St. Pauli vs. Schalke: live ticker for the 2nd Bundesliga match

FC St. Pauli will use the last straw in the promotion race and will have to pick up three points from table leader Schalke 04. This task is made even more difficult by the fact that ten Kiezkicker professionals tested positive for the corona virus at the beginning of the week. The Hamburgers want to defy this opposition and after the bitter 1-1 draw against Nuremberg – the fifth winless match in a row – get a triangle back. Follow the match here in MOPO live ticker.

The game in live ticker

63 min Once again, St. Paulians himself the goal. After an advance, Hartel will put the ball down for Matanovic, but the double packer does not get the ball, the pass was too inaccurate.

61. min Churlinov gets the leather on his foot in the penalty area after St. Pauli can not cope with a Schalke attack. But before he can withdraw from eleven yards, Churlinov is separated from the ball.

60 min The Hamburgers try to counter the Schalke attacks with ball possession. This does not work so badly, but Kiezkicker does not come dangerously in front of the goal or even in Schalke’s penalty area.

58 min Schalke again in danger in front of St. The Pauli goal! Terodde sends Bülter to the right half, which has only Medic in front of him. In one-on-one, Bülter makes several hooks at once, coming close to the box from an acute angle. But his semi-high degree from about ten meters can parry Smarsch.

57 min St. Pauli is also changing for the first time. Aremu, who was also warned, must leave the field. Ritzka is now in place.

55 min There is the first change of the game. Yellow card Vindheim goes out and Aydin comes into play for him.

53 min The Kiezkickeren did not start swimming after this goal, but tried to control the ball. Schalke would like to add more, but do not come dangerously in front of goal.

51 min Vindheim sees the next yellow card after tripping Kyereh on the sideline.

49 min This is of course bitter for Kiezkicker, who must attribute this goal to himself. The goal for Schalke is definitely deserved.

47 min FC St. Pauli missed the start of the half for the second time. After a cross to the left of the penalty area, Medic Terodde keeps level with the five-meter area, which causes him to fall. For this offense see doctor also the yellow card. The persuader himself takes the penalty and pushes the leather down to the right of the post. Smarsch was on his way to the other corner.

47 min Goals for Schalke! Terodde shortened from the point.

46 min Penalties for Schalke 04!

Kick-off for the second half!

What a first half in Gelsenkirchen! Schalke started dominating, leaving several top-class players in the early stages. St. Pauli swam, but scored with the first chance in the form of Igor Matanovic (9th). The hosts were not shocked, they created several great chances but missed them too. The Kiezkicker, on the other hand, remained effective and increased again through Matanovic with the second shot of the match (17th). An Itakura goal was then withdrawn due to a handball (23 ‘). Since then, St. Pauli been better in the match but can still be lucky not to have conceded a goal.

First half whistle!

45. + 1 min It will be dangerous again in front of FC St. Pauli’s goal! With a cross from the right wing, Smarsch comes out of the goal and puts his hand on the ball in front of Terodde. However, the miners will no longer stop.

45. + 1 min There is a two minute break.

45 min The guests from Hamburg have also become more ball-safe. St. Pauli is better in duels and no longer allows many actions in the dangerous zones.

43 min St. Pauli is now better on the offensive. The Kiezkicker pulls out a corner that puts Paqarada sharply in front of goal from the left. Beifus comes from about ten meters to the central header and puts the ball just past the right of the goal.

41 min The first yellow card for Schalke. bib Zander fails miserably on the sidelines and is rightly warned.

38 min However, this only ends with an attempt from Kyereh from the second row. The ball goes ten meters past the goal, and yet referee Fritz decided on an offensive error.

38 min St. Pauli again in front of the Schalke goal. Kyereh pulls a corner from the left as he graduates in the penalty area.

36 min Schalke is now more powerful again. Churlinov gets St. Pauli defense to look old, Zander dances out and crosses flat and tight into the penalty area from the left. Bülter gets the ball in the back, but there is no longer a chance due to an offensive error by Schalke.

33 min It does not exist! Terodde can not hold one meter in the goal! Bülter hits a post from the left into the back post, where Drexler heads back past Smarsch to Terodde. In addition to the free goal, the goal scorer has only Medic in front of him. But Terodde actually shoots it and not the ball in goal.

31 min St. Pauli lacks the final precision in the last few minutes of offensive actions. There were no real chances on either side since the goal was withdrawn.

30 min Figures proving Schalke’s dominance: So far, the miners have had 9: 2 shots on goal and over 60 percent ball possession.

29 min The gates seem to provide guests with security. Schalke are no longer so easy in front of goal on Smarsch. Nevertheless, the home team still has significantly more ball possession.

27 min So far, everything is going really well for FC St. Pauli. They used the only two chances ice cold, while Smarsch parried several of Schalke’s chances excellently. In addition, the Kiezkickers were lucky that Itakura had his hand on the ball when it needed to be connected.

23 min Lucky for St. Pauli, for Itakura’s presumed goal is locked in by VAR! Schalke gets the ball five meters from the goal after a corner kick, but takes it with his hand. Then he sticks the leather past Smarsch to the right. Due to the acceptance of the hand, the stroke is rightly withdrawn.

