in the morning, you will feel the warming effect throughout the day.

Day 2: Yoga for relaxation

Even when it gets cold and dark outside, life at university and at work goes on – preferably at the same pace as in summer. This often causes stress, tension and inner turmoil. In the fall, do you often just throw yourself on the couch according to everyday obligations? Instead, you could take yourself to a quiet yin yoga and enjoy several phases of relaxation at the same time. This session is especially useful in the evening as it helps us sleep well and feel rejuvenated the next day.

Day 3: Yoga for a strong immune system

Autumn time is flu time! There are many ways to protect yourself from it. One of them is yoga. Those who practice yoga regularly increase the activity of their immune cells. The result is not only a lower susceptibility to infections, but a general physical well-being that will carry you through even the most dull rainy day. If you have already contracted the flu virus, yoga can also get you back on your feet.

Day 4: Yoga for muscle building

But not only your immune system can be strengthened through yoga: A powerful asana ensures that you build muscle and reduce tension. This stimulates metabolism and digestion, regulates hormone production and stabilizes the circulation. And as a small side effect, the muscles also make sure that the gingerbread and speculos do not get on the stomach as quickly next month.

Day 5: Yoga for back pain

Tension is often accompanied by back pain. Anyone who sits at their desk regularly can probably sing a song about it. Especially when it’s cold, we tend to tense up even more. Yoga stretching exercises such as the eagle make such tensions disappear and improve blood circulation in the affected body areas.

Day 6: Yoga for a better mood

Yoga affects not only the body but also the psyche. In the cold season, it can happen that body and mind become stiff and immobile. A comfortable yoga routine ensures that you can free yourself from mental blockages. Because exercise reduces stress hormones and endorphin levels – and thus good mood – increase. This in turn promotes performance, which helps us cope with everyday life more easily.

Day 7: Yoga anywhere, anywhere

But what is without a doubt the best thing about yoga is that it does not require much to practice. A mat, a warm blanket or a towel is enough to do yoga regularly. Whether you are on holiday, at home or at the hotel on your next business trip – yoga can be done anywhere and anytime.


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