“Show me an Austrian who is not proud of it”

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As a guest of Kimberly Budinsky in the third edition of the new Sky Sport Austria talk format “RIESENrad – Sports greats im Waggon 28 “was Austria’s support in the women’s national team Manuela Zinsberger.

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Manuela Zinsberger (ÖFB goalkeeper or FC Arsenal):

… About her close relationship with her family: “We are a pretty big family. My family and my grandparents – both of whom unfortunately are no longer there – are incredibly important in my life. Incredibly beautiful moments when I look back. I enjoyed my time with them. ”

… To her grandparents: “My grandmother also told me the love stories from before. There is often the thought of positivity and accepting life as it is. Do not look to the past, just be here and now. These are words that my grandmother taught me and that still shape me to this day. ”

… When she is asked about her special ritual, which she does in every match, and which should remind her grandparents: “When I run out on the field, either before the match or after the break, I jump on the crossbar, make a cross and back then, I only did it with one hand – for my grandfather and the first time I did it with two hands (note: second hand for grandma), I had to swallow for a brief moment.It’s rough but beautiful, so I know , that they are there at every match, and they bring us luck. ”

… About her beginnings in football: “I got into football a little bit through my dad, but more through my friends. Basically, I only dealt with boys. Somehow everyone was going to training and then I was alone. So said a mother why I do not come, I want to see, and if I feel like trying it. When she sat there for less than two minutes, she said, ‘Come on, try it.’ What was the result? I showed up at home with the registration form and said: Sign so I can go there again tomorrow. ”

… To the beginning and her unusual career path to becoming a top goalkeeper: “At first I was a field player. I did not finish until I was 19. It was very turbulent and involved a lot of experience, discipline and learning. It was not that easy. I also went to the football academy and boarding school in St. Pölten, separated from my parents. But when I look back, I would do everything in exactly the same way again. ”

… Asked about the moment Bayern Munich asked me about it in 2014: “It gave me goosebumps. I had never thought that as a little girl from Niederfellabrunn I would one day have the opportunity to get a test drive in FC Bayern Munich. And so actually being able to put my signature on it was really a highlight. I still remember that moment clearly. My dad was there and we both went out with a smile. The fact that we were able to enjoy this moment together was extremely wonderful, and I appreciate it so much more today. ”

… Asked about the time as number 2 or even number 3 in Bavaria: “I really believe in the saying: hard work pays off. I think it’s good that you need talent on the one hand, but you really have to work for it. I changed my diet, I did more in the gym, I completed an apprenticeship as an office assistant for the first three years. That means I worked 40 hours, but I was still at Bayern. I became number 3, maybe number 2. But I really had a goal in mind and really wanted to achieve it. See, everything has paid off, even if one or two tears have shed and I have to overcome my weaker self. But I’m proud I did and can now say here that I went as Bayern’s No. 1 and I’m now Arsenal’s No. 1. I can pat myself on the shoulder even though I do not like to do it . “

… About the reasons for moving to England, about Arsenal: “Just a new challenge for myself. I spent five years at the big FC Bayern Munich, from number 3 to number 1, and then I said: if not now, then when. The opportunity does not arise so often for the big Arsenal to come and knock. So I’m so much happier that I trusted my heart and took the plunge. “

… About the future project of the professional women’s Bundesliga in Austria: “I can stand there and say: I can make a living from sports. But of course it also depends on which league you play in. It may not be that easy in Austria, but nonetheless we hope to get there one day. We will also step on the gas in the national team to motivate people and perhaps bring investors into the area through our performance. ”

… About the national team and what it means to her: “An incredible time that connects me with the national team. EURO 2017 in particular was a mega highlight. But not only that, but also the people who are there, shape me to this day. ”

… To EURO 2017: “Many different pictures appear. When I think about it, it gives me goosebumps and a feeling that I can hardly describe myself. If someone had told me in advance that I would then be in the semifinals, I would have said, ‘Tweak me, you man I tram.’ It simply showed me how great our potential is and it still flashes to me to this day. Show me an Austrian who is not proud of it. I’m really proud of every single one who played, maybe played less, who was really there for the team and put ‘we’ before ‘I’. You noticed it on the pitch, and that was what made Austria so obviously proud. “

Om asked about the upcoming European Championship 2022 and the opening match at Old Trafford against England: “I just have expectations of ourselves. That we believe in ourselves, that we enjoy the moment for ourselves as a team and put everything we do on the field “has been collecting over the years. And run until the doctor comes.”

Om asked about the World Cup in 2023: “Being able to participate would be an incredible historic moment for us and for Austrian football. Just wanted to be wow.”

… About her love outing last fall: “I thought: Why not ?! Why not make it public and stand up for yourself and perhaps encourage others facing such a decision. All I can say is: feel strong and do it. “

… To her outing: “But for me it was never a question of whether I would do it, but with whom.”

… To the question of what the reactions were: “Consistently positive. Basically, everyone has had my back. ”

… About her football future and when asked if there are still goals: “I generally do not set any boundaries for myself. But of course you have goals. For example, an individual goal would be to become a world goalkeeper. It would be great if I could take it with me on my journey. ”

The new Sky Sport Austria speech format “RIESENrad – sports greats in Waggon 28”:
“Long live the sport!” True to the motto of Reinhard Fendrich, presents the new Sky Sport Austria speech format “RIESENrad – sports greats in Waggon 28”. With Sky Sport Austria host Kimberly Budinsky, the sport’s legends and great personalities tell their unique life stories. The location of the lecture is one of the most famous landmarks in the Austrian metropolis – Wiener Riesenrad. In a carriage that has been transformed into a TV studio, extraordinary sports greats provide exclusive insights away from the sports arena and let Austrian fans share in the ups and downs of their lives: What crucial experiences have shaped you? Which stones blocked the road and what personal obstacles did they have to overcome?

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