Nagelsmann reacts very annoyed: FC Bayern are under observation

Nagelsmann reacts very annoyed
FC Bayern are under observation

Julian Nagelsmann is presented with his first championship trophy – but before that, Bayern Munich still has important work to do. He must prove himself in the relegation battle. Against VfB Stuttgart, Bayern are under special observation – and not just from Felix Magath.

When it came to mango, passion fruit and turmeric, Julian Nagelsmann enjoyed himself. And in his mini-presentation on Friday morning, he revealed surprising knowledge about the power of fruits. The mango, for example, is the most energetic fruit on the planet. That’s how he read it. The situation in FC Bayern can not be so dramatic if the coach has the time and leisure to provide detailed information about his “magic potion” before the important match against VfB Stuttgart. Now the situation is well known: the Munich team could not worry much about what will happen at home on Sunday afternoon. For the championship trophy has already been safely brought in and it will just as surely be awarded to the record champions.

But the situation is not that simple: FC Bayern still have a very important task to solve this season. Because in the rest of the country, after the recent 1: 3 bankruptcy of FSV Mainz 05, which experts classified as embarrassing, they were not sure if they knew about it in Munich, Felix Magath had tried the national megaphone and it hurried with this. task called again. The point is that Nagelsmann’s team pulls through to the last second (last match day) – Magath would probably also be happy if they did their job until the penultimate second (penultimate match day). If Munich manages the things that the power of the clubs predicts, Hertha BSC, ie Magath’s club, would be saved. And could put a smile behind the season thriller.

In Munich, they heard the message and were not happy about it. But they also believe that everything has been said about the issues of distortion of competition (weak match against Mainz) and the “Ibiza” affair “(the team’s journey after the weak match). However, there are opposing views on this point of view. this Friday morning would like to hear a few clear sentences about the stars’ trip to the Balearic Islands.Nagelsmann delivered politely but was quite annoyed by the situation.He had fulfilled his responsibility as coach and gave the players two days off to check the load. mature.And he’s not the danger.How they spend their free time, that’s their case.Dot. He does not expect a reaction. Again, period. What he can ‘t influence: His team is under observation.

FC Bayern can do nothing about it

Although one more thing: In Munich we have only a “responsibility to ourselves.” After all, FC Bayern can not help but “if another club is in a relegation battle”. It is then the last line below the line. The people of Munich drew it with an official announcement on the issue of spontaneous trips by the stars. Or so they thought. But now that should actually be enough. A good performance against VfB would certainly be the best argument for kicking out the last flaming embers. In order not to fuel debates about character and mentality (you can ask Borussia Dortmund how annoying and exhausting it is). They do not like it in Stuttgart, but they do in Berlin.

Niklas Süle from Munich does not participate – or only briefly – in the last mission. The defender is known for leaving the club and moving to BVB. The record champions are grateful to him for his very valuable work. But it’s like this: “We don’t necessarily have to rely on players leaving us,” the coach said. Süle had already received his “treat” against Mainz (service note: Süle was not part of the Ibiza travel group). But: “Maybe he will get one more minute, but he probably will not start.

The atmosphere in Munich before the upcoming Nagelsmann cup premiere is not really good. Too many background noises had accompanied his first season in Munich and they do not want to disappear. The “Ibiza affair” and the way the team is said to have handled it towards the bosses (a fait accompli is the key word) resonate on Säbener Strasse. The background noise there is already annoyingly high. It’s about Robert Lewandowski and what’s next for the Munich striker (or not). It’s about Serge Gnabry and also about his future. And all in all about the squad, whether it is still good after the quarter-final knockout in the Champions League against Villarreal to lift the club’s great ambitions.

Extremely turbulent for Nagelsmann

These are the final points of a season of corona concerns, with vaccination refusals (now resolved), with a Qatar issue that divided the club and with a lead around Oliver Kahn and Hasan Salihamidžić, as in Uli Hoeneß’s huge hole heritage and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is desperately looking for support and balance. And where Nagelsmann was always in demand as a mediator. He accepted the role, filled it – but became more and more annoyed that there was no exit strategy for his multifunctional life with the record champions. But he has now called for that for the new season. Then it would only be about football for him again, about fun and about titles.

For the duel against VfB Stuttgart, he takes his players back to service. But not as a reaction to Ibiza, but as a “proper setting” for the championship ceremony. His first. For Thomas Müller, on the other hand, it is the eleventh. It should not be the last for any of them. “Bub from Bavaria” extended this week until 2024. Nagelsmann found it “very valuable to us. It is a signal both internally and externally. It can also draw others along.” It can give a boost, new energy. Like mango.

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