20 min Schalke is now a little shocked. Two shots from St. Paulians reach for two goals. Meanwhile, the miners deprive themselves of their wages with faults and two small inattention.

17 min It’s incredible, St. Pauli increases the rate! Fraisl hits an ugly buck and plays a goal kick right into Irvine’s feet. He leads from the right wing directly to Matanovic in front of the penalty area. The youngster can win over a Schalke defender and puts himself in a good end position from about ten meters. Matanovic coolly shoots the ball past Fraisl to the left, who is unable to prevent the impact.

17. My goal for St. Pauli! Matanovic follows up!

15 minutes In a counterattack, Schalke are awarded a free kick Aremu Churlinov on the halfway line and sees the first yellow card of the match

15 minutes They probably do not even know how St. Pauli has led Schalke so far after this thunderstorm of opportunities. Matanovic’s goal was the only action from Kiezkicker that took place in Knappen’s penalty area.

12 min The chances for Schalke are almost every minute. A corner from the left stretches Bülter into the dangerous zone just in front of the goal. Goal scorer Terodde misses the ball and can no longer get the ball on goal.

10 min Schalke almost with the direct answer! Bülter is free after a cross from the right wing in the penalty area. The Schalke striker is waiting, passing several defenders. But his too-central conclusion from ten yards is too harmless for Smarsch.

9 min Incredible, St. Pauli takes the lead with the first goal! The first constructive attack from the guests runs down the left wing. After a short tussle with the defender, Paqarada finally tucked the ball home. Irvine does not get the ball decisively, but lays it down for Matanovic on the backfield. He grabs the leather, turns once and pushes the ball flat down into the right corner from about 12 yards.

9 min Goals for St. Pauli! Matanovic puts Kiezkicker in the lead!

6 min The next big chance for the gunman! Bülter escapes on the left wing, has space and runs into the penalty area. Beifus can not clear the ball by twisting. Therefore, the Schalke striker comes unopposed, but from an acute angle, to the end. However, Bülter fails again due to Smarsch closing the short corner.

5 min The atmosphere in the stands in Veltins Arena is otherwise unique. Over 60,000 Schalke fans cheer loudly on their colors.

4 min Again, there is danger in the visitors’ penalty area. Terodde is wanted with a post, but Beifus can just manage it and play the ball back to Smarsch.

3 min The hosts put St. Pauli under pressure. So far, Kiezkicker has not come out of their half.

1 min What a huge opportunity for Schalke right after the kick-off! After a throw-in to Kiezkicker, Beifus hits an air hole. Terodde therefore has a clear path and fails centrally, detached from about ten meters on the highly responsive smarch.

1 min The ball rolls, St. Pauli starts from left to right.


  • The professionals from both teams run in. Soon the whistle will sound in Veltins Arena!
  • Schalke’s coach Mike Büskens changes his team to two positions. Drexler and Ouwejan start for Calhanoglu and ex-Kiezkicker Zalazar.
  • The hosts start with the following lineup against St. Pauli: Fraisl – Vindheim, Itakura, Kaminski, Ouwejan – Flick, Latza – Churlinov, Bülter, Drexler – Terodde.
  • Thanks to the Corona wave, the start-XI of Kiezkicker was shaken up. Overall, Timo Schultz should pick up six new players in relation to 1-1 against 1. FC Nürnberg. Vasilj, Ahlers, Lawrence, Daschner, Makienok, Ritzka, Amenyido, Jessen and Roggow sit on the bench. Becker, Buchtmann and Daschner – who played against “Klubben” from the start – are not in the squad at all.
  • The lineups are here! FC St. Pauli starts with the following starting formation: Smarsch – Zander, Beifus, Medic, Paqarada – Aremu – Benatelli, Irvine – Hartel – Kyereh, Matanovic.
  • The top match in the 2. Bundesliga is judged by Marco Fritz. The 44-year-old is assisted on the sidelines by Dominik Schaal and Marcel Pelgrim. Nico Fuchs is the 4th referee and Günter Perl will follow the match as video referee.
  • Kiezkicker coach Timo Schultz was still combative before the match: “It will be a great atmosphere, the whole Schalke is looking forward to the match. We will definitely not hide. I have confidence in the team and I can well imagine that we will win.”
  • After five games without a win before this key game, St. Pauli not only sports problems. Ten professionals were infected with the corona virus. Which of these players has recovered and is in the squad remains open until just before kick-off.
  • Kiezkicker, on the other hand, need a triangle to keep their chances in the Bundesliga. In fifth place in the table, Hamburg are currently three points behind second (HSV), third (Darmstadt) and fourth (Werder Bremen) in the 2. Bundesliga. In the event of a defeat, promotion will only be theoretically possible due to the poorer goal difference compared to the competitors.
  • Mens St. Pauli has been in crisis in recent weeks, it has gone uphill for Schalke after the change of coach from Dimitrios Grammozis to Mike Büskens. The Gelsenkircheners enter the match as leaders and can make promotion to the Bundesliga perfect with a victory!
  • Hello and welcome to MOPO live ticker of the match between FC Schalke 04 and FC St. Pauli! Kick-off is at 20.30 in Veltins Arena.

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