That is the club’s goal for the season

The activities of the Tennis League start this weekend
These are the clubs’ season goals for the Medenseason

This weekend, league operations in the summer Meden season start again on the tennis courts in the region. What are the ambitions of the clubs from the 2nd association league? We asked around the teams.

From this Saturday, it’s again about points on the region’s gravel pitches – depending on the division, the league lasts until 20 August. While for some teams it’s about promotion, others will just stay in class. An overview of the regional clubs’ seasonal goals.

In the Lower Rhine League, the second men’s team of Gladbacher HTC third place as in the previous year – then GHTC finished the season with 6: 2 points and just in second place in the table. A possible promotion is not a problem for team captain Robin Ebeling – not for sporting reasons, but for organizational reasons. “For us, the Lower Rhine League is an interesting league with a high level, where our opponents are not too far away and we can play with regional players. That’s enough for us,” says Ebeling. New to the team is the Dutchman Guy den Ouden , which is currently number 486 in the world, to start we go to TC Kaiserswerth on Saturday.

This season the men in Viersener THC, after which the team was relegated from the Niederrheinligaen last year without a chance. “We feel that the 1. Verbandsliga is the right league for us and we are well positioned for that,” says team captain Alwin Kleinen, adding: “We may look up a bit, but the course of the season will have to show it. “First and foremost, it’s about staying up. Because the league is reasonably balanced.” On Saturday, the home game against MTV Kahlenberg is on the doorstep, and the little ones have good opportunities to move up. New to the squad is 15-year-old Simon van Huet. “He did very well on the second team and gets four or five appearances,” says Kleinen .

The ladies of Viersener THC also start again in the 1st association league – unlike the men’s team, it is not the result of relegation, but of promotion in the past season. The Viersen women’s team was first formed in this constellation in 2020, where it only just failed to move up in the 1st association league. This then succeeded in September 2021 after a victory over the direct competitor Blau-Weiss Issum. As a newcomer to the league, the motto is initially clear: “Our goal is to stay in the league,” says team captain Lea Jansen. Three external newcomers were added to the promotion team, so the tribe consists of about nine players. “We want to handle it in such a way that everyone can play enough matches during the season,” Jansen continued. The players from Viersen do not yet have too much information about the upcoming opponents, but on paper, VTHC can expect a difficult debut season in the 1st association league. On Saturday, they welcome promoted team Moers 08.

The other women’s team Gladbacher HTC last year only relegation from the 2nd league on the last match day was avoided – even though promotion was actually the goal of the season. But many failures threw the team back again and again. This year, a new attempt must be made for the top position in the league. “I am well aware that we can play at the top,” says team captain Isabel Syben. Because her team benefits from the promotion of the first women’s team in the GHTC to the 2nd Bundesliga. For some players, the slip has been a bit there due to newcomers on the seeding list – and is now in place on the second team. “Of course it suits us really well,” says Syben. For example, Lizette Blankers from the Netherlands will help with the opening match on Sunday on MTV Kahlenberg, her compatriot Maxine Palmen is also scheduled for two assignments. With Sadina Becic, a contract has also been signed with a new player from Kamp-Lintfort for first place.

From this season, the men in TC Giesenkirchenwhich was relegated from the first league in the previous year. But the team has no upward ambitions. “We’re going to line up at the bottom of the league. Our goal is to stay up. And it’s not going to be a walk in the park. But I think we’re in good hands in the second division,” said team captain Tim Ludwig. They got a new player in Steven Greven, otherwise kept the team together. Nevertheless, the squad is sparsely occupied, Ludwig emphasizes. team in the league, guest.

By Odenkirchen TC Katharina Schröck will continue to be sorely missed this season by the 2nd club league. The number three seeded player on the women’s team is suffering from a cruciate ligament rupture, which she suffered last year. “We hope for Katharina, but also for the whole team, that she is back on the field as soon as possible and that she can still help us this season,” said team leader Pia Valkyser. With three wins and two bankruptcies, OTC took third place in the table last year, so the team would be happy with that this time as well. “In terms of level, the 2nd association league is already the class we see ourselves in. Our goal is to stay up in the league.” In terms of staff, nothing has changed compared to the previous season.

